Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Penang trip 2013 Day 1

I seldom go for trips but it's weird coz since before I went Singapore there's a lot of trips planned for me already!

1. Singapore.
2. Penang, which I will blog about now.
3. Penang again, on CNY.
4. Laos, for work.
and finally Australia!! 

I guess the trip thing starts for me now. Haha.

Anyway now back to blogging about Penang, which is a holiday for me and Ivan and Qi and Brandon!

To make this trip a even memorable one, I decided to get this!!

#Finally got an instax!!

Thanks Ivan~ He bought this for me. Hehe.

But before we start our journey we went to Ivan's area first to get dim sum, at the well know Jin Xuan!


I don't know why but Ivan's place is full of good food! That's why he's super picky with food, doesn't really like to eat below average food. lol

After breakfast, it's time to leave for Penang!!!


It's gonna be a long journey to Penang, and I have car sick, so I spent most of the time sleeping in the car. lol

Can you guess what is this??


If you saw any of my blog, it's a present I got during Christmas at the gift exchange at my office 2 years ago! And surprisingly it make a perfect bag for my instax!! HAHAHA

After I wake up I see this really blue sky!!

#Blue sky blueee

No photoshop!!

 #Another pic of the blue skyyy

After a few hours of being in a car, finally we reached the bridge!!

#Do you see??

Beautiful blue skies I'm so happy that we get blue skies and not rainy days!

#Great day it is!!

#Getting all hyped up as we passed the pointy stuff at the bridge lol.

#I love the sea!

When we reached Penang it's around 2pm so we went for check in.

Guess where we're staying!!

#Giant guitar at the front.

That's right!!! We're staying at Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!

#Qi and Brandon walking at the front!!

#Happy us excited on our holiday!

I seldom went for holidays like this so I'm pretty excited about it!

Who says holidays have to be overseas or stuff! Haha

The lobby was quite simple - no air cond. Which surprised me quite a bit coz I expected a air cond lobby and not open air ones with fan only. lol.

And there's rock star stuffs everywhere!

#The Rolling Stone bearbrick!

#Chilling with mango juice while waiting to check in.

#The Rolling Stones again!

I took all these for my dad who is a big fan of them!

#The Beatles!!

After waiting for quite awhile, we still can't check in to our rooms. Kinda pissed off coz I'm damn hungry and wanted to check in the room and go eat.

Even after it reached 3pm we're still not able to check in can you believe it?? Never in my life I had experienced not being able to check in after

So we decided to go for lunch first. Zzz.

#It's Michael and me!

I missed him so much!! I hope he's doing good there.

Since we're in Penang, what are we going to eat??


That's right!! Of all places to go in Penang, we went to Charlie Brown's instead. lol.

But since the KL branch of Snoopy Cafe is closed, we might as well come here to visit instead. Qi never went even though she loves Snoopy!!

#Snoopy and Charlie Brown!

They already started decorating Chinese New Year stuff!

#LOVE Snoopy!

#Me and Qi!

#Snoopy Angpow!

#Ceiling full of Peanut characters!

#The pic I posted on my foursquare haha.

Did anyone noticed that it's Snoopy Cafe?

#Interior of Charlie Brown Cafe!

I'm not a big fan of Snoopy but it's a really cute place to hang out!

Compared to the one in KL, the decorations here won by a mile!

#Ivan says hi lol

As you can see he's being so uncomfortable in a cute cafe HAHA
More cute stuffs!! Can't get enough of cute stuffs!!

#Super cute chair, dog bone!!

#The menu!

The menu has more variety compared to KL's, and cuter if not mistaken. I can't really remember coz I only went there once.

My impression of this Charlie Brown cafe isn't very good tho. Expensive and small portioned. I wonder if the   one in Penang will be better since it stayed for a long time already. lol.

I ordered macaroni and this is how it's like!!

#With fish and prawns.

Look really nice right!!

Qi them ordered things that looks so small in portion, mine seems not bad right!!

But I spoke too soon... The macaroni is super tasteless. T_T

#Continue to look around the decorations!!

So sad to say but it's not the place I would come everyday...unless they improve on their food. lol. Too pricey for these kinda foods!!

And then it's time to say good bye to Snoopy and friends!!

#HAHA Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Ivan!!

Forget to mention that Charlie Brown cafe is located at Straits Quay Mall, which is beside the sea!!

#Doesn't this look like those pictures you can see on post card with captions lol

#Another one!!

#Leaving Straits Quay.

After lunch finally we get to check in.

But damn me I forgot to take pics of the room wtf!! Newbie holiday-er.

It's really cosy, despite having an open air lobby. lol. And to my surprise it's SEA VIEW!!! Coz according to Qi got mountain view lol.

Can you imagine I forgot to take pic of the sea too. zzz.

But I did took it with this!

#First instax shots!!

Seems like it isn't a good camera to take bright places lol. But it's ok I still love it.

After resting for awhile from lunch, it's time that we've all (minus Ivan) had been waiting for!!


That's Brandon that the back haha.
Ivan is being a boring person not being in the pool boooo. But it's all good coz he's our camera man now lolll

When I was in secondary school me and Qi used to go to a near by clubhouse to swim every weekends!! Missed those days haha. We even have matching swimsuits coincidentally loll but we're not gonna wear that anymore although I still keep it.

#View from the pool. lol.

Love swimming so much that I can't stop swimming!! If it wasn't because we got hungry I never want to get out of the pool!!

#Pook-a-looz Goofy!

I guess this little fella's gonna follow me everywhere around le when I travel. Haha. Small in size and easy to carry around!

Then I realize I forgot to use my phone to take pictures of the beach. By the time I remember:

#It's already evening. Booo.

Oh well.

Oh and I got this super cute candy from Qi!!

#Nendroid version Sakuma Drops!!

I know there's a lot of version of these candies but I never expected that there's a Nendroid vocaloid version!! I saw a Thomas the train version one at my office and I think it's ughh I don't like Thomas lol.

Thanks Qi!! Hahaha

The plan for that night was going dinner, then head out to a jazz bar, which has a dress code.

But I was like shit I didn't bring any skirt or long jeans what to do!!

In the end Qi borrowed me a clothing which I thought was a skirt but in the end turned out to be a dress!! Kinda shocked me at first coz she's a lot shorter than me and I don't think it'd fit me!

But turns out it can fit. lol. So we carried on the plan.

Bloody hell that I forgot to take pic of me wearing the dress. lol. Oh well it's not the main point of the trip anyways.

Firstly went for dinner at Gurney Drive! Super hungry!!

#Asam Laksa!!!

I soooo missed Qi's mum's laksa!! Can't resist Asam laksa ever since!!

Ohoho I forgot to mention that I'm not supposed to eat spicy foods at all. Why?

Because I'm healing from fever. lol

2 weeks before this trip, New Years Day. I suddenly had fever and sore throat and stuff and the sick did not get better till many days later.

SO during my trip in Penang, I'm actually in the healing stage, but I don't give a damn!! What am I supposed to eat if I look after what I eat!! Hahaha. Sorry dad I know I promised to keep away from these food. lol

#But how could I resist!!!

Brandon and I having a feast on cockles while Qi and Ivan disgusted. hahahah

Super love eating it!! Long time didn't eat these already! I can still remember the giant size one so damn juicy!! Lolll

After dinner we went for the jazz bar, which is in G Hotel.

But what luck!! It is closed for renovations until the next day!! Booooooo

So then we went back to the hotel.

#Hard Rock Hotel at night.

And that is all, Day 1!

Day 2 will be full of seafoods!! Yum yum. hahah. Stay tuned kudasaiiii


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