Sunday, January 13, 2013

Singaporeeee Day 2 - Perfume World Tour 1st

Sorry for the super delay, happy 2013!!! LOL
Was super busy so I put away blogging for awhile, now I'm back! lots to tell!!

But first I have to finish this first. lol

Last post I mentioned that we are fighting time to reach SCAPE, Orchard, from Raffles City!

After 3pm, we FINALLY reached, SCAPE.

#Perfume World Tour poster!!

Too our (not so) surprised, the line is super longgg.

#Out from SCAPE and in.

No one to blame but ourselves on being late. lol.

Snapped a few snapshots around while Ivan is lining up. lol.

#Concert location - Warehouse.

#Sales counter!

The AFA shop is just beside the tour good booth, so I went over to see if there is the Moekana cards that I didn't buy during the AFA Malaysia.

Did a little bit of shopping there - Moekana booster packs and OOR towel for Xiao.



Ugh why is it always Singapore!! GRRR.

Flowers from Perfume fans Singapore!

#Side view.

#Front view.

#Outside of AFA shop!

Oh ya did I mention that AKB48 official shop is just beside it?


But it's moved to 3rd floor, this venue is such a waste!

#AKB48 members, sigh Maeda no longer is AKB48 member.


#Took this pic when I was lining up.

After around an hour, finally we got our tour goods!!

Official World Tour T Shirts are sold out though, only left the Singapore T Shirt.

For me, as long as we have the sports towel, it's alllll worth it!!

#Ivan. lol looks like a wood.

#Ready for the live!!

But there's still hours left till the actual live so we went for dinner first.

Went to Toast Box for quick dinner.

#Received these birthday present from Kenny!! Thanks Kenny!!

Kenny is a friend I met at Nocchi's FB page, and it's so great that I get to meet him at the Perfume concert!

#Milo Dinosaur and some toasts. I guess it's enough for us for that moment. lol

And it's super cheap too. Ugh. More and more I felt like Singapore is less pricey, compared to Malaysia.

After dinner we went back to the tour goods booth and saw the Physicalizing Data thingy's poster there and recalled that there's this Perfume container with 3D motion of Perfume performing!! Without further adue we rushed and search for this container thingy.

#Cool sk8er boi. lol

There's a long queue for this!! But on the other side we saw people are starting to line up so. We decided to line up. Good bye container...

#Lining up!!

But after awhile of lining up we realize that we have to line up by the ticket sequence, so we can still get our seats even after we leave the queue!!

So we decided to head back to try our luck to queue at the container.

While queuing we saw this photo taking session of Perfume fans around the world!!

#Fans around the world!!

We wanted to be in the group picture but wouldn't let go of the chances of seeing the Perfume container, so I ask Ivan to be Malaysia's representative, with the Malaysian flag!

Thus ending result in this, spot the small Malaysian flag!!

#Yay Ivan!! Hahaha

So awesome to see Perfume fans unite!

#Handmade shirt.

Saw this Japanese guy with a hand sewn T shirt, those pink colors are pink colored beads!

The japanese girls who was lining up behind us was so amazed by this guy's work and he was so so pleased that his work was appreciated!

Too bad, before it reached our turn, they had close the container and asked all people to return to their lines. =(

We then went back to line and people was distributing the lyrics for the song Polyrhythm that we need to sing at the end of the concert!

#My ticket and lyrics!!

#Can't wait to see the concert!!

We waited and waited and waited and finally it's time to go in!!

 #So excited to go in!!

Beside our line were a bunch of Japanese people, and as I heard my colleague's sis, who helped us line up during the physical sales, saying that there is a lot of Japanese people around!!

Kinda pissed off when I heard coz they can see them at Japan yet they still came to buy Singapore's!!!

But compared to us they were really excited, coz I heard one of the Japanese people telling another that: "How can they still remain so calm? I'm so nervous!!" lollll

#Mah Perfume World Tour bracelet!! Also works as a hair band haha

#This would be a beautiful shot if there wasn't any finger shot -_-

We waited quite long and I got tired of standing and waiting.

#Sitting down while Ivan still stands. hahah

After a long wait finally we get to go in!!!


 #Excited faces!! Helloooo Kenny!

And I stopped taking pictures after that.
I think it's the first time I watched a concert without recording. So bad!

The live was amazing!! Ivan was super mesmerized by Nocchi that he totally ignored me!!

There's this damn huge guy who was actually infront of Kenny at first, eventually moved his way to Ivan's front!! And that guy is tall and huge, like a rock blocking infront of me! It would've been even awesomer if this guy didn't came blocking infront of me.

During one of the performance, that damn person RECORDED THE PERFORMANCE!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Perfume was so friendly!! I think it's the first time that I ever went to a concert that I actually felt like a friend to them. Even in miyavi's concert, I felt like he's far away from us but Perfume, are friends!! They are so natural, chatting with us and having fun with us, talking in Japanese of course, and so nice that they found a translator, which is a fan from the crowd to translate what they are saying for them! Haha

Except for P.T.A. corner, which is fully in Japanese, too bad for Ivan he don't understand when they asked boys to cheer and he didn't!! Booooo

But I haven't had such fun in such a long long time!

And to top it all up, they brought a special guest from Japan! DORAEMON!!!

So cute!! And Perfume was acting so cute along with them!

The concert ended happily, and I think everyone felt the same, contented.
It is time for our call, singing Polyrhythm together. We was supposed to sing it before the encore but I guess we all forgot lol. So then we sang after. It was a beautiful moment.

Perfume thank us all from the back stage and the concert really came to an end.

#Tired and happy faces!!

And that is the end of Perfume World Tour 1st!

Next post will be after math of Perfume's concert and it's time to leave JB! I dragged this post long enough! lol


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