Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Singaporeeee Day 2 & End of trip

We're all rushing around to SCAPE that we couldn't actually see how Orchard road is like.

But we have all the time to see how Orchard road is like after the concert!!

Was super thirsty after the awesome live but lucky for us, outside of SCAPE is Gong Cha!!
Usually I would order milk tea but to quench thirst, it's better to drink sour plum!!

Super cheap too. T_T (Which is actually almost same price with Malaysia's actually just the look of amount is different lol.)

#Enjoying our cool drink! Mine is better and more thirst quenching!!

If not mistaken is around 10pm but it's still so happening!

#Did I manage to catch the crowd?

It's kinda like KL, happening town, but what different is: the sidewalk is wider, mainly for walking. Is it wider than the road I'm not sure. lol. But a lot of people can fit into that sidewalk and I don't think it's a "side" walk anymore lol.

And also Christmas decorations are up!!

#Deco 1.

#Deco 2.

If not mistaken, KL doesn't have their Christmas deco up yet! Too bad.

Oh oh and at Orchard road has this cute Christmas shop that sells cute Christmasy items! There's this cup I really like which is heart shape but didn't got it. ;3;

#Ngee Ann City.

#Nice colorful stairs!!

Due to being so damn thirsty, my sour plum was quickly finished and it's not enough!!

So we went to get another drink at each-a-cup, for me is of course, still sour plum!

#An attempt to take a pic of myself from the top mirror of the escalator and I managed to snap a small part of it. lol

#Yummy sour plum again haha

Later then it's time to go back to JB.

But since it's kinda late, we choose to go home by taxi this time and not bus.

First time experience, sharing a taxi with 2 other people. @_@ It's cheaper that way. Dad told me about taking taxis but he didn't tell me that we need to share a taxi!! @_@

Nevertheless, less troublesome, even though it's still jam at least we don't have to go up and down the custom.

#Had tom yam instant cup noodle before sleep. Yum yum.

It's kinda sad that it's all really rush and we can't really play in Singapore. Didn't even go to Marina Bay say although we did see them.

The next day we had our lunch at City Square's Season's Cafe!

#I can't remember if it's cheesed bake spaghetti or rice. lol

Anyway, the reason why I wanted to eat here is because of...

#Yummy ice cream!!

Not just any ice cream, it's Swensen's!!

Used to be kinda like Baskin Robbins and Haagen Daz in KL but don't know why it kinda disappeared!! I used to eat at the shop with my family, kinda missed it!!

Happy to get to eat it again. Hehe.

After lunch it's time to go the bus station and back to our KL.

THUS, ending our THIS trip. lol

It was a very great experience, overall good!! Making me realize why people loves travelling! Seeing new things, and stuff. lol. I never really liked and understand why people would wanna spend money going to new places. For me, I only wanted to go Japan and no where else! Well maybe perhaps Paris too.

Ending this post with a sad tribute to my fish.

When I was back from Singapore it was still alive, barely moving but still, you can see it breathe.

But the next day, it died.


Kinda make my heart cracked abit when it felt like it waited for me to come back before it died.

RIP my stripey fish 1.

Stripey fish 2 will be so lonely but it's ok there's still friends around. =)



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