Saturday, December 15, 2012

Singaporeeee Day 2 - Meet the Merlion!

Planned to wake up early to have a walk at Singapore before we go line up for tour goods for Perfume concerts on 3pm.


But we woke up an hour late!! Have to rushhhhh


I heard a lot of review saying that the food is awful but for me it's still acceptable though. As long as it has toast and butter and edible food.

After breakfast it's rushing to the bus station again!

#Self taken pic!

#Cats cat cats!!

We was debating whether to take bus or the taxi to Singapore since it's super troublesome having to wait for bus. Ivan thought it would be less crowded today since it's Saturday so we took the bus.



Which means people from Malaysia WILL go have holiday at Singapore.

Super crowded till I lost my temper. lol.

Was stuck at Singapore custom for I think at least half an hour. Perhaps more.

Oh well eventually got there so suan le.

#On the bus again.

#This is my face before I got super moody I think. lol.

So after almost 2 hours we finally reached the MRT station, while Jimmy, our ex-colleague waited there for 1 hour perhaps. Sorry Jimmy. =(

Taking my fav speedy convenient MRT to Marina Bay coz I heard the Merlion is around there! Didn't do research before I went grr I should've did research. Lesson learnt. First time trip so I guess this is what happens. lol. Mum told me about blindly walking during a trip and say that's why we must have tour guides etc.

But I still prefer to go trips without tour guides. lol.

#Way out!

We have no idea where we should head but since Marina Bay could clearly be seen from a far so we followed. lol

#Spotted the way to go!! lol.

After we crossed the road we can see the Merlion at the farrrrrrr away across.

So what can we do? Only walk!

#Walking... (clearer view of Marina Bay)

#Haha nearly finger block pic.

#Walking nearer.

#Green fields in the city

I like how this place looks seriously!!
Buildings built near each other, and then beside it, a super green and fresh field where people can run around and play at.

At our place the green grass is dark green, which is ugly. lol.

#Clear walk!

And I really like how I don't see many people walking around like in KL.
Too much people feels stuffy.
Here I feel like I could walk freely anywhere, is this how traveling feels like?

I know I'm being so kampung like that wandering around, wanting to visit everywhere, wanting to eat everything. It's weird coz I never felt like that before!

#Front view of Marina Bay.

After a looonnngggg walk we FINALLY reached...

#The Merlion!

I know I mentioned that I went Singapore before but I had never visited the Merlion before! I only went to Orchard and Sentosa island.

And it's so crowded with tourist here! First time feeling like a tourist myself!!

#Ivan and me!!

#Ivan and Jimmy!

#Merlion pumping my brain with ideas haha.

#Front view.

#The smaller Merlion behind the actual Merlion!

We're hoping to bump into Perfume there but sadly, they are not around there.

A lot of tourist though, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasians. There was a Japanese man with strollers and kids falling asleep there. A lot of other tourists were wanting to take pictures with the kids coz they are soooo cute!

After visiting the Merlion, it's finally time for lunch! Jimmy suggested to go Marina Square.

#Esplanade!!! Always heard about this from dad but never saw it before.

And then while walking towards Marina Square there's a lot of tourist eating something like a block of ice cream with wafers! 

Hot weather < Ice cream. Yummy.

 #Choco chip.

Jimmy's treat!! Thank youuu!
But it's super hard to eat, coz the weather is too sunny and it melts so fast!

 #Finally reached Marina Square!


Sweat + air cond = super cold. lol

 #Christmas Tree in Marina Square!!

I'm surprised how early Singapore decorated the Christmas items!

And it's small, but still looks better than KLCC's decoration. This year's deco for KLCC is just terrible. =(

#Steamboattttt on a hot sunny day.

It comes with salad, ice cream and free barley drink = SGD8.8!!
The longer I stay there the more I felt wtf cheap (despite having to x 2.5 currency).

That time we was actually rushing time, coz the tour goods start selling at 3PM and we was having lunch at 1:30pm!! =(
And of all places to eat, we chose the one that takes the most time - to wait for the soup to boil AND cook. Grr. Never thought about it.

But oh well, food is still good! Happy stomachs. lol.

#Beautiful sky, with Jimmy photo bomb. lol

Rushing the hell to SCAPE, to Orchard!

Stay tuned for next part!!


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