Saturday, December 8, 2012

Singaporeeee Day 1

When I was a kid, I used to be a wee tad rich, get to travel a lot to places like Langkawi, often Penang, and Singapore as well. 

Furthest I been to was Kuching, during standard 6 and I have nooooo idea how it was like already,

Well being a kid, I don't remember how traveling was like.

As I grew up, traveling places was never my dream. I had only one travel destination and that is Japan alone.

I've been to places like Penang, Port Dickson, Melaka (after I was grown up) but it felt normal, dunno why. Maybe Melaka, I went there too much, Penang I didn't venture much and Port Dickson is just the beach. BUT I LOVE BEACH! Haha

But it's really an eye opener for me to go somewhere which is out of Malaysia, and actually is going to somewhere new.

Changed my view on "traveling" COMPLETELY.

Firstly is changing money.

Since I'm going to Singapore, I'll be using SGD and not my usual MYR.
In my memory I always thought that SGD = MYR x 2 but to my horror it's 2.5x!!!

#Show me the moneyyy

I only get SGD600++ from MYR1,600++!!
I was like wth man my money!! How can you remove the 1 in front!

I was kinda pissed off that Singapore is such an expensive country to be in, I can't even stay IN Singapore coz it was so expensive.

However was still very excited, it's my first time to go travel! Happy!

Ivan and I had to go for Perfume's concert in Singapore, and since staying in Singapore is expensive(holiday seasons) we stayed at Johore Bahru.

Our hotel is nearby City Square, so we had our lunch there!

#Fillet x Coke float??

Couldn't decide what to eat so we had McDonald's. Haha.
The coke float tasted weird. I thought it'd taste better....

Staying in JB is a lot cheaper of course,

However, going to Singapore is VERY. TROUBLESOME. BY BUS.

Why did I say so? 

#Raining on the way.

 From JB, you have to take bus to Malaysian custom.

Then you get of the bus, get your passport checked by the Malaysian custom. (Which you don't have to wait for long)

Then you wait till the next bus come to pick you up (you don't have to pay again),  to the Singapore custom.

#In the busss

And Singapore custom it takes a looonnngggg time to check all your stuffs like your passport. My passport is a new one so they will ask to see for your old passport! I was asked by Ivan to bring mine haha. Oh and you need to fill up a white card thingy, which consist of your name, where you're heading and stuff. You get to keep half of the card and if you lost it, you'll be trapped in Singapore forever. O_o

After the Singapore custom you will need to take another bus and finally, reaching Singapore and towards MRT!

And it's the first time I'm using ROAMING! Wooo!!

I think there's a lot of first time in this trip, one of them is....

#Standard Tickets!!

Sitting an MRT!!

I always heard from my dad on how great the MRT is how our LRT can't even compare to it. Well he's right! It's super convenient!!

Firstly it has many boxes(?) I dunno what are those called. Cars? Compared to Malaysia. The station won't be as crowded as LRT stations. 

They have different line of trains(by colors), but without stepping out the ticket gate, you are able to get to another train line by using the same ticket!! Amazed me coz Malaysia's LRT, from Kelana Jaya line to the other LRT line you have to go down the station and to another entrance!! What lousy!! But I heard from Ivan that it's gotten better. Haha. It's been awhile since I took LRT so I didn't know how it's like already!

And and.... The tickets are reusable!! For 6 trips!! By using top ups!! Unbelievable!!

Unlike Malaysia, 1 trip, 1 ticket. Eh no, now it's using tokens now right???
To top it all off, I have never been so amazed on an escalator before! It's super speedy!! I mean speedy as in if you don't notice you might fall. And it's all rushing people everywhere. So excited by just riding the escalator I think people will think I'm super weird. lol

First stop is going to Tiong Bahru to meet up with my friend, Momfei!

Guess what... He won the ballot for Perfume's concert!!!
Me and Ivan asked help from like almost 20 person and only ONE person gets it, which is lucky Momfei!
I got the strong feeling that we will get to see the concert and I'm so glad I got it right! Else Ivan is going to me a really sad person lol.

But after I reached, he told me he would be late, so I took my time to walk around!

As I stepped out the station, omgggg, happening! And what caught my eye firstly was.... Shoes selling for $9 ? So cheap!!

I mean I know it's $9 x 2.5+ but it's been a loooonngggg time since I see shoes selling at < 10.(Disregarding the currency difference)

And there's a lot of shops and restaurants just outside the station, or should I say the MRT is right below of a little mall.

I even saw Mos Burger I soooo wanted to try that but didn't too bad. Oh well I know I will have my chance.  =)

Dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe!

#My spaghetti cabonara and milo dinosaur in a steel mug!

I haven't seen Momfei for such a long while now and I'm so glad I get to meet him again!

He ask if we ever thought of coming to work at Singapore, and is now brainwashing people to come work there. lol. Coz he thinks that Singapore is not bad, not just solemnly for the salary, but environment as well.

We was going to treat him dinner since he helped but wtf man he treat us dinner instead!! Momfei you're so niceeee!! T_T

After dinner we went to China Town to have a walk.

#Walking around.

Since we're not around that area we can only blindly walk around. Luckily at least we still manage to blindly search our way to a place that I think is China Town. lol.

Forgot to take pics of there ugh what's wrong with me. But I took pic of this!!

 #Right in China Town.

TIN TIN SHOP!! Why is it here??

But I guess if there's a Tin Tin shop here in Malaysia it might be closed sooner or later. Like the poor Snoopy Cafe. T_T

 #Tin Tin and Snowy!

#HAHA. Like kawan they all.

#Ivan helped me took this and I don't think I look like their kawan lo. zzz

Walked around, bought some souvenirs, and it's time to head home.

#Wearing a train shirt on a train!

My arms... are so dark.

Ivan really needs to learn how to take good pics of me lol. I'm going to ask him to take pics of me from now on. lol

Going back to JB.... Another troublesome route.

Same route as when how you come, except this time, it's MORE crowded.

#Waiting for the bus....again.

A lot of people from JB who works in Singapore will wanna go home during Friday since they aren't working on Saturday and Sunday. So.... you'll see a series of Amazing Race people around - people running for their lives, chasing after buses etc.

It's something I never really seen in my life. lol. KL people are really boring I suppose. Summore I'm a well-known Cinderella.

After we reach a station we began to ran like those people I called as Amazing Race people. Just to ensure we catch the next bus.

 #There was only me, Ivan and another guy waiting for the bus.

By the time we reached home, it's almost 12am. We left Singapore at almost 10pm leh. Was super jam and including the time we wait for bus....zzz

While waiting for the bus during at the pic above, I bought supper.


It been such a looonnggg while since I ate cup noodles
I wanted to say this but then I remembered I just ate Nissin Cheese Curry Cup Noodle I think a month ago. lol


I bought 2 Kari, 1 Chicken Curry, and 1 Tomyam.
And I told Ivan I wanted to eat Tomyam when he asked which I wanted.

He cooked Kari instead. -_- lol.

While waiting for our hair to dry we played cards!!


So happy that finally get to play this! It's a card game by Danny Choo(Malaysian pride yo), which is actually a Japanese learning kit!

It comes with hiraganas and cute illustrations, without the circles and the dot dot stuff at the top right (Eg: ぽ、ぼ), and I think it's a really interesting game to play with! Bought this during AFA Malaysia and I kinda regret I didn't get the booster pack... Hoping that I could get the booster pack the next day at AFA Shop!

And that's all for Day 1.


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