Monday, December 3, 2012

Live Streak 1 - Distant Worlds

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So I'll blog here again. lol

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November is a lovely month!

Most importantly, it's my birthday month, hehe.

Anyway in this month other than my birthday, there are 3 important events!

First, Distant Worlds, songs from Final Fantasy!

Honestly saying, I did not play any Final Fantasy games, and before the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, the only song I knew was Faye Wong was Eye's On Me, which apparently it's a legendary song! I used to have the single but I lost it... dammit.

But Final Fantasy VII's songs, I knew them all! Haha. The movie was awesome even though I don't know what actually happened from before.

And during J-Rock no Tamashii, an awesome band call Strawhat Crews performed a genius selections of Final Fantasy songs, which make us screaming for more.

Ivan was super happy coz he played the games before and it made us want more!


Well they did.

Tickets to MPO.

It's seriously hard to get the tickets! On the first day of sales was Saturday and I have to work (~3~) so I couldn't be there early.

As I reached there are already people lining up. And I don't want to recall what happen, it was terrible.

Most of the nice seats was already sold out too! Only can bought the ones at the side for the day I wanted.

No matter coz we get to go anyways!! Orchestra is about music!

Me and Xiao!

Dress code for that day was smart casual!

Crazy me and Xiao again!

It's kinda funny coz most of the people I saw waiting was mostly people I saw before at anime events. Why am I not surprised. LOL.


Ivan claims that people can tell that the icon is Distant Worlds by just the wings and without the words.

Shvon and Desmond is here too!!

Von was wearing a pretty black dress while me, grey!

Me and Ivan!

He's wearing working clothes lol. When I saw him I asked him whether is he going to work. lol

The ticket!

Were you there??? Haha

My full coordinate for that day!

Kinda dark but it's ok coz it's all about the orchestra!

Some of  the set list for that day!

When I look at the set list I'm like WHAT! NO ONE WINGED ANGEL?! That's like the best song in the world lol. Genius song!

In the concert hall, above the stage was a big screen, which I'm curious on what it's for.

And to my surprise, while they were performing, it shows the gameplay/animation/fan art for Final Fantasy.

For someone like me who never really played the game before, will have a lot of question marks on top of their heads. But for people like Ivan, who actually played the game, it brings back a lot of memories for them, especially with the song performing.

I really wished to see Uematsu Nobuo, the genius composer of these music, too bad he is not free to come... however! Special guest - his sister came to attend! Haha. She must've been really proud of her brother!

I thought we was gonna end the show without One Winged Angel but we wasn't disappointed!! Last song was the well known One Winged!!

I really enjoyed the performance, and I'm so glad that Distant Worlds came coz I get to see real orchestra performances after so many years!

Conductor Arnie Roth says that they will come again next year. I really hope so!!

Lastly will end this post with one of the song that was performed on that day, this one is from Alanta though! Chocobo's Medley! Everyone loveeeessss Chocobo!!


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