Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 years old

It's already December, but I'm busy enjoying November so I pushed blogging back. Lol

Anyway on November 22, I've officially turn 25! Which is half way from 20 to 30. lol

Facebook, of course, will be flooded with wishes once the clock strikes twelve, thank you all for your wishes! 

Once I woke up my phone screen which I need to see the time to wake up was blocked by this small piece of note that give little hints on where the next gift is.

# Starbucks earphone pluggy!

It was really fun trying to search all of it out by little hints. But too bad I had less time to do so and I couldn't find the last 1 in time. She told me where it was later haha.

When I was searching the 2nd 1 I saw a card on my table, from my parents.

#Picture obviously taken after I came back from work.

I always love cards from them! Always full of love! I'm in love! haha

My office my table was crowded with stuffs! I love birthdays haha

 #Cute Rilakkuma pouch from Janice and Wai Yee.

Super cute cat coin bank from Ivan!

# Yeah! Finally some cat stuff!

I've been wanting thing for a long long time! For those who don't know, as you put the coin on that small button, the really cute cat will come out and take the coin!! Super cuteee

 #Cards from my department!

It's really funny coz in our department usually don't send cards I don't know why this time they do. And my senior is a November baby so we have to sign each other's card and also sign other card AND make sure we don't get our own cards. lol

But I'm happy to receive this!

#Google wished me Happy Birthday!

#And the kouhaku site's Janken taikai representative for my birthday is my Oshi Matsui Jurina!!


On 21st my colleagues treated me Japanese food! Thanks all!!

# At Ichiban Boshi!

Was late back to work that day coz we went to Publika for lunch lol.
Anyways I had a wonderful lunch and birthday people have the biggest priority on that day. Muahaha

Birthday dinner was at Victoria Station, suggested by dad!

#Bread and butter, one of the best!

#Shark fin soup, western style!

It's different from chinese shark fin soup, but nevertheless still taste quite good!
Not as good as before though, had to be honest to that.


Ivan has been busy and out of office since few days ago but he insisted on coming! Happy me!

#New pluggy and the first gift of the day from Xiao!

#My dinner!! I forgot what it's called though but it's something like butter garlic fish.

#My cake!!

And it's an ice cream cake!! 
Most funny thing is the waiter and waitress sang the birthday song for me when the brought out the cake. lol.

#Me and my cake!!

#Me and dad!

#Me and my best friend Xiao!

#Xiao with a frozen choco mustache!

If you're wondering why no mum, she doesn't like her pics put on to the internet, so I'll do her that favor of avoiding it. 

#My beautiful slice of cake!

Had a great celebration that day!

To top it all of, I received a last surprise from Ivan while fetching him back home!

#Beautiful cat necklace.

So pretty!! I showed him this last time coz it's a cat lol and I really never expect him to present me this!!

Thanks love!! 

I received a lot of messages on Facebook but I couldn't reply them, coz after I reached home I have to pack for Singapore!! Or should I say JB coz we're staying in JB.

But going for Singapore for Perfume's concert!! HORRAAAYYY

Will blog about that soon!


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