Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can you believe it?

Can you believe that after so many years, I am back here?

I thought I was going to abandon this blog forever.

My previous post, I ask people to go to the other blog. Which I still want to keep it, my yaplog.

I really love that blog, but it has limitations.

1. I couldn't use nuffnang,

2. It has limited acceptance of characters(I can't type certain chinese words),

3. Small font, hard to read.

But I like this blog coz using this to mobile blog is super convenient!

Anyways, why I'm back is because... I wanted to start another blog.

For? Experiences.

I just been to Singapore, I've been to Perfume's concert, 
all these experiences... I wanted to tell it. 

Clearly, not in my yaplog, with small fonts and can't even type some chinese.

Since I couldn't find any better blogs, why not come back here.

However I will still blog in that yaplog, I hope.

As Ivan says, not easy to maintain many blogs!

Else, I will stay here.

Err. Ganbarou? :>


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