Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Yesterday was heartbreaking.

Last week I read the newspaper about this memorial, and I didn't know that it was going to be aired LIVE. Until I saw CNN.

I had my doubts. Can I really see the memorial? LIVE? It's such a big event after all.

And I was telling my dad that I would sleep immediately after dinner so I could wake up later and watch the memorial that is airing on 1am.

I actually had piano class that day, but luckily Kame has OT. So we have to rearrange another time. =D

So I slept.

And woke up at 11pm.

E! News and CNN were all airing the private memorial(outside of the building of course), with the cars and all. And when it was like midnight(the time here of course), I saw it.

Michael's casket were carried out of the building.

I started to feel a bit... Bah I don't know how to describe that feeling. YOU KNOW he's INSIDE.

I was actually OK when the casket was brought out into the Staple Center. What made me burst into tears was when they played a short clip of him.

Watch 2:16! I cried at that part!

Coz I thought of that bastard that accused Michael of molesting him, who sent him straight to hell. After Michael died he admitted that HE WAS LYING. MICHAEL NEVER MOLESTED HIM. HE LIED FOR HIS FATHER. HE LIED FOR THE MONEY.

I was so mad when I heard that.

BECAUSE OF THAT BASTARD, EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT HE'S A FREAK! Despite that he has done so many good deed, just because he got accused of molestation, EVERYONE just forgets how great he was!


And I cried when Usher performed the song "Gone To Soon".

It was really, really touching. =(

There was people performing, and there was people giving speeches.

And I was able to be apart of it. Well, through the television though. lol

When the memorial ended, Paris, Michael's daughter actually spoke.

"I just wanted to say... Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him... so much."

And that made me cried again.

He is such a great person. Why couldn't people see that?

It makes me really sad.

Such beautiful children, I must say. I expect great things from these 3. Especially Paris. Little Blanket(nickname of Prince Michael Jackson II, 2nd son) is so adorable btw! x3

And then the casket was pushed out from the hall and the memorial has ended.

I was like, what?

He's really gone.

Before I saw this, a part of me still feel that he's alive, somewhere, hiding and might show up one day.

But seeing these has force me to accept the fact that the one that brought me joy and my first idol is gone.

Thus, I cried again.

I really cried a lot yesterday.

When I came back from work and I saw the repeats of the memorial on TV, I cried again.

When will this end, I wonder?

Sweet dreams, Michael.



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