Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Dear Michael

I really don't wish to update, but this is just too much.

Michael Jackson died yesterday.

I'm so out of words.

When I found out, I was in the office, being that quiet girl like I've always been in the office. And then my colleague blurted out to another colleague:

"Eh. Michael Jackson died."

I actually made a sound - "HUH? REALLY?!"

Immediately I went on google on my handphone and typed "Michael Jackson dies". I can't only in my office PC afterall.

This isn't happening. He isn't dead.

I grew up listening to his music. I was a big fan since I was just a little girl.

The memories of being an MJ fanatic is still clearly in my mind.

Since my dad worked in Sony Music last time, we had a lot of free CDs. lol Many of them were Michael Jackson. I have ALL Michael Jackson cassettes(which all of them were thrown away dunno when), I have his T Shirt, I have his CDs and videos!

And guess what, I was fortunate enough to went to Michael Jackson's concert HERE IN KL.

Yes, he was here. THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.


I still remember how it's like, my dad and I were the ones who went to the concert. And we purposely bought a binocular to the concert coz we're sitting quite far away.

And I remember I was sick! And I brought along a water bottle with me and GUESS WHAT? The ushers of the concert checked my bagback, THREW MY WATER BOTTLE ON THE FLOOR. Fuckers. Apparently we can't bring in outside food.

And I remember that we left the concert early when he was singing the last song "Heal The World" coz my dad say if we don't leave now it will be damn jam. I was like awww but he's still singing. =(


And there was those days I was so addicted in watching Michael Jackson videos! My dad brought it back one day and whoa I watched it EVERYDAYYYYYYYY. And I still remember me and my sis hid behind the sofa when it was playing THRILLER. Eh for a kid, the transformation damn scary la.

And You Are Not Alone, there's the part where Michael sings a loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg note, and I sang along with him and spun around in circles until I went all dizzy. lol

And I laughed at the fans that screamed till they fainted and had to be dragged out by the staffs. lol I wasn't a fan girl back then I don't know that was normal.

Oh yeah and when I go back to Muar, the music played in the car SURE IS MICHAEL JACKSON.


I never noticed that I loved him for so long.


The King of Pop has left the building people.


P/S: You still must visit here ok. lol

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kei's Place Mobile

Just here to post a link.

I'm just too busy and lazy to blog from here. Maybe some other time, I will. LOL.

GO THERE NOW OK? Updates everyday. lol



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simplified Chinese = Chinese from China?

I just heard the most absurd thing in my life.

A few days ago, X Japan was having their concert at Taiwan.

So as a fan that couldn't go there, I will just go to youtube and try my luck to see if I can find any vids related to it.

Well usually there is, and USUALLY people thank them for that coz we can't see it live, but this time there's this argument from the Taiwanese.

Concerts usually don't allow recordings, but still there ARE someone that will record it. You can't stop it unless you confiscate their recording tools.

First of all - WHY forbid recordings? The main reason is :
1. To prevent people from posting anywhere, so that people can see it FOR FREE, and have the thinking that "oh since I already saw it online, why do I need to buy the DVD?"

2. To prevent people from SELLING it, so that people can see it FOR A CHEAPER PRICE, and have the thinking that "oh since I have the cheaper one, why do I need to buy the ORIGINAL DVD?"

For some artist, this is a major problem.

But for X Japan, this isn't a major problem because they are a legendary band and you know, I would spend all my money to buy their stuffs if I could, even if I had heard their songs, seen their concerts etc.

It's more like a collection already.

So there's this person, let's call her T, so T had went to the concert, and recorded some videos of what is happening at the live.

She was actually sharing her experience, for people like me.

But she didn't expect that her videos would be against by the Taiwanese, leaving comments like:

"I thought you aren't allowed to record anything there?"


"You thought if you put this all of the X Japan fans will thank you? You better take this down."

And so on.

Although what they say is true, but wtf? It's not such a big issue and T doesn't deserve that! People like me thank her for that!

So I left a comment saying something like "Even though it's illegal, so what? She's just sharing her experience" bla bla bla.

LOL and for the first time I got like 10 thumbsdown. Having people scolding me saying that a support pirated stuff and saying that I'm from China and don't know what is rights bla bla bla. And say I don't deserve to be a X Japan fan.

I was like lol wtf. I never supported pirated stuff. I buy originals when I think it's worth it. Like Harry Potter. lol Or original CDs and books.

So I left a comment saying that "You Taiwanese are the only ones that are making this into a big issue. Just because X Japan visited Taiwan doesn't mean like you can be such elitists."

Really wat! The only ones scolding are all Taiwanese.

Then suddenly there's this guy that replied me something like "You claimed you're not from China yet you're using simplified chinese."

WTF? Since when using Simplified Chinese classifies you as chinese from China?

So puzzled, I asked my dad.

Then now I only know that - TAIWANESE STILL USES TRADITIONAL CHINESE AND "BOPOMOFO", while the others(China, any other Chinese) ALL uses Simplified Chinese and Han Yu Ping Yin.

So people, using simplified chinese = from China yo.

First time I ever heard something like this. LOL.

Btw if anyone of you think that I support pirated, this is my view.

So it's ok to buy an original DVD, rip it and post in on youtube, YET it's NOT ok to record the live and post in on youtube?

And you know, Japan airs in on TV. Does it stop them from getting the DVD? NO.

Think about it la. Sheesh.

I knew there's a reason I dislike them.


Monday, June 1, 2009


OMG look!

I got myself a mobile blog. lol

Bye no time blog today.

Go my mobile blog! =D


IF not interested then don't click and wait for my updates next time.




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