Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 15, aaaannnddd a liittttllleee abit of random stuffs <3

Oh so it's been almost half a month already? Another 5 months+ to go =/

Still didn't dare to talk much. lol

As you can see, I look dead tired. lol

Anyway there was this departmental meeting today, where EVERYONE in that department has to attend. And the location is non other than the meeting room I'm originally in.

Then it happened I was sitting beside the chairperson.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the person that brings out the topics and jots down the discussed points is the secretary? The email says that the guy beside me is the chairperson but he's the one doing all the things secretary does. Weird.

Then the first topic of the day was INTRODUCING THE NEW STAFF. And oh wow. Suprised me - self introduction from the trainees.

I was like what the f? It's like so sudden. I hate introducing myself and I'm bad at speaking. I turn back to look at Sirn Loong, who is the other TARC trainee along with me, and he gives me a sign to let me go first.

I was like, oh crap.

Self introduction. This is simple right? Just talk a little bit about yourself.


"Hi everyone, my name is Xue Ying but you can call me Jas. Nice to meet you all even though I spend most of my time inside here away from outside, and I have problems speaking."

*people laughing coz lol, "I have problems speaking". That's not a right way to put it isn't it?*

"Ya la! Problems speaking because I'm not used to interact with others, and I'm a bit shy and will be very quiet... So please bear with me. And nice to meet you all."

And that ends my introduction.

I hope that people knows I have talking problems now. lol

Being in an actual meeting really makes me learn a lot of things. Because the things that were discussed were all facts and I know it will be very useful for me someday when I work. Even though there are somethings that I don't understand, I didn't care much coz it's not my problem. lol I listened to them and try to understand it anyways.

Oh yeah and I ALWAYS thought that meetings was going to be how I saw it at dramas. All of them were dressed formally and smartly and all of them was like dead serious. No laughs what so ever. But mine was like, it was serious, but there wasn't a lot of tension inside the room. In fact it was kinda cozy as everyone squeezed inside this small meeting room. lol

HOWEVER. IT WAS FREEZING. I was sitting just opposite the aircond and it was blowing and blowing and I was actually SHIVERING. I wonder if anyone noticed. I heard the chairperson's stomach grumbling. =x

And omg I must mention this cute colleague that is at my team. He's just sooooo cute when he giggles and laughs that he lightens up my mood when he smile. lol Seriously adorable. I hope he won't find out coz I heard guys don't like girls saying they are cute? But I think cute's good. =D I like cute guys. Like Adam. xD


Do you seriously I will NOT talk about Adam after how much he rocked YESTERDAY?

Like Adam, this is my fav theme yet! ROCK WEEK. I'm glad Rat Pack Week is over coz it bores me to death.

And their mentor was non other than, the awesome Guns N' Roses's SLASH.

I never really listen to Guns N' Roses's songs but I know they are awesome, heck, WHO'S A BIG FAN OF ROCK BUT DOESN'T KNOW GUNS N ROSES?

Anyway a very quick comment, if possible.

The first performance was by ADAM! Holy f I tried to leave ASAP from work coz I know he's going to perform first AND I'M NOT GOING TO MISS ANYTHING.

So I rushed back from work and reached home at 5:50pm. =D I even have the time to bath. lol


Before the performance there was a video showing him with Slash during the mentoring. Adam said he wants to kill this performance.

No doubt it did IT WAS BRILLIANT!!

Simon says "The only problem is, nobody can top that now."


Allison's performance was disappointing. Bad song choice. =(

Then it was the first pair of duet. Guess what, KRIS AND DANNY.


Can the singing can be any boring-er?

But I like Kris though, even though he didn't have the voice, he tries to be in the mood and that's good coz it's ROCK! You gotta have the strong emotions! Danny on the other hand was dull as boring. lol

HELLO? WHICH PART OF ROCK WEEK DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? At least Kris wears a leather jacket! Check out the pants and the boots. I seem people did that and rocked. People whose name starts with A and ends with dam. It just makes him look weird with THAT SHIRT and wearing the pants and boots THAT WAY. AND LOOSE THE EFFING GLASSES.

Then it was Kris. Not bad! He sang "Come Together" by The Beatles. Michael Jackson covered that too. =D Suprisingly not bad.

And I though Danny's gonna do good too coz he has that raspy voice that COULD work.

And oh my horror. To my effing horrible horrorness, he desperately tried to scream like Adam. AND FAILED. (He was singing an AEROSMITH SONG. STEVEN TYLER AEROSMITH.)

MUST WATCH!! 12 seconds only!

THAT is what I call FREAKY.

Well duh I KNOW that isn't his genre but there are A LOT of other rock songs, like slow rock, would've been SO MUCH BETTER.


This has been my DREAM PAIR of duets ever since I like them both. I love rock after all. lol

At least WE KNOW they're performing ROCK.

Oh how I wish I was Allison.

Oh AND. I VOTED FOR ADAM!! Seriously! Well my sis voted actually BUT I ASKED HER TO!

So here's the way. *LOOK HERE SWEI AND JERICA*

1. Download Gizmo5 AT HERE
2. Register yourself.
3. Wait for like 12pm(+8gmt) and dial the number that was given in the forums.
4. To make it to dial fast, add it as a contact(you know, like skype).
5. You will hear something like, "thank you for voting for contestant #...", which means your vote is through!

Don't tell me that this is cheating and I'm not American bla bla bla I don't freakin' care. American Idol has 2 meaning, 1, he's American's Idol and 2, he's an Idol from America.

And I'm voting no matter what!

I was just searching for that Danny x Kris pic and I saw THIS STUPID COMMENT on Adam on this pic.

That *TOOT* *TOOT* said,

"Great Picture , Kris Danny and Allison look so nice and genuine there standing with slash smiling all cute , Then someone just doesn't fit in as much"

Are you kidding me? That SOMEONE is the ONLY ONE that FITS IN. What's with all the smiling CUTE while your doing ROCK? There's no smiling nerdy sweet IN ROCK. Plus Slash isn't really smiling "all cute"-ly.

And this Top 3 pic.

They call him the "dark horse".

For me it looks like he's already the winner, where the space separates the ones that will be out. lol But Adam looks kinda stiff there. Must be sad that Allison went home. =(





SWei said...

Adam's in his sexy rock god mode in the last pic la. LOL. I like how you say the space's separating the winner from the peasants. SO TRUE.

AND EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT about the pic with Slash. I don't know who the toot toot is but when I first saw the pic, I thought Kris' smile- FAIL, Danny's smile- FAIL ALSO, Allison- sort of okay la, her corset compensates for the cute smile... Adam.. *fans self*


and ooh thanks for the instructions. so i need a skype for it ah? haaaaihhh how la, I CANNOT WATCH THE FINALE OMGWTFBBQ RIGHT. Physics exams and Stats + lit before that. mussstaaardddd.

btw, danny gokey's scream can give me nightmares. period.

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