Friday, May 1, 2009

American Idol Talk 090430


And THIS is your BOTTOM TWO.


As a big fan of Adam's, I was screaming and shouting non stop like an idiotic fan girl I used to hate. It's all biting back at me now as I'm just like them now!

BOTTOM TWO! NOT EVEN BOTTOM THREE! Really a shocker for all seriously.

I BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T VOTE. Seriously IF you really love him like you guys say you do, why didn't you vote? Or vote like once? Don't go complaining if you didn't do your part! Don't go saying "it's their choice who and how much they wanted to vote" to me, coz the whole Adam Lambert fanbase is talking about this issue and most of them had gone crazy like me now. =/

I then called my dad when I saw he was at the bottom 3, my dad say this is just a TV show tactic to let people to be more concern from this show. Well it worked. Now the whole world of American Idol followers has gone mad.

Well except for people who was against Adam, they are probably laughing their butts off.

One thing I didn't like about Adam's performance is the song choice. Not the song choice I had in mind but he worked it. Damn he looks so mysterious, so sexy and SO seductive and the whole rat pack big band thing suited him so much and brings out so much of his hotness. x3

**Just heard the studio version of it and he's BRILLIANT!!**

Jerica's siggy from the forums

And he's the only one with WHITE suits! Black is so boring. lol

ADAM FANs from AMERICA! IF you wanna make your days interesting continued by a few more weeks, VOTE FOR ADAM or you'll spend time watching AI with no excitement around. Unless you count Danny Gokey as your excitement. lol

VOTE FOR ADAM!! For people like me who can't vote will just feel useless seeing Adam there in the bottom 2. =(

Don't vote for him if you want to see this gorgeous smile disappear like forever.

ROCK'N'ROLL next week, prepare to die Danny and Kris! It's Adam and Allison's genre!



***UPDATE 090501***



SWei said...

Eh, Jerica's siggy is so nice! How did she do that? She's so awesome la.

And you know, I actually thought Adam didn't look as good as he did last week but well, after a few more takes, he actually looks pretty smokin in that white suit. The hair is awesome.:)I've missed it all down.

BTW, you know the last youtube vid you posted. i linked it from the forum and was near to tears when i watched it. :'( Argh.

Sad week la.

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