Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zoo Negara 2009 Part 2

I wrote this like a long LONG time ago and finally finished a part of it. lol

Well, enjoy.


I wanna start off by saying, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO TAN CHONG MOTORS!!

Life is such a funny little thing actually. My first company accepted me, then suddenly rejected me; my second company rejected me, then suddenly accepted me again! So weird really.

And that time I was at Jusco doing the fish spa with my classmates.

The fish spa was good but darn geli when your leg was in the water and all the fishes rush over to nibble on your feet like they haven't eaten for like years.

Calvius was the one that the fishes are after though. Mine was the less. xD

Anyway let's continue to the zoo!

Hi baby! =D

Was thinking to wait for the zoo bus to pick us up, but they say we need to pay to get a ride? Wtf last time no need also. So we just sat down and rest for awhile.

Everybody loves Xuan Xuan

Before we go...

After this we walk our way to find food.

Oh yeah, 1 thing I really dislike about the zoo is, it's not only full of animals, it's full of bugs as well - ANTS.

On the floor.

Where you stand and watch the animals.

Can see the trails?



Killer flamingos.

Their flamingo looks blood-stained. Why isn't it in sweet pink like how it's drawn? =/

Baby goats.

So cute! But when they grow up they'll look like this.

Not so cute anymore.

Finally we reached ....

The. Wild?

What happened to KFC or Marry Brown that USED TO be here?

After I had my lunch there, I will suggest ALL OF YOU who wish to visit the zoo to NOT EAT AT THE WILD. =_=


This is what I ordered.

I can honestly tell you that the only thing that taste good there is the Milo Ais that I love.

The others are like, omg horrid.

I took a bite of this too and it tasted horrible. There's this one weird taste which is familiar but I couldn't tell what is that.

And one more thing, I could totally understand that the staff has nothing much to do since there's not much people there since it's not a public holiday or weekends, but do they have to STARE while we're eating?

Seriously! All of them was like staring at us as if they never seen a human before.

Kinda uneasy really. =/


After the horrid lunch, we continued the walking.

GIANT BATS!! lol I suddenly remembered Keluang Man. I never saw the cartoon before though, or maybe just once.

Giant tortoise.

Giant lizards.

And eventually we reached the reptile area.

Not much pics though coz I'm not really a fan of reptilias.

Dead frogs.


Frog in a box.


And this is suppose to be a frog. Weird.

I wonder how it looks like when it hops.


I have no idea what this is.

There's snakes too.

Cute! xD

Oh yeah there's this Wall's Dessert Shop just nearby the horrid restaurant - The Wild.

One advise, if you just wanna eat ice cream for fun, DON'T BUY IT FROM THERE.

The prices of the ice cream was wtfkish-ly(omg I invented a new word) increased.

If not mistaken, it cost RM3 a scoop!


So my recommendation, HARI HARIMAU.


LOL. Nice pun! Hari Harimau(Hari hari mau = everyday want/Hari Harimau = Tiger Day) LOL.

The prices are same from outside. Got popcorn also!

And look at the side of the shop.

If you didn't take notice of the structure of the wall, behold.

It's not your ordinary wall painting yo.

So being how we are, MUST TAKE PICTURES!!




I was actually trying to imitate the kangaroo but I didn't notice that I made a face that looks terrified of it. lol

Wha-? What's over there?

Aira gives the tiger a kiss while we kill it. lol

I look freakin weird here.

Then we went to see the animal performances. =3

But before we reach there,

PENGUINS! So cute!! xD

But there's only 2. In that small place. =(

Waiting for the show.

It was at this time that I received a call from my lecturer Mr. Lai that Tan Chong Motors wanted to interview me. YAY!

It was kinda funny coz Mr. Lai asked me "Where are you now?"

Me: "Uh.. I'm at the zoo now."


I don't get this sign. I know it means "Don't feed the sea lions", but it looks more like "Don't use tissue to wipe the sea lions" or "Don't feed the sea lions with white pebbles". And why is the red slash BEHIND the sea lion?

Waiting for the show to start.

Bah I hate this angle of my face. Look fat.

Finally the show starts!

There was this commentator that sounds super gay. Too bad I didn't rec his voice. lol

And the first performance was by the parrots, but it's kinda boring so no pics. lol

Female sea lion



This shot is really AWESOME!! Taken by Reiko. Can be pro photographer d. Haha.


This sea lion is our friend! LOL. A few years back we came to zoo and watch the performance and this sea lion was there.

When it claps its hand, because of its huge body and small flippers, it only can sorta like clap at the tip of it's flipper. And it makes this funny face like shown in the pic above.

We even imitated it when we give it a clap last time. lol


Thus, end of the show.

.............To be continued - LAST PART.



P/S: Exam's coming soon. =(


Anonymous said...

learn about the animals 1st then taLK bout do hv less knowledge in this stuff so go n read sum stuff that is related to animals....n dun just comment gv ideas to improvise.Dun b such an ass anyway....HV a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Anonymous, I am Mr Anonymous too.. xD Btw.. There is no doubt that you are a professional in "animal".. By the way, I don't think she is talking about animal? She is talking about her trips dude! LOL If she need to have so much knowledge before posting about her "Zoo Negara" trips.. I guess you need to learn Moral, English, Social Psychology, How to Socialize, Crictical Thinking, Effective Writing, A for Apple and B for Boy and etc before leaving your comment, because there is a lot of things you need to learn in order to leave a good comment.. :)

Anonymous said...

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Well to both of you,you think you are so good in pointing fingers at ppl and places well here take this my middle finger.Well fuck you all.Wel for kei you look like shit and go n fuck yourself bitch....Fuck you....

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Really. Sorry about your life. lol

LF said...

reading from the blog above..then ...suddenly hater , XD , all annonymous lagi XD

best place should be ... reptile / penguin place ... air con .... awww... what a wonder in hot days ... XD

Anonymous said...

from your reply I can see that why you are so interested in animal, :) kuro u should sry bcz u visit his fren in zoo and u just mention so little about his fren, or maybe him.. Btw..sry anonymous, no nuts for u today as u showing ur mid finger..the nuts till be given to others monkey who is behaving themself.. :) c ya dude...

Anonymous said...

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ps ~ I love kei~ =D

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