Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday = <3

Good morning everyone!

Awww Adam x3

IT'S SUNDAY MORNING!! Which means that I don't need to work today! Yay!

Work isn't that bad though. lol The only bad thing is that I can't communicate with them. The rest I'm ok. lol

Now I'm like more drifted away from the other since - I'm super quiet, and also they didn't ask me to join them for lunch anymore. =( No matter, I can eat myself. lol

I can tell you that's the most enjoying lunch I ever had since there's no tense and nothing. It's just me with my food. And Milo Ice. x3

Oh and I saw the other guy has blend in with the others. Sigh. What can I do? I'm stuck in the room, isolated from the others and spend most of my time in the room with my team.

I don't really mind though. Coz I love the programming. lol

Even though I'm not a bright student, I still can code some logical things. Haha. If I really have no idea how to do one thing I'd just refer to some other codes that is done by them so it's not really hard. But you have to understand it before you code that's the main thing. lol

Has working again tomorrow. =(

Oh yeah I saw this at The Star Newspaper!

I cut it out. lol

My sis found it, when she was reading the newspaper. While I'd never know that he's in the newspaper if she didn't tell me coz I don't read them. Meh.

Anyways I was so thrilled to see Adam that I didn't really notice what the news is about.

It was this.

Gay issue. =/ The article was saying whether he can win American Idol or not because he's gay.


He has the MOST amazing vocal range I had ever heard from people now.

HE WILL WIN! If another person win I'm boycotting American Idol forever and it's not me alone, all the Adam fans said the same thing as well. Unless there's another guy who's as amazing as Adam I won't watch American Idol again if Adam lost.

Oh yeah speaking of Adam, I has this last time before I went to industrial training or my exam.

Fake tattoo drawn by my sis using eyebrow liner pen.

You can see that it's identical with Adam's right? lol xD

My sis CAN DRAW! =D

Oh yeah and I'm planning of sending him a present. X3 But it's a secret what I'm gonna give him. =D

Ok bye now!



P/S: I applied for a Jusco Card! Put the name KUROKEI to display on the card. lol


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL~ Maybe I should put Camui Reiko on my Jucso card when I renew it next time XDXDXD Mine was just Reiko... sienz

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