Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internship at Tan Chong Motors

Straight to the topic.

My first internship.

I got anorexia. Couldn't sleep well and I don't know why.

I was super nervous the day before - will I be able to mix with them? Will I be able to complete the task given etc etc etc. Since I'm not a bright student like Woo Tong and my other bright classmates, and I'm not a socialize person who is great at communicating and making friends at first sight like my dad and some friends of mine.

And I was right. =( I can't.

Anyway I get to drive! To work! Well my dad was beside me coz I'm still a very bad driver. haha

I reached there at 7:25am. More than 1 hour earlier. lol

So me and my dad stood there for awhile and then I saw the other guy who was chosen as the trainee.


What are the odds of that. lol

And like, 3 - 4 people I think, including my dad was teasing me and him on wearing couple shirts. lol (Black and grey white stripes btw)

We are not in the same work team though. His team was outside with the other majority of the staff, while mine was in the meeting room - coz there wasn't enough space. lol

The people there seem really nice and friendly, there's only one problem.

I don't talk.

I seriously don't talk.

Like a dumb person.

Since I'm like super shy and not good at socializing.

Every time I feel like talking, I JUST CAN'T!

Plus the topic is different. Sigh.

And today I heard that the other guy got himself a gang. =(

I feel so alone. Sigh.

Oh yea, did some guideline reading at day 1, a bit of coding at day 2.

Hope this gets better, coz this have to continue for like 6 months!

Oh. OS exam tomorrow. =(




=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Relax ya~ Although need some time to fit in well but still if you try you can fit in!!!
*Will always pray for you*

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