Saturday, April 18, 2009


Will not do the last part of the zoo post until I really have the time to resize and upload the pictures.

Anyway it's exam season now! Well, actually it's over but I have one more resit paper to do so meh. It's on next Wednesday which is, strangely, 2 days after my first day of industrial training. Wtf.

So I have to apply leave from my company. Sigh.

Anyways I've been kinda lazy lately, even though it's the exam season. Well I don't feel like it's the exam now coz there's only like one subject and that is Moral and Ethics. This lecture is the most BORING lecture I ever been to in my whole college life! The tutorial's awesome though coz my teacher is like a know-it-all! I learned a lot from him. =D

What makes this subject worse is - IT'S IN MALAY.

My Malay is TERRIBLE. Seriously! During UPSR I got 5As and I think either a B and C OR C and D and that is both BM. -.- And there was SPM, which I scored like a D? -.-

My BM was NEVER good.

I retook the SPM though and got a B. Haha.

It's seriously HARD, and all the religions stuff. I'm not really into religion stuff but it's kinda interested to know their point of view. I really like the Buddhist's concept on the Dharma thing where we humans who live in the world are suffering, and the more good deed you do the lesser you sufferings will be and after a few circle of lifes when you're clear from the sufferings you'll stop reborn and go into heaven or some great place. lol

And there's the Taoisme that ask us not to try to do things that is out of our league. =/

Enough religious stuff.

Seriously why isn't anyone of my friends watching American Idol?

People who usually don't care less about American Idol, including myself are watching this, why aren't anyone else? Sheesh.

I see the Adam Lambert forums, tons of Adam fans from the Philippines joined, and even ended up in the list of searching the word "Adam Lambert" most. WHY ISN'T ANY MALAYSIAN GOING CRAZY ABOUT IT?

And that is one of the reasons I don't like it here. They don't care about things like that. Or maybe I'm just weird and couldn't fit in. lol

A few days ago my classmate messaged me on MSN, points at my display picture saying "circus".

My display picture that time was this.

Well actually focused more on Adam(cropped away the girl. lol).

I was so happy that someone actually watches it. lol Sad that no one else in Malaysia that I could chat about Adam with, except my sis and Qi.

Any Malaysian Adam fans who sees this please contact me! T_T lol

He's just too amazing not to talk about, his performance were always awesome.

He's the only contestant that will make people wonder "what will he do next?" Coz you'll never know. He'll go from soft songs to rock songs. And I love it!

But well, for people who don't like rock style shoutings might not like him. But I love it! I even downloaded all his performances. HQ.

The girl in red hair - Allison looks so good together with Adam. x3

I don't like Lil(the other one), she should be out ages ago but survived....

...and get more chances to hug Adam. =/ Seriously I noticed she can't see to stop hugging him. =/ Go back to your husband and 3 kids la. -.-

Dunno what else to talk about already, except I'm super nervous on the Industrial Training. 2 more days! And I'm going to drive. I suck at driving. Oh my.

Let's see how things will be. -.-




kim-chan said...

shigoto ganbatte!
HAHAHA you are special dakara lol
so everyone is different than you =X

today deshou? industrial training lol

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL~ I don't watch AI cos I have no time and no TV and no astro! Bah~
Wish I have time to watch =/


kurokei said...

kim-chan: yeah it's today. x_x so tired. lol

Reiko: Got time must see! Go youtube see la! Leng zai ah Adam! <3 LOL see you la I work Mon to Fri 8:30 - 6 i think then sat 8:30 - 1. Tired. lol

SWei said...

NO NO NOOOOOO. THE SEXY ADAM GLAMBERT PIC WON'T LOADDDDDDDDDDD. :( :( :( (It only loaded half way and I'm liking what I see. :P)

And Allison doesn't look good together with Adam la. Their age gap is like what, 10 years! You know who would look good with him though? Me or you. Haha. JK JK. Wait, actually, no. I'd look good with him. =p

BTW, I SAW THE STRIKED OUT WORDS... "I even downloaded all his performances. HQ." Can I have them pls pls pls pretty pls? I tried searching all over for them but end up with the super compressed ones from the forum. :( I just don't know where to look for them!


Uhm, after my long rant, I'm sorry Kei, first, HELLO. :) Second, I got this link from your profile page in the forum. Thank goodness I found you. I HAVE SOMEONE TO GO CRAZY OVER LAMBERT WITH!!! *virtual hug!* Like finally. I seriously thought I was "just weird and couldn't fit in" also you know. lol! My friends give me weird glances just because I have Adam as my phone wallpaper and a couple of *cough* pics of him in my phone. :( lol.

Anyway, i think I've crapped too much here. i shall wait patiently for your reply and we shall exchange email address or something then, if you don't mind! :)


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