Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 090328

Zoo post later, now a quick update on the so called earth hour.

Honestly I don't really know what turning off the light actually helps.

Some says it's for voting for earth, some say it's for saving the world, some say it's for showing the world you care.

But what exactly does it do? I don't get it.

Before 8:30

At first I didn't want to participate, firstly because my mum disapprove with this idea.

A part of me wants to participate, since this is a world event and it's cool when everyone actually wants to do something for the earth.

The problem is, does everyone ACTUALLY think that way, or are they just playing around just to join the fun?

Commercials everywhere, bloggers blogging about it everywhere, even my classmates were talking about it.

Sure, all they say it's to "save the world" or "save our mother earth", but HOW MANY of them was already caring about our earth before this event?

If they REALLY cared, why wait until now to "save the world"?

Before this event there are already many commercials about saving water and electricity, and campaigns about recycling and even movies about global warming. But do anyone even care?

Yes, a small part of them do, I know.

After 8:30

Ok so what if they participated? What if they switched off their lights? Will they try and save the world tomorrow? Will they care the for the earth like how they blab about when some people didn't want to participate in it?

And also, what if the percentage of lights on are more than lights off? Does this means that since we don't vote for earth we can just continue global warming even though some people who actually cares switched off their lights?


No I'm not against this event. I just don't get it why we are doing this. What is the purpose?

And I did switched off my lights.

Candle light

I was actually quite excited coz I wanted to see if anyone really will join in.

So ok, I saw some people switched off their lights.

The twin towers did.

The KL Tower did.

Yet I could see like, tons of building being bright like the stars.

And to my dismay, I could see lights everywhere.

Oh yeah and I saw lots of cars driving out.

I could imagine those people who was out saying this.

"Hey let's participate in the Earth Hour to give our vote!"

*after they switched off every thing*

"Uh hey I'm bored let's go outside since there's nothing else to do in the house."

What meaning does this bring if you were to go out after you switched off your lights?

My block

Switching off your lights mean NOTHING. If you really wanna show your support and save the earth why not just do something instead of just switch off the lights?

I really don't get it.

Well that's my opinion.

However, for people who really wanted to save the earth, kudos to you guys. =3

For people who just join in for fun, you might as well just switch on your lights and act like this event never happened.

Meh. Half of me supports it, half of me doesn't.

I switched my lights off anyway, did you?




shawn kL said...

Turning off the lights doesn't mean anything. The reason for doing so is to create awareness so that we will protect the environment.

kurokei said...

I think it's still the same. =/

kim-chan said...

I switched off the lights =D
but then there were still some stuffs cannot be switched off like refridgerator for example?
It consumes electricity what~

I guess it was nothing but just to make certain people move only gua.Like saying "yay i did bla bla bla" LOL

Many days ago, I was busy with my grandma's funeral, at home totally dark, but fridge still need to be operate or else all foods busuk lol....

=chuan guan= said...

agreed wit u..too commercialize d..i did my part..i slept for 7 till 10..hahahahaha

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