Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Talk 090317

The Zoo Negara post is still in progress. lol

What? I'm lazy to blog la now. Seems like no time. =x

But there's one thing to blog about.


He is the most good looking American Idol contestant I had ever seen! Seriously!

And he has this amazing voice!

He sang Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.



He's like an adult joining in a children competition. He's already an expert in singing. And this is the first time I could predict that who will win American Idol 2009.

No not even my used-to-be-fav Danny Gokey.

Yeah Danny's a really great singer, but he doesn't have the "star" look.

Unlike Adam, who is already a PACKAGE - good looks, amazing voice.

And also turn out that he's gay! =(

No matter, he still rocks.

And last week's American Idol, the theme was Michael Jackson's song.

I was like OMG when I saw the theme coz I used to love Michael Jackson very very much.

I still love his songs k? He's an amazing singer!

I used to play his songs a lot in my dad's car. I also went to his concert here! He came to Malaysia once. lol

I was in primary school back then.

Ah~ My first idol. x3

Mah cute. *heart*

That's not Michael Jackson of course.

And Adam Lambert,


Ah. Music.

Ah. Adam. *heart*

There was another contestant I like besides Adam and Danny(minus Anoop. He's dropped back.), and it was Megan.

lol finally a pic that is not Adam

She's my fav female contestant!

She has this unique tone and personality that I love so so much. Kinda different from many female singers I heard.

And she looks lovely. I don't really fancy the tattoo at her arm though.

The way she moves around while she sings is really funny too. xD

But muah! ADAM! =D


I'm absolutely in love with him now. =D

So in love that I've joined www.adam-lambert.com

And then I got scolded by my dad for being crazy for him. He wants me to study. wtf

He could've said it nicely, but NOOO he had to shout at me.

I'm still kinda angry at him. =.=

Ah Adam.

I downloaded his songs and videos. lol And my handphone's wallpaper is Adam. wtf. lol

Ah. I can't get no satisfaction. lol

Zoo Negara post... Maybe will be updated this weekend. lol

Meh. I'm all about Adam now.

Other things can leave it to tomorrow. lol

Oh yeah, the TAN CHONG MOTORS rejected me.

They said it's due to insufficient space, so they couldn't accept me and the other guy in.

Excuses. If no space don't interview la in the first place. Ish.

Lastly, another pic of Adam.

I heart Adam. *hearts*

Unlimited amount of Love with Angels and roses,

KEI(lol wtf)

P/S: Alrite alrite I'll TRY to update the Zoo post ASAP. lol


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

looks like there is more hotties with talent ^

ahbooy said...

*wow~~~adam is so handsome~~~~

kurokei said...

Yeah! =D

kurokei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SWei said...

My wallpaper is the one of him in super thick eyeliner. One of his pictures from the earlier days before he joined AI. ;)

besides, it's so awesome that you get to admit openly that you're so crazy over adam. lol. i don't do that in my blog. not yet, at least. i don't wanna get judged by my friends, esp the ones from lit class! (cynical bunch of ppl they are. lol)

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