Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 090328

Zoo post later, now a quick update on the so called earth hour.

Honestly I don't really know what turning off the light actually helps.

Some says it's for voting for earth, some say it's for saving the world, some say it's for showing the world you care.

But what exactly does it do? I don't get it.

Before 8:30

At first I didn't want to participate, firstly because my mum disapprove with this idea.

A part of me wants to participate, since this is a world event and it's cool when everyone actually wants to do something for the earth.

The problem is, does everyone ACTUALLY think that way, or are they just playing around just to join the fun?

Commercials everywhere, bloggers blogging about it everywhere, even my classmates were talking about it.

Sure, all they say it's to "save the world" or "save our mother earth", but HOW MANY of them was already caring about our earth before this event?

If they REALLY cared, why wait until now to "save the world"?

Before this event there are already many commercials about saving water and electricity, and campaigns about recycling and even movies about global warming. But do anyone even care?

Yes, a small part of them do, I know.

After 8:30

Ok so what if they participated? What if they switched off their lights? Will they try and save the world tomorrow? Will they care the for the earth like how they blab about when some people didn't want to participate in it?

And also, what if the percentage of lights on are more than lights off? Does this means that since we don't vote for earth we can just continue global warming even though some people who actually cares switched off their lights?


No I'm not against this event. I just don't get it why we are doing this. What is the purpose?

And I did switched off my lights.

Candle light

I was actually quite excited coz I wanted to see if anyone really will join in.

So ok, I saw some people switched off their lights.

The twin towers did.

The KL Tower did.

Yet I could see like, tons of building being bright like the stars.

And to my dismay, I could see lights everywhere.

Oh yeah and I saw lots of cars driving out.

I could imagine those people who was out saying this.

"Hey let's participate in the Earth Hour to give our vote!"

*after they switched off every thing*

"Uh hey I'm bored let's go outside since there's nothing else to do in the house."

What meaning does this bring if you were to go out after you switched off your lights?

My block

Switching off your lights mean NOTHING. If you really wanna show your support and save the earth why not just do something instead of just switch off the lights?

I really don't get it.

Well that's my opinion.

However, for people who really wanted to save the earth, kudos to you guys. =3

For people who just join in for fun, you might as well just switch on your lights and act like this event never happened.

Meh. Half of me supports it, half of me doesn't.

I switched my lights off anyway, did you?



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Talk 090317

The Zoo Negara post is still in progress. lol

What? I'm lazy to blog la now. Seems like no time. =x

But there's one thing to blog about.


He is the most good looking American Idol contestant I had ever seen! Seriously!

And he has this amazing voice!

He sang Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.



He's like an adult joining in a children competition. He's already an expert in singing. And this is the first time I could predict that who will win American Idol 2009.

No not even my used-to-be-fav Danny Gokey.

Yeah Danny's a really great singer, but he doesn't have the "star" look.

Unlike Adam, who is already a PACKAGE - good looks, amazing voice.

And also turn out that he's gay! =(

No matter, he still rocks.

And last week's American Idol, the theme was Michael Jackson's song.

I was like OMG when I saw the theme coz I used to love Michael Jackson very very much.

I still love his songs k? He's an amazing singer!

I used to play his songs a lot in my dad's car. I also went to his concert here! He came to Malaysia once. lol

I was in primary school back then.

Ah~ My first idol. x3

Mah cute. *heart*

That's not Michael Jackson of course.

And Adam Lambert,


Ah. Music.

Ah. Adam. *heart*

There was another contestant I like besides Adam and Danny(minus Anoop. He's dropped back.), and it was Megan.

lol finally a pic that is not Adam

She's my fav female contestant!

She has this unique tone and personality that I love so so much. Kinda different from many female singers I heard.

And she looks lovely. I don't really fancy the tattoo at her arm though.

The way she moves around while she sings is really funny too. xD

But muah! ADAM! =D


I'm absolutely in love with him now. =D

So in love that I've joined

And then I got scolded by my dad for being crazy for him. He wants me to study. wtf

He could've said it nicely, but NOOO he had to shout at me.

I'm still kinda angry at him. =.=

Ah Adam.

I downloaded his songs and videos. lol And my handphone's wallpaper is Adam. wtf. lol

Ah. I can't get no satisfaction. lol

Zoo Negara post... Maybe will be updated this weekend. lol

Meh. I'm all about Adam now.

Other things can leave it to tomorrow. lol

Oh yeah, the TAN CHONG MOTORS rejected me.

They said it's due to insufficient space, so they couldn't accept me and the other guy in.

Excuses. If no space don't interview la in the first place. Ish.

Lastly, another pic of Adam.

I heart Adam. *hearts*

Unlimited amount of Love with Angels and roses,

KEI(lol wtf)

P/S: Alrite alrite I'll TRY to update the Zoo post ASAP. lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zoo Negara 2009 Part 1

Before I start, to the one who googles up my REAL name, welcome and do you mind leaving me a message to state who are you? It's kinda disturbing seeing that someone actually searches my real name and clicks in 3 time yesterday.

And also to the one who searched for phasero kurokei, yes that would be me. Leave a message and say hi please. Thanks. lol

I like to look out for keywords that linked to my blog these days through Nuffnang. It's kinda funny to watch coz sometimes you get funny keywords like "i need to stop watching anime and study for midterms blogspot" and "gay guys in tunkuabdulrahman college blogspot".

But the most searched was "Honey and Clover Quotes", which I blogged about last time. lol

And recently, proudtobebornasasian, an so-called 100% pure Asian blood who is living in Asian racist. Yeah I'm still arguing with him. It's kinda entertaining since I have nothing better to do in my life now. It's kinda boring. =(

I'll blog more about that later. =D


I forgot when's the first time I went to zoo, but I know I went there during Form 5 with Seisyun. x3 I skipped school for that. lol

The 2nd time I went with them was on Hana's birthday.

It's like, the zoo is one of the important hang out places. lol

And this time, of course is with them again! xD

During my semester break, me and my course friends WANTED to go to the zoo, but never did coz everyone was busy. *looks at someone* So bah! I'm going with another group! lol

Look at the baby.

It doesn't seem excited at all even though it's his first time to the zoo to see so many animals. lol

But oh well, he's not even 1 year old yet. lol

Hot mum with the adorable son. lol

Qi and Aira arrived later. Hana couldn't come though, coz it's Friday and she has classes. =( Me and Aira happen to have off days. lol

Oh yeah! Whenever we go out, we have themes. And the theme today is - STRIPES.

When Aira arrived, she wasn't wearing stripes at all!

So we confronted her.

Reiko: "HALO? Where's your stripes?"

Qi: "I asked her too! And she say her stripes are on her shoe."

We all look down and her striped shoes. lol

Aira: "My stripes is on my bag too." said her while showing us her bag. lol

Reiko and Xuan Xuan are wearing the SAME color of stripes clothing! So cute! xD

Ok back to the animals.

The first animal we saw


Reiko tried to feed it with small portion of leaf coz there's no leaf branches to feed it like the last time we saw them. And holy crap one of them came over and DROOLED.


And you know how tall giraffe's are.

It's drool is like a web dangling on it's mouth.


And it stuck out it's LOOOOONNGG tongue.


Xuan Xuan shows more interest on the rocks than the giraffe.

"Look baby! It's a giraffe! Look there!"

But Xuan Xuan shows no interest at all. lol

*gave up on trying to get Xuan Xuan's attention towards the Giraffe*

On our right, which is opposite the giraffe is one huge lake with a lot of storks and long-legged birds. lol

See that peacock over there? This stupid creature wouldn't open it's beautiful feathers for us to see.

We went closer to it, keep asking it to show us. But it just wouldn't listen.

So after a few minutes we gave up and continued to the elephants.

There's one time, I forgot the first or second time but I think it's the first, when we was sooo excited to see the elephant, one of the elephant walked over to us and... pee in front of us. O_O

I swear these elephants are trained to entertain tourists. When me and Qi held out our hands, it look like it didn't wanna come closer to us. lol Then a tourist came.


Opposite the elephant stands a bird.

Seems really old. And scary.

Kok Bun even scared us by saying it might suddenly fly towards us. x_x

Suddenly we noticed that the peacock has opened it's feather!

OMG! What made it change it's mind?

Oh, another tourist. Bah.

Next it's the emu bird(not emo k).

And some wallabies. It's kinda like the small version of a kangaroo but it's not. lol

Oh yeah and we saw a kangaroo.

And it looks... Erm...

Here you see it.



IT'S LIKE, DANGLING. Like the furry ball that is on jackets I saw someone wear it. Except this is NOT CUTE. And disgusting. D=

It must be old. =(

Then we went in some doors towards a place with more birds.

Do down and be eaten by birds.

+ 1 dead human.

I like this pic. =D

Blue headed bird thing.

Qi screamed when she saw this. lol

A spider we saw BIGger than normal spiders. lol

Suddenly we saw a deer running free out it's place!

But before I could take a picture of it, the zoo keeper already chase it back to where it belong. lol

There's so many of them!

This one is so cute! x3 Reminds me of Bambi.

Though there ARE some really ugly ones.

For example like this.

What's with the spiked up fur?

And this.


Then I noticed there's this monkey RIDING on the deer as if it's a horse. lol

This monkey actually even steals, or should I say TAKE the deer's food like it's own. And later scares one of the deers away. lol

Deer mountain.

Qi and Kei

Aira, Qi and Kei


Xuan Xuan shows no interest whatsoever.

Suddenly we heard noises.



Every time we came here the we will always hear sounds of the lions mating. But whenever we reach there there's nothing to see!

So this time we rushed over...

And see nothing.

Yeah I mean nothing AT ALL. NO LIONS WHATSOEVER.

Leo leo? Why not just LEO?

Resting for the later performance. lol

Then we saw some cows.

HOLY. Look at the size of those horns!!

I can already imagine two people getting stabbed on the chest on each horns like satay! D=

And it's the bos! Don't play play ah!

So that's where the Pokemon Taurus gets it's name.

It's too small, but the sign says BARKING DEER.

It didn't barked though.

Oh more cows.


Then zoo keepers came. You know what they were fed?

BANANAs. I didn't know cows eat them.

In case you haven't notice, they have white butts and legs that looks as if they were wearing white stockings. EACH of them.

Some furry thing.


Then we enter a place where animals like racoons are in.

There's also a Mangoose, the one that Nodame was wearing a costume of. xD But it was running around and around that a couldn't take a clear picture of it.

Instead I got this little creature.

I have no idea what this is.

And this.

Smart little guy got itself trapped in a net.

Turtle fountain.


Next we continued to the CAPYBARA.

Apparently it's the biggest rodent in the world.

In Japan, there's this famous little mascot call the Capibara(or however you spell it), and it's very popular this days. And it looks like this.

The brown one.


The real thing looks like this.


If you cover it's head it actually does look like a wild boar. x_x

On to the camels!

They only have camels with one hump. =/

Kids, do not throw rocks at the camel!


Then we went to the Ape Centre.

Hana once thought we was real.

It's kinda disappointing coz last time the apes was free outside at the trees with lots of space. And there's this chimpanzee that waves when we wave to it.

Now there's NOTHING.

Oh wait.

Oh cool. They evolved into humans! 2 of them!

What's left are 3 orang utans, behind the glass in a room.

You'll see me in your nightmare.

Everyone starts to feel hungry and we decided to have lunch.

Off to lunch!




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