Saturday, February 7, 2009


No, it's not CNY DAY 2 or anything related to CNY.

It's 70 RO screenshots! For your loading viewing pleasure. LOL

Ok it's me blogging from RO.

Ok this Acolyte actually want me to help clear the monsters at some place so he could go through. He asked us for help before but no one could understand what he was saying so one of my friend asked him to fuck off. lol

"Spend up to the temple please!!!"
"To get caves?"
"Please com on"

He was seriously starting to annoy me. =/

Then the monsters was too strong, and I died.

After I return to that spot, the acolyte was nowhere to be found.

So I messaged him.



P/S: I'll blog about CNY later ya. =D lol

P/P/S: I got shortlisted for an interview next Tuesday!! YAY!! But now I'm worried and nervous. =(

P/P/P/S: If you read through all the pictures, I love you. =3

P/P/P/P/S: I'm a Knight in RO btw.


MizVon said...

dun worry la.. u sure no problem 1.. ;)

shawn kL said...

u are so so so so so so so so free!!!!

kurokei said...

MizVon: Hope so. ><

shawn kL: LOL holiday ma. =x

ahbooy said...

*I like your post~~XD

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wee.. damn long didnt play RO already! hehe

kusakabemisao said...

looks fun><
i downloaded this RO but i dunno how to play and lazy also haha

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