Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY Day 2 and so on -PART 1-

Ok ok enough RO. Now continue to CNY Day 2.

Every CNY Day 2 we'll go back to Muar, my mother's hometown, my grandmother's house.

Even though she passed away not long ago, we still go back there to have a little gathering.

For those who don't know, my mother has 7 sisters and 2 brothers. lol Very big family. But one of my uncle passed away when I was in primary school. Accident. =(

Anyway, big family = many MANY angpows! =D

That day was one of my cousin's birthday day so we celebrated for her. (They brought the cakes though)

2 cakes!! They scare not enough to eat. But then...

There was 2 cakes. And one of the cakes were.. strawberry something.

That cake was D=

Everyone went for American Chocolate. x3

After cake, I washed my hands, and when I washed my hands I saw something familiar.

This shirt, my friends, I wore them years ago. LOL

Now it's a very good hand towel. lol

And this too, once my shirt, now another hand towel.

In America!

There's nothing much to play here, except for really old SNES TV games. You know, Mario? lol

There's also a computer but not much people seem to put much attention on it, even though it has NFS and a much better quality Mario Bros.

Maybe because it's much more classic, and there's more games too!

However I didn't play that this time.

We played UNO instead.

I was unstoppable! =D I won all rounds. lol

My cousin was trying to peek at my other cousin's card and then help us by telling us the color of cards that he didn't have. lol

We were all trying to make him lose coz he's a b*****d.

Most of us don't like him.

My dad told me that he actually said out aloud, asking "Why are we still coming here? Grandma's not here anymore wat!"


Luckily I wasn't there to hear it, otherwise I'll slap him to the ground. B*****d.

Anyway we went home a few hours later. Usually we'd stay overnight but since our grandma's not here anymore... =(

Went to my babysitter's house days later.

I spent half of my hours there when I was young till Form 3. I miss sleeping on the floor where it's all cool and stuff. And I always play Lego there. xD

Oh ya, her son, which is also my "brother", is getting married! =3 Yay! This coming 20th! xD

Do you guys know how to play Mahjong btw?

I don't. But then my 12 year old cousin taught me this.

You pile them up to a pyramid...

Then do this.


And then I ate my first lau sang for this CNY. But it wasn't fun though coz most of the family members ain't here. Even my sister. D= She's working.


Oh yeah I went bai nian with my friends too! =D

We went to Kame's house first. Kinda like to gather first.

I wanted to it eat soft candy... I dunno what's that called in english, but it's the block of soft candies that has sugar. Yeah I love orange color ones. x3

But the ants had took over them! The jar was full of ants!! D= *sad*

Then we went to Kent's house.

Then lunch.


Ever since before my college exam, I wanted to eat KFC. I've been asking Kame to eat KFC but there's no time. Even after my exams I have no chance.

And now FINALLY!! KFC!! =D

Btw one of the chicken is Shvon's. I ate only 2 piece.

Well actually 1 1/2 of the chicken. I couldn't finish it.

But LUCKILY, Kaede is near to her lunch break! So I called her and gave her the remaining food. lol

Then we went to my house. Then Tsuey Lih's house.

And guess what we did there?

We played UNO, and then played computer games. lol

Her house is like a mini cyber cafe.

Panda dancing at SDO.

I didn't know pets could dance. lol

Then it was Lemon's house, and finally DINNER!!

It was at the steamboat restaurant just opposite where I stay. lol

I don't know about you guys, but my dad taught me a way to eat steamboat.

See this.

Yes, that's a RAW EGG.

Raw egg + soy sauce + fried onion oil + pepper.

So how do you eat it?

When the soup and food is cooked. You take whatever food you want(fishballs etc), and dip it in. It taste GOOD.

And eventually when you dip the food, the soup from the food will stay in the bowl and it'll cook the egg.

Or if you're scared of the raw-ness, just fill the bowl with hot boiling soup to cook it.

So that it looks like this.

But that's not for everyone though. lol

I iez PINK.

Girls. =3

Then lastly we went to Shvon's house. The end. =D

But CNY's not over yet!

Next post's preview:




P/S: Valentine's... How are you guys going to celebrate? =3 Me going meeting with my ji muis! x3


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