Sunday, February 15, 2009

Award + Remaining CNY Days

Ok first, AWARD!! =D

I got another award from irvine again. lol Thanks!! xD

This time is the Cute's Blogger Award.

Eh. It's from 2008! Does this mean my blog was cute, LAST YEAR? D=

Who cares! I haz cute blog! =D

And I haz cute bear with fake eyelashes.

I'm so pretty kthxbai


And I'm not going to nominate anyone since this award is from 2008. Let's wait till I get a cute 2009 award shall we? *winks*

1st February, how to celebrate it?


I don't really like gambling, but since this is like a family thing during CNY, and also my cousin had asked me to join, so I might as well join. lol

We're playing Black Jack btw.

Anyway I don't know what's with my luck that day, coz I won a lot!

I borrowed RM 3 from my dad, my sis borrowed from my sis and we started to play.

At first there was win and losses, but then eventually I won.

And won.

And won!


I won a total of RM 25. xD

Of course I had returned the RM 3 base money. lol

Then it was 4th of February, family gathering day again!

Every CNY, during one day, a grand uncle of mine will treat us all dinner at a restaurant.

I remember the last time I went there, I was the only young generation one as the others are not free I guess.

But this year it's different coz all of us (minus one who is working I guess) attended!

The first dish, of course, will be Lou Sang!

Super hard to take pictures and lou at the same time.

Ok here I'll just share pictures of the food, and some captions coz nothing's more interesting than the food here. lol

Shark Fin soup is LOVE

Lemon Fish.

2 Steamed Prawn.


Lol actually I was too busy eating and forgot to took most pictures of the food.

The dessert was really nice! Snow Skin...something. I forgot the name. lol

8th of February, BA-DUM!! Meet the cute little boy that capture all people's hearts! x3

Meet Jia Xuan, Reiko's baby boy! xD And also my lovely godchild. xD

He has 4 godmothers can? LOL.

He's like one of the cutest baby I had ever seen! Aww...

Oh I forgot to say why we met. lol All of us went for last minute bai nian. Me, Reiko, Kok Bun, Baby Jia Xuan and Hana. lol

The first stop is my house! =D

NOM NOM NOM on my hand.

LOL Momochi's bigger than him =x


Happy baby.

Awwww how can you not like this baby? AWWWW!!

Anyway the next stop is Hana's house, which is at Rawang.

Hana's mom is so happy to see Jia Xuan and kept on hugging him. That time Hana's parent's friends were here too.

And they all couldn't let go of Jia Xuan. He's too cute! xD

And Jia Xuan is very happy. lol Even though he's left with the adults and we KIDS went over to eat bread.

I was like o.o when I saw this bread. How are we suppose to eat this bread? lol

OHH. There's a packet of curry chicken inside. lol

Baby and Hana

Spot the hummingbird.

Later then we went upstairs and Hana showed us pictures of her industrial training in Maldives. The beach is just LOVELY. The sea is blue, not like here, our sea is in dark color eww.

Oh yeah, and the dolphins? Their jump doesn't look that pretty at all. lol


The shells are super pretty! And shiny! I swear they look like the ones the shops. Cleaned and polished.

Present! =D

Meanwhile Jia Xuan is sleeping. lol

Taking care of a baby is really REALLY hard. You have to make you that they don't get used to with some certain thing otherwise it'll be very hard to take care of them. Like Jia Xuan, you cannot lie him down, otherwise he'll cry.

He loves to be hugged and carried around. x3

Kok Bun tried to put him down when he's asleep, but it's really hard to not wake him up. And he did.

And he does what babies do best, he cried.

So Kok Bun have to carry him around again, trying to make him sleep. lol

He tried putting him down TWICE. and FAILED. lol =x

So in the end he hugged him to sleep all the way.

However Jia Xuan doesn't sleep long though.

Walks. x3

Then it was time for dinner! Hana's mom insisted us on having dinner with them. So we went out for food.

We had 2 tables coz Hana's parents friend(or relative? I forgot. =x)'s family were having dinner with us too. Their tables have like 10 people while ours have 5.

Both tables have the same amount of food.


In the end we ate till our limit and I brought one of the food back coz my mum loves Wine Chicken. x3

Thank you Hana's parents for the wonderful and really full dinner. lol

And with that, CNY is over.



P/S: I still have 2 things to blog about! D=

P/P/S: Valentine's Day is AWESOME!! It was really fun hanging out with you guys again! x3


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