Friday, January 23, 2009


Exam's freakin' over YAH!!!!!

Finally the horrid days of mental straining or whatever-that-make-sense-that-describes-someone-is-in-stress. Oh yeah. Ended.

It wasn't good though. Stupid time constraint.

I had my finals starting from last Thursday and a week before I had midterm test. WTF. Usually there's at least like a month or less for me to study. STUPID COLLEGE.

And so yeah. I got sick. =(

Doctor said it was stress and weather.

The fever went on for like 2 days and I was healed.

Then the next day I got allergy.

What's for dinner? MORE TABLETS!

Holy *beep* can you imagine how many tablets I ate in that whole week? It's starting to kill me. D= I hate tablets shaped like the one in the 2nd picture MOST.

Scratch marks.

Anyway after I ate it for one day I was healed.

During my study week, I was really in stress so I had to find something to like, lighten me up.

Guess what I did? Besides watching Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged series on YouTube which I will blog later on.

I argued with a racist. At YouTube. LOL.

It started like a month ago when I was on YouTube searching for some cosplayer videos. Then I saw a video with the title Identical ASIAN Cosplayers.

Since I wanted to see how IDENTICAL the cosplays can be, I just clicked in.

Nice avatar for an Asian racist.

And to my surprise, the video description said something like this. I'm just quoting the first paragraph. If you wanna see more you can click the picture above.

This video are made to show how Anime characters resembles Asian facial and body form. Be sure to check our [ Asian ] live cosplay videos too because there are many jealous and hopeless non Asian cosplayers especially american cosplayers out there who will keep on saying lies about Asian cosplayers such as by saying Asian cosplayers photoshop [ faking ] their cosplay pictures to look awesome while actually those non Asian especially american cosplayers just jealous because we Asian are better cosplayer than them or how we Asian resembles the Anime characters we cosplayed. So by checking our [ Asian ] cosplay videos you will know either we [ Asian ] real or not in our cosplays.

Seriously wtf? lol

Who the hell says that American can't cosplay?

So then I left a comment.

Yeah I got a thumbs up! =D

And later then, he replied.

lol four thumbs down.

LOL. I'm American! =D That's the first time anyone ever said I am.

Later then before my exams I was like, kinda bored AND STRESS, so I went back to check it out. And also I went to see his other videos.

Oh wait, the one that posted the video was ProudAsianGuy, and the guy that reply me was ProudToBeBornAsAsian. I don't understand why it was always the ProudToBeBornAsAsian dude that replies.

So I went to check BOTH account's video.

Then from this "ProudToBeBornAsAsian" dude page, there's a video titled
For Anime Sake Non Asians Must Stop Cosplaying Anime Characters!

Like, LOL.

Behold my argument against a racist. Scroll down fast if you're not interested. I just wanna show how bored I am.

He even said that Singapore's national language is English when people asked him to stop using English so he can use it.

LOL. I kinda stopped there for awhile coz he has a good point there but alas! The truth is there are FOUR official languages in Singapore, but the official language is surprisingly NOT English, but Malay! And they use English A LOT.

I told him that but he didn't believe me, saying that "I have friends from deferent Asian countries including Singaporeans so why I need to search something ovious?" when I asked him to do some research.

Oh yeah there's this one time we was arguing about my nationality coz he kept on accusing me as an American.

"Singaporean national language is English and not Malay. You said you were an Asian when your nationality not even one of our Asian country that is why I said you nothing but a loser."


"I know you not live in Asia from the way you speak, must be unbeliavable to you right?"

I seriously LOL-ed. Apparently I speak like a non Asian.

Phew. I have nothing better to do. lol

Ok then it is Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridge series.

Yu-Gi-Oh is an anime/manga about a boy that loves game and was then possessed by a ancient Egyptian pharaoh soul when he had solved the Millennium Puzzle. Then there's like this card game battle thingys.

I actually really like this card game when I was in secondary school. I even bought the trading cards(RM9 for one packet that has 5 cards). The cards are random so if you're lucky you might get a really rare card.

I got a rare card once and sold it for RM20. Yeah that's like a packet of trading card x 2. For one card.

And I saw some really really rare ones on sale for like RM120+. @_@

So anyway I found this video at somewhere that has a character of Yu-Gi-Oh talking in a really funny way. That guy was like, keep mention that he's from America or stuffs like that.

I was like... what? I seriously thought that this is the original series coz the voice dubbing was really REALLY good.

So then I hopped around and found an account with the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series!

And guess what? It is SO. GOOD.

It's more than good, it's genius!!

The voice dubbing was really really amazing, and the jokes never gets old in there. LOL

However I think you have to see the anime to understand the jokes. I'm not really sure. I think you don't need to see the originals to see this though.

First Episode.

And then I was so addicted to it I downloaded them all.

Then I was wondering, who are the people who cast all those voices?

Days later, it hit me when I found this video of the creator of the series - LittleKuriboh.

HOLY *BEEP* ON A *BEEP* SANDWICH.(If you watched Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series you'll know what it means)


He's like, one of the people I look up to now. People that has multiple voices are super special awesome! *hearts*

That's like Super Special AWESOME!

Ok enough of racists and LittleKuriboh.

I met with Seisyun, FINALLY.

It's been such a long time since we last saw each other. I missed them all so much!

I'm so glad I went to the meeting even though I have exams. It is worth every time I had.

Too bad we didn't take picture together though, and the time passes like so fast when we're together.


He's even cuter when he saw Hana's bf. LOL he's like so happy and started blabbering words that we don't understand. LOL xD

OMG! He's gonna celebrate his first CNY! xD

Then it was exam again.

I did the worst on the last day coz before that day there was another paper. So I didn't have enough rest to study until 5am. My dad, seeing that I was dead tired, asked me to go to sleep and wake up at 6am to study.

So I went to sleep.

My exam's on 9am.

I woke up at 8:05am.

I was like HOLY *BEEP* WTF!!!!!!!!!

So I didn't get to study. =(

My mum was so pissed off when she heard about this.

I'm so sorry mum. =(

Oh yeah and my grand uncle passed away, at the day before I had my last exam.

Note: Grand uncle = My grandfather's sister's husband.

Just sent him off today.

Chinese fan with a hand towel.

RIP, dear grand uncle.

Then after the funeral, I did some house cleaning.

WTF is that eww.


Need more time for cleaning. x_x

I cleaned one of my handbag that I didn't use for a long time.





OMG LOOK HOW POLLUTED THE WATER IS!! And all I did was just soak it!

I'm sorry my poor bag. x_x

I wonder if there is any other items that is dirty like that. =_=

Ok that's all for today's post.

Censored to be posted on poupeegirl. lol

See ya!



P/S: 20/1 is the first anniversary of me loving Yoshiki! YAY! xD lol

P/P/S: Best cosplay ever. LOL

ZOMG HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE GACKT! Now who wants to cosplay him? =D

***UPDATE 25/1/09***

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick update

Before I step on the road of battle.

Not enough time, not enough everything.

It's 3:47am now, and I'm still here studying for my exams.

I can tell you that, I have like 49.9% chance of passing tomorrow's subject.

Well, I have to go rest before the battle.

Wish me luck. I love you all. =)




P/S: Will be back on 22nd or later darlings.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


明けまして おめでとう!!


Wah I can't believe it's already 2009!

Well actually I can, I just wanna say that coz everyone seem to say that a lot during New Years. lol Bah.

Anyway, NEW YEARS EVE!! Did anyone went for countdown? lol

I have class until 6pm. =/ wtf. New Years Eve and Christmas Eve sux because we have class from 10 to 6pm.

This whole semester sucks dammit. I'm having my final exams on the 15th but we still have assignments, homeworks and stupid tests. wtf is wrong with them college systems? =/

So after class I immediately rushed home and waited for Kouhaku Uta Gassen(an annual singing battle at Japan). Luckily I made it just in time. xD I only wanted to know whether if Hamasaki Ayumi is fit to perform coz she injured her hand. Heard that she fell down the stairs at her apartment and her hand was hurt so much that she couldn't hold a mic.


But Team Red(female) didn't win though. =/ Team White(male) did.

Then it's was X Japan's countdown live!! Since they are airing live on Fuji TV, I thought that I could watch it through Keyhole TV, but WTF! Keyhold TV is down on that day!

So I tried to find information on the forums on how I could watch it live.

They DO have a live streaming, but...

IT WAS SUPER LAGGY. Too many people around the world accessing it I guess.

And most of the time I failed to access it. =/ That's killing me.

There is one time that I could actually hear a bit of the live, which goes like:


So I can't hear nothing. =/

The concert starts at 9:30pm Malaysia time, so I tried and tried AND TRIEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD till the concert ends. It was 11:30+pm Malaysia time I think. =(

So effing disappointed.

But FUCK! The fireworks this year is awesome!

From the video you might not able to see the awesomeness but this year's fireworks = WIN. Compared to the previous years that disappointed me a lot. =/

However I download X Japan's live later. (5.5% complete only dammit)

There's some on youtube but it was immediately removed due to copyrights.


Anyway I found this video that features X Japan in it. It's an documentary about Heavy Metal - Global Metal.


Who else can compose super heavy metal songs AND beautiful ballads?

Well there MAY be someone, but Yoshiki is just awesome. x3

Well I'm off to study now, exams on the 15th.
So yes, less blogging than usual. =(




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