Sunday, October 4, 2009


So yeah. Last post of this blog. Coz I'm officially changing my blog to

So much more efficient really!

So good bye all.

and welcome all to my mobile blog. :D



P/S: My internship ended yesterday. =( I know, I used to hated it. But now...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Yesterday was heartbreaking.

Last week I read the newspaper about this memorial, and I didn't know that it was going to be aired LIVE. Until I saw CNN.

I had my doubts. Can I really see the memorial? LIVE? It's such a big event after all.

And I was telling my dad that I would sleep immediately after dinner so I could wake up later and watch the memorial that is airing on 1am.

I actually had piano class that day, but luckily Kame has OT. So we have to rearrange another time. =D

So I slept.

And woke up at 11pm.

E! News and CNN were all airing the private memorial(outside of the building of course), with the cars and all. And when it was like midnight(the time here of course), I saw it.

Michael's casket were carried out of the building.

I started to feel a bit... Bah I don't know how to describe that feeling. YOU KNOW he's INSIDE.

I was actually OK when the casket was brought out into the Staple Center. What made me burst into tears was when they played a short clip of him.

Watch 2:16! I cried at that part!

Coz I thought of that bastard that accused Michael of molesting him, who sent him straight to hell. After Michael died he admitted that HE WAS LYING. MICHAEL NEVER MOLESTED HIM. HE LIED FOR HIS FATHER. HE LIED FOR THE MONEY.

I was so mad when I heard that.

BECAUSE OF THAT BASTARD, EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT HE'S A FREAK! Despite that he has done so many good deed, just because he got accused of molestation, EVERYONE just forgets how great he was!


And I cried when Usher performed the song "Gone To Soon".

It was really, really touching. =(

There was people performing, and there was people giving speeches.

And I was able to be apart of it. Well, through the television though. lol

When the memorial ended, Paris, Michael's daughter actually spoke.

"I just wanted to say... Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him... so much."

And that made me cried again.

He is such a great person. Why couldn't people see that?

It makes me really sad.

Such beautiful children, I must say. I expect great things from these 3. Especially Paris. Little Blanket(nickname of Prince Michael Jackson II, 2nd son) is so adorable btw! x3

And then the casket was pushed out from the hall and the memorial has ended.

I was like, what?

He's really gone.

Before I saw this, a part of me still feel that he's alive, somewhere, hiding and might show up one day.

But seeing these has force me to accept the fact that the one that brought me joy and my first idol is gone.

Thus, I cried again.

I really cried a lot yesterday.

When I came back from work and I saw the repeats of the memorial on TV, I cried again.

When will this end, I wonder?

Sweet dreams, Michael.


Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Dear Michael

I really don't wish to update, but this is just too much.

Michael Jackson died yesterday.

I'm so out of words.

When I found out, I was in the office, being that quiet girl like I've always been in the office. And then my colleague blurted out to another colleague:

"Eh. Michael Jackson died."

I actually made a sound - "HUH? REALLY?!"

Immediately I went on google on my handphone and typed "Michael Jackson dies". I can't only in my office PC afterall.

This isn't happening. He isn't dead.

I grew up listening to his music. I was a big fan since I was just a little girl.

The memories of being an MJ fanatic is still clearly in my mind.

Since my dad worked in Sony Music last time, we had a lot of free CDs. lol Many of them were Michael Jackson. I have ALL Michael Jackson cassettes(which all of them were thrown away dunno when), I have his T Shirt, I have his CDs and videos!

And guess what, I was fortunate enough to went to Michael Jackson's concert HERE IN KL.

Yes, he was here. THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.


I still remember how it's like, my dad and I were the ones who went to the concert. And we purposely bought a binocular to the concert coz we're sitting quite far away.

And I remember I was sick! And I brought along a water bottle with me and GUESS WHAT? The ushers of the concert checked my bagback, THREW MY WATER BOTTLE ON THE FLOOR. Fuckers. Apparently we can't bring in outside food.

And I remember that we left the concert early when he was singing the last song "Heal The World" coz my dad say if we don't leave now it will be damn jam. I was like awww but he's still singing. =(


And there was those days I was so addicted in watching Michael Jackson videos! My dad brought it back one day and whoa I watched it EVERYDAYYYYYYYY. And I still remember me and my sis hid behind the sofa when it was playing THRILLER. Eh for a kid, the transformation damn scary la.

And You Are Not Alone, there's the part where Michael sings a loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg note, and I sang along with him and spun around in circles until I went all dizzy. lol

And I laughed at the fans that screamed till they fainted and had to be dragged out by the staffs. lol I wasn't a fan girl back then I don't know that was normal.

Oh yeah and when I go back to Muar, the music played in the car SURE IS MICHAEL JACKSON.


I never noticed that I loved him for so long.


The King of Pop has left the building people.


P/S: You still must visit here ok. lol

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kei's Place Mobile

Just here to post a link.

I'm just too busy and lazy to blog from here. Maybe some other time, I will. LOL.

GO THERE NOW OK? Updates everyday. lol



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simplified Chinese = Chinese from China?

I just heard the most absurd thing in my life.

A few days ago, X Japan was having their concert at Taiwan.

So as a fan that couldn't go there, I will just go to youtube and try my luck to see if I can find any vids related to it.

Well usually there is, and USUALLY people thank them for that coz we can't see it live, but this time there's this argument from the Taiwanese.

Concerts usually don't allow recordings, but still there ARE someone that will record it. You can't stop it unless you confiscate their recording tools.

First of all - WHY forbid recordings? The main reason is :
1. To prevent people from posting anywhere, so that people can see it FOR FREE, and have the thinking that "oh since I already saw it online, why do I need to buy the DVD?"

2. To prevent people from SELLING it, so that people can see it FOR A CHEAPER PRICE, and have the thinking that "oh since I have the cheaper one, why do I need to buy the ORIGINAL DVD?"

For some artist, this is a major problem.

But for X Japan, this isn't a major problem because they are a legendary band and you know, I would spend all my money to buy their stuffs if I could, even if I had heard their songs, seen their concerts etc.

It's more like a collection already.

So there's this person, let's call her T, so T had went to the concert, and recorded some videos of what is happening at the live.

She was actually sharing her experience, for people like me.

But she didn't expect that her videos would be against by the Taiwanese, leaving comments like:

"I thought you aren't allowed to record anything there?"


"You thought if you put this all of the X Japan fans will thank you? You better take this down."

And so on.

Although what they say is true, but wtf? It's not such a big issue and T doesn't deserve that! People like me thank her for that!

So I left a comment saying something like "Even though it's illegal, so what? She's just sharing her experience" bla bla bla.

LOL and for the first time I got like 10 thumbsdown. Having people scolding me saying that a support pirated stuff and saying that I'm from China and don't know what is rights bla bla bla. And say I don't deserve to be a X Japan fan.

I was like lol wtf. I never supported pirated stuff. I buy originals when I think it's worth it. Like Harry Potter. lol Or original CDs and books.

So I left a comment saying that "You Taiwanese are the only ones that are making this into a big issue. Just because X Japan visited Taiwan doesn't mean like you can be such elitists."

Really wat! The only ones scolding are all Taiwanese.

Then suddenly there's this guy that replied me something like "You claimed you're not from China yet you're using simplified chinese."

WTF? Since when using Simplified Chinese classifies you as chinese from China?

So puzzled, I asked my dad.

Then now I only know that - TAIWANESE STILL USES TRADITIONAL CHINESE AND "BOPOMOFO", while the others(China, any other Chinese) ALL uses Simplified Chinese and Han Yu Ping Yin.

So people, using simplified chinese = from China yo.

First time I ever heard something like this. LOL.

Btw if anyone of you think that I support pirated, this is my view.

So it's ok to buy an original DVD, rip it and post in on youtube, YET it's NOT ok to record the live and post in on youtube?

And you know, Japan airs in on TV. Does it stop them from getting the DVD? NO.

Think about it la. Sheesh.

I knew there's a reason I dislike them.


Monday, June 1, 2009


OMG look!

I got myself a mobile blog. lol

Bye no time blog today.

Go my mobile blog! =D


IF not interested then don't click and wait for my updates next time.




Monday, May 25, 2009

American Idol Season 8 FINALE

Hey all.

I'm actually at the company now, in the training room doing UAT aka
User Acceptance Testing now. And to my suprise, I CAN ONLINE HERE WTF LOL!

Even though I'm not suppose to online.. I think.

Blah whatever. lol I usually cannot online. Can you blame me? lol

Anyways, the FINALE of American Idol!

So cute!

It aired LIVE on Astro on that day, but it's at 8:30am, which is my working time. =( I even asked my sis NOT to watch it because if she watched it earlier when I didn't, it wouldn't be fun for her. The excitment is gone. lol

I was freakin' worried the whole day. How will Adam do? Can he win this?

And then my sister sms-ed me telling me that her friend told her the result. LOL.

But from the way she's talking, I kinda know who the winner is already, but I'm not sure yet so, yeah.

Then dramatically, the skies went like, really REALLY dark and it started to rain.

I was like, omg, please don't tell me it's a bad sign.

And I was self-plurking(with Microsoft Outlook's Notes, lol how sad) about please don't let karma get me now coz at the beginning of the season there was this clip showing these little fan girls(age 13+ I think) screaming like mad "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO *SCREAMS OF TERROR* NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!" when David Archuleta lost. lol And I was like LOL HAHAHHAHA CRY LITTLE GIRLS CRY FOR THE LITTLE BOY WHO LOST!!(No offence I wasn't a fan of Archuleta's but I think he's ok now =3) But you have to admit, that scene was really funny for a non-Archie fan. lol

But now I feel so worried that I WILL BE LIKE THEM!! O_O

I even self-plurked my predictions of how I would react when the result is out, whether when Adam won, or Adam lost.

I predicted if Adam won, I would either:-

1. Scream like mad of happiness, like always. OR
2. Be stoned as I'm too happy to make any sound.

Then if Adam lost, I predicted that I would DEFINATELY SCREAM like a mad fan girl and will go on a killing rampage. lol Like the Archie fans(I meant the screaming).

On 5.20+pm, I immediately drove my car and rushed back home to catch this historical moment.

I'm not going to go through all performances, just some that is memorable to me. =3

Kris and Adam was all dressed in white(yay my prince on a white horse x3) and they were later joined by the remaining Top 13 to perform Pink's So What.

Somehow it sound kinda HSM-ish for me for you. lol

Then there's the Golden Idol Awards.

The first was Outstanding Male. And the nominees are... A guy who sang Mad World(I cannot remember his name la WIL KUNICK! Thanks Swei. LOL!), Michael Gurr, Elijah Scarlett and Nick Mitchel.


Any flashback of him makes me laugh till I die. YOU GUYS SHOULD GO YOUTUBE MICHAEL GURR.

Elijah was darn funny also LOL. He has his damn low voice that Paula said "You just gave me an idea, you can do voice casting. Like movies that has monsters in them."


Nick Mitchel aka Norman Gentle won btw.

Hmm and what else.

Oh there was Fergie and the Top 5 girls. Damn Megan looks beautiful.

And Boom Boom Pow Black Eye Peas was awesome on stage! They brought life to the show. lol

OK ENOUGH. ADAM's TURN. (I skipped talking about a lot of performance ok? Coz I'm not really interested with them.)

Adam sang a really beautiful song, a beautiful ballad, which I have no idea what song it is that time. He was wearing this fake wings or shoulder thingy that I was like wtf it's like he's having his own concert LOL.

The moment was so beautiful I nearly cried because it sound like the winning song(than No Boundries. Ugh.) and he looks like a winner.

Ah, my winner. x3

And then suddenly Adam said

"Ladies and gentlemen, KISS!!"

Oh. My. F. GOD.




Me and my sis was like WTFFFFF KISS?!!! KISS?!!! ON AMERICAN IDOL?!!


lol for those who don't know KISS might not know why izit such a big deal, but they had been rocking the stage since 1972. Even when I wasn't born.

Oh yeah, and these 2 guys, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, are at their late 50s. Gene 59, Paul 57. SEE HOW THEY ROCKED?


Check out the platform boots.

I dare you to wear that and rock the stage. lol

This was EPIC! My sis and I was screaming like mad throughout the performance and I'm not sure if the neighbours DIDN'T hear anything. It was really REALLY loud. lol Epic indeed.

Oh Kris performed with Keith Urban. He's cute. lol

Seriously how many people gets to perform with KISS, and actually ROCKED?

My dad also said that THIS is THE BEST performance EVER, not only Best Adam performance, but THE BEST performance of all 8 seasons till now.

And I believe it will be the best EVER. =D

The third and last award(I skipped one award) was Outstanding Females.

I really don't remember the names coz they don't interest me at all, but there's this one girl that made me laughed. Ok more like her mom that made me laughed. She said she will still be positive if she didn't make it through the audition. She DIDN'T make it through. And then she was like complaining that she don't get another chance to sing and she's a better singer than many of the past contestants. (She was wearing heavy makeup btw) Her mum even said "This is the next American Idol." And then she sang Because of You by Kelly Clarkson and OMG IT WAS HORRID. BUT what makes it funny was, HER MUM WAS MOVING TO HER SINGING! LIKE IT'S A VERY PLEASANT SONG!!

If I was her mum I'd stop her from singing and embaressing herself infront of live TV.

Tatiana Del Toro, the drama queen, won btw. I think she's interesting to watch. =D

And the last and final performance was Adam and Kris, along with suprise guest - QUEEN!

Omg what is up with legends showing up on stage? lol

They performed "We are the Champions".

There's so many awesome performance that I actually lost the nervousness.

Oh ya Kris won btw.

Conrats to Kris!

Ok as the result was announced, my reaction wasn't screaming like a mad fan girl, but I was too stonned to do anything, so I cried. Heart brokened.

I wanted to scream like how I predicted, but lol, I can't.

I just cried and cried and cried.

Even though I didn't 100% believe that Adam is going to win, but still I had hopes that he will.
After it was announced I just walk away, I don't even wanna see Kris sing the winning song.

I was like this is friggin NOT FAIR.


MANY of the fans of other contestants who HATES Adam actually planned to vote for Kris, just because they dislike Adam. You can say I'm lying but it's the truth. I'm not saying all though.

People who don't know what's really happening can just shut up and do some research before you start to talk like you know everything.

I'm not blaming Kris, I'm blaming people who vote for him not because of supporting him, but for the sake of kicking Adam off.

But what has happened has already did, so I don't care anymore.

It still upsets me that he didn't win though.

Now that he lost, more and more bad things about Adam by other fans could be seen. And it really REALLY annoys me. So actually Kris fans you CANNOT blame Adams fans for being mean. There ARE Kris fans that insult Adam. I know there are Adam fans that insult too that makes it a DRAW. I don't understand why people kept saying that Adam fans has the worst attitude bla bla bla. GO TO YOUTUBE AND BE SUPRISED HOW MANY NEGATIVE THINGS COMMENTED.

Especially those who say things like "ADAM IS GAY HAHAHAHHA" Seriously WTF?

Kris fans really can't fully blame Adam fans for being mean really. The other fans was really mean to Adam. So yeah.

I don't even hate Kris. I just want to see Adam win, because obviously he's a better and unique singer. I'm not saying Kris isn't good. He's quite amazing actually - he plays the piano, guitar AND viola! And instruments from the strings family(violin) is NOT easy.

And I hate fake saints that goes like "We shouldn't hate Kris because Adam didn't won and we must love and accept Kris because that's what Adam would do". Sorry to say but we're different individuals so we have different opinions.

Bla but what has happen has already did. lol

Congrats again to Kris. =)



Monday, May 18, 2009

American Idol Talk 090518


Yes, it is now down to Adam-my love-Lambert and Kris Allen. lol

I seriously thought it would be a Adam-Danny Finale, but suprise suprise. Kris appeared. lol

After the Top 3 results show, Danny fans went crazy. Especially after the favouritism by Katy Perry, who came out performing with an elvis-inspired costume with Adam's name on the cape. Lol I was pretty shocked myself.

Well, she's human too, don't she get to show her love for her favourite? lol

And then more drama appeared when Danny fans claimed that there were Adam fans who supposingly appeared in the forums and ask them(or worse, BEG) to vote for Adam.

I would seriously love to know who the hell those so-called fans are and kick their asses. Stupid fans. It's your job to vote. They have their favourites, they have their own choice. Heck if Adam was out last time and some fan of other contestants(let's say, Lil Rounds coz I don't like her much) asks me to vote for her.


And there was some idiotic Adam fans, as I seen A LOT everywhere(not on the forums though), insulting Danny with bad names.

However, you can't fully blame Adam fans really. There are ALOT of Danny/Kris/Allison/blablabla fans that insults Adam like crazy. Even worst then the other contestants

1. Because he's gay.
2. Because he's favoured.
3. Because he screams in every song.

Holy fck I don't call that screaming. Those "screams" are music to my ears thank you very much. I've been wondering for so long WHYYYYYYY isn't there anyone that sings like that nowadays. All I hear is Kanye West and Rihanna. Sien. Not my kind of music. I love Rock, especially those like Aerosmith and X Japan. And they do "screaming", that I love so so much.

He's favoured because he's somebody you don't see like everyday and he's really good at what he's doing. It's like the best student in a class usually being favoured by teachers.

And I don't even want to talk about the gay issue.

And so, Danny fans are planning to vote for Kris.

And the "war" kinda started.

However things got better as someone from our forums went over and apologized, representing us. I didn't really like the idea coz you know, if the plan failed, it would be worst than ever, this might happen.


and then Adam fans will go like,


I'm glad that didn't happen and things became better. =) I hate the drama.

Another thing is... I made something for Adam,

but I have not enough time and money to make and send it to Adam.

That's kinda disappointing, I was hoping to see him wear it on the finale though. lol

BUT, on the bright side, if he EVER came to Malaysia, I'll give it to him in person, AND THAT'S AWESOME!! =D

Ah~ x3 Dream on. lol



P/S: VOTE FOR ADAM!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah me and my friend Jerica made this site.

MyGlambert - Malaysia Adam Lamber Fan Site Lol I love Adam. x3

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 15, aaaannnddd a liittttllleee abit of random stuffs <3

Oh so it's been almost half a month already? Another 5 months+ to go =/

Still didn't dare to talk much. lol

As you can see, I look dead tired. lol

Anyway there was this departmental meeting today, where EVERYONE in that department has to attend. And the location is non other than the meeting room I'm originally in.

Then it happened I was sitting beside the chairperson.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the person that brings out the topics and jots down the discussed points is the secretary? The email says that the guy beside me is the chairperson but he's the one doing all the things secretary does. Weird.

Then the first topic of the day was INTRODUCING THE NEW STAFF. And oh wow. Suprised me - self introduction from the trainees.

I was like what the f? It's like so sudden. I hate introducing myself and I'm bad at speaking. I turn back to look at Sirn Loong, who is the other TARC trainee along with me, and he gives me a sign to let me go first.

I was like, oh crap.

Self introduction. This is simple right? Just talk a little bit about yourself.


"Hi everyone, my name is Xue Ying but you can call me Jas. Nice to meet you all even though I spend most of my time inside here away from outside, and I have problems speaking."

*people laughing coz lol, "I have problems speaking". That's not a right way to put it isn't it?*

"Ya la! Problems speaking because I'm not used to interact with others, and I'm a bit shy and will be very quiet... So please bear with me. And nice to meet you all."

And that ends my introduction.

I hope that people knows I have talking problems now. lol

Being in an actual meeting really makes me learn a lot of things. Because the things that were discussed were all facts and I know it will be very useful for me someday when I work. Even though there are somethings that I don't understand, I didn't care much coz it's not my problem. lol I listened to them and try to understand it anyways.

Oh yeah and I ALWAYS thought that meetings was going to be how I saw it at dramas. All of them were dressed formally and smartly and all of them was like dead serious. No laughs what so ever. But mine was like, it was serious, but there wasn't a lot of tension inside the room. In fact it was kinda cozy as everyone squeezed inside this small meeting room. lol

HOWEVER. IT WAS FREEZING. I was sitting just opposite the aircond and it was blowing and blowing and I was actually SHIVERING. I wonder if anyone noticed. I heard the chairperson's stomach grumbling. =x

And omg I must mention this cute colleague that is at my team. He's just sooooo cute when he giggles and laughs that he lightens up my mood when he smile. lol Seriously adorable. I hope he won't find out coz I heard guys don't like girls saying they are cute? But I think cute's good. =D I like cute guys. Like Adam. xD


Do you seriously I will NOT talk about Adam after how much he rocked YESTERDAY?

Like Adam, this is my fav theme yet! ROCK WEEK. I'm glad Rat Pack Week is over coz it bores me to death.

And their mentor was non other than, the awesome Guns N' Roses's SLASH.

I never really listen to Guns N' Roses's songs but I know they are awesome, heck, WHO'S A BIG FAN OF ROCK BUT DOESN'T KNOW GUNS N ROSES?

Anyway a very quick comment, if possible.

The first performance was by ADAM! Holy f I tried to leave ASAP from work coz I know he's going to perform first AND I'M NOT GOING TO MISS ANYTHING.

So I rushed back from work and reached home at 5:50pm. =D I even have the time to bath. lol


Before the performance there was a video showing him with Slash during the mentoring. Adam said he wants to kill this performance.

No doubt it did IT WAS BRILLIANT!!

Simon says "The only problem is, nobody can top that now."


Allison's performance was disappointing. Bad song choice. =(

Then it was the first pair of duet. Guess what, KRIS AND DANNY.


Can the singing can be any boring-er?

But I like Kris though, even though he didn't have the voice, he tries to be in the mood and that's good coz it's ROCK! You gotta have the strong emotions! Danny on the other hand was dull as boring. lol

HELLO? WHICH PART OF ROCK WEEK DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? At least Kris wears a leather jacket! Check out the pants and the boots. I seem people did that and rocked. People whose name starts with A and ends with dam. It just makes him look weird with THAT SHIRT and wearing the pants and boots THAT WAY. AND LOOSE THE EFFING GLASSES.

Then it was Kris. Not bad! He sang "Come Together" by The Beatles. Michael Jackson covered that too. =D Suprisingly not bad.

And I though Danny's gonna do good too coz he has that raspy voice that COULD work.

And oh my horror. To my effing horrible horrorness, he desperately tried to scream like Adam. AND FAILED. (He was singing an AEROSMITH SONG. STEVEN TYLER AEROSMITH.)

MUST WATCH!! 12 seconds only!

THAT is what I call FREAKY.

Well duh I KNOW that isn't his genre but there are A LOT of other rock songs, like slow rock, would've been SO MUCH BETTER.


This has been my DREAM PAIR of duets ever since I like them both. I love rock after all. lol

At least WE KNOW they're performing ROCK.

Oh how I wish I was Allison.

Oh AND. I VOTED FOR ADAM!! Seriously! Well my sis voted actually BUT I ASKED HER TO!

So here's the way. *LOOK HERE SWEI AND JERICA*

1. Download Gizmo5 AT HERE
2. Register yourself.
3. Wait for like 12pm(+8gmt) and dial the number that was given in the forums.
4. To make it to dial fast, add it as a contact(you know, like skype).
5. You will hear something like, "thank you for voting for contestant #...", which means your vote is through!

Don't tell me that this is cheating and I'm not American bla bla bla I don't freakin' care. American Idol has 2 meaning, 1, he's American's Idol and 2, he's an Idol from America.

And I'm voting no matter what!

I was just searching for that Danny x Kris pic and I saw THIS STUPID COMMENT on Adam on this pic.

That *TOOT* *TOOT* said,

"Great Picture , Kris Danny and Allison look so nice and genuine there standing with slash smiling all cute , Then someone just doesn't fit in as much"

Are you kidding me? That SOMEONE is the ONLY ONE that FITS IN. What's with all the smiling CUTE while your doing ROCK? There's no smiling nerdy sweet IN ROCK. Plus Slash isn't really smiling "all cute"-ly.

And this Top 3 pic.

They call him the "dark horse".

For me it looks like he's already the winner, where the space separates the ones that will be out. lol But Adam looks kinda stiff there. Must be sad that Allison went home. =(




Friday, May 1, 2009

American Idol Talk 090430


And THIS is your BOTTOM TWO.


As a big fan of Adam's, I was screaming and shouting non stop like an idiotic fan girl I used to hate. It's all biting back at me now as I'm just like them now!

BOTTOM TWO! NOT EVEN BOTTOM THREE! Really a shocker for all seriously.

I BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T VOTE. Seriously IF you really love him like you guys say you do, why didn't you vote? Or vote like once? Don't go complaining if you didn't do your part! Don't go saying "it's their choice who and how much they wanted to vote" to me, coz the whole Adam Lambert fanbase is talking about this issue and most of them had gone crazy like me now. =/

I then called my dad when I saw he was at the bottom 3, my dad say this is just a TV show tactic to let people to be more concern from this show. Well it worked. Now the whole world of American Idol followers has gone mad.

Well except for people who was against Adam, they are probably laughing their butts off.

One thing I didn't like about Adam's performance is the song choice. Not the song choice I had in mind but he worked it. Damn he looks so mysterious, so sexy and SO seductive and the whole rat pack big band thing suited him so much and brings out so much of his hotness. x3

**Just heard the studio version of it and he's BRILLIANT!!**

Jerica's siggy from the forums

And he's the only one with WHITE suits! Black is so boring. lol

ADAM FANs from AMERICA! IF you wanna make your days interesting continued by a few more weeks, VOTE FOR ADAM or you'll spend time watching AI with no excitement around. Unless you count Danny Gokey as your excitement. lol

VOTE FOR ADAM!! For people like me who can't vote will just feel useless seeing Adam there in the bottom 2. =(

Don't vote for him if you want to see this gorgeous smile disappear like forever.

ROCK'N'ROLL next week, prepare to die Danny and Kris! It's Adam and Allison's genre!



***UPDATE 090501***


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday = <3

Good morning everyone!

Awww Adam x3

IT'S SUNDAY MORNING!! Which means that I don't need to work today! Yay!

Work isn't that bad though. lol The only bad thing is that I can't communicate with them. The rest I'm ok. lol

Now I'm like more drifted away from the other since - I'm super quiet, and also they didn't ask me to join them for lunch anymore. =( No matter, I can eat myself. lol

I can tell you that's the most enjoying lunch I ever had since there's no tense and nothing. It's just me with my food. And Milo Ice. x3

Oh and I saw the other guy has blend in with the others. Sigh. What can I do? I'm stuck in the room, isolated from the others and spend most of my time in the room with my team.

I don't really mind though. Coz I love the programming. lol

Even though I'm not a bright student, I still can code some logical things. Haha. If I really have no idea how to do one thing I'd just refer to some other codes that is done by them so it's not really hard. But you have to understand it before you code that's the main thing. lol

Has working again tomorrow. =(

Oh yeah I saw this at The Star Newspaper!

I cut it out. lol

My sis found it, when she was reading the newspaper. While I'd never know that he's in the newspaper if she didn't tell me coz I don't read them. Meh.

Anyways I was so thrilled to see Adam that I didn't really notice what the news is about.

It was this.

Gay issue. =/ The article was saying whether he can win American Idol or not because he's gay.


He has the MOST amazing vocal range I had ever heard from people now.

HE WILL WIN! If another person win I'm boycotting American Idol forever and it's not me alone, all the Adam fans said the same thing as well. Unless there's another guy who's as amazing as Adam I won't watch American Idol again if Adam lost.

Oh yeah speaking of Adam, I has this last time before I went to industrial training or my exam.

Fake tattoo drawn by my sis using eyebrow liner pen.

You can see that it's identical with Adam's right? lol xD

My sis CAN DRAW! =D

Oh yeah and I'm planning of sending him a present. X3 But it's a secret what I'm gonna give him. =D

Ok bye now!



P/S: I applied for a Jusco Card! Put the name KUROKEI to display on the card. lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internship at Tan Chong Motors

Straight to the topic.

My first internship.

I got anorexia. Couldn't sleep well and I don't know why.

I was super nervous the day before - will I be able to mix with them? Will I be able to complete the task given etc etc etc. Since I'm not a bright student like Woo Tong and my other bright classmates, and I'm not a socialize person who is great at communicating and making friends at first sight like my dad and some friends of mine.

And I was right. =( I can't.

Anyway I get to drive! To work! Well my dad was beside me coz I'm still a very bad driver. haha

I reached there at 7:25am. More than 1 hour earlier. lol

So me and my dad stood there for awhile and then I saw the other guy who was chosen as the trainee.


What are the odds of that. lol

And like, 3 - 4 people I think, including my dad was teasing me and him on wearing couple shirts. lol (Black and grey white stripes btw)

We are not in the same work team though. His team was outside with the other majority of the staff, while mine was in the meeting room - coz there wasn't enough space. lol

The people there seem really nice and friendly, there's only one problem.

I don't talk.

I seriously don't talk.

Like a dumb person.

Since I'm like super shy and not good at socializing.

Every time I feel like talking, I JUST CAN'T!

Plus the topic is different. Sigh.

And today I heard that the other guy got himself a gang. =(

I feel so alone. Sigh.

Oh yea, did some guideline reading at day 1, a bit of coding at day 2.

Hope this gets better, coz this have to continue for like 6 months!

Oh. OS exam tomorrow. =(



Saturday, April 18, 2009


Will not do the last part of the zoo post until I really have the time to resize and upload the pictures.

Anyway it's exam season now! Well, actually it's over but I have one more resit paper to do so meh. It's on next Wednesday which is, strangely, 2 days after my first day of industrial training. Wtf.

So I have to apply leave from my company. Sigh.

Anyways I've been kinda lazy lately, even though it's the exam season. Well I don't feel like it's the exam now coz there's only like one subject and that is Moral and Ethics. This lecture is the most BORING lecture I ever been to in my whole college life! The tutorial's awesome though coz my teacher is like a know-it-all! I learned a lot from him. =D

What makes this subject worse is - IT'S IN MALAY.

My Malay is TERRIBLE. Seriously! During UPSR I got 5As and I think either a B and C OR C and D and that is both BM. -.- And there was SPM, which I scored like a D? -.-

My BM was NEVER good.

I retook the SPM though and got a B. Haha.

It's seriously HARD, and all the religions stuff. I'm not really into religion stuff but it's kinda interested to know their point of view. I really like the Buddhist's concept on the Dharma thing where we humans who live in the world are suffering, and the more good deed you do the lesser you sufferings will be and after a few circle of lifes when you're clear from the sufferings you'll stop reborn and go into heaven or some great place. lol

And there's the Taoisme that ask us not to try to do things that is out of our league. =/

Enough religious stuff.

Seriously why isn't anyone of my friends watching American Idol?

People who usually don't care less about American Idol, including myself are watching this, why aren't anyone else? Sheesh.

I see the Adam Lambert forums, tons of Adam fans from the Philippines joined, and even ended up in the list of searching the word "Adam Lambert" most. WHY ISN'T ANY MALAYSIAN GOING CRAZY ABOUT IT?

And that is one of the reasons I don't like it here. They don't care about things like that. Or maybe I'm just weird and couldn't fit in. lol

A few days ago my classmate messaged me on MSN, points at my display picture saying "circus".

My display picture that time was this.

Well actually focused more on Adam(cropped away the girl. lol).

I was so happy that someone actually watches it. lol Sad that no one else in Malaysia that I could chat about Adam with, except my sis and Qi.

Any Malaysian Adam fans who sees this please contact me! T_T lol

He's just too amazing not to talk about, his performance were always awesome.

He's the only contestant that will make people wonder "what will he do next?" Coz you'll never know. He'll go from soft songs to rock songs. And I love it!

But well, for people who don't like rock style shoutings might not like him. But I love it! I even downloaded all his performances. HQ.

The girl in red hair - Allison looks so good together with Adam. x3

I don't like Lil(the other one), she should be out ages ago but survived....

...and get more chances to hug Adam. =/ Seriously I noticed she can't see to stop hugging him. =/ Go back to your husband and 3 kids la. -.-

Dunno what else to talk about already, except I'm super nervous on the Industrial Training. 2 more days! And I'm going to drive. I suck at driving. Oh my.

Let's see how things will be. -.-



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zoo Negara 2009 Part 2

I wrote this like a long LONG time ago and finally finished a part of it. lol

Well, enjoy.


I wanna start off by saying, I GOT ACCEPTED INTO TAN CHONG MOTORS!!

Life is such a funny little thing actually. My first company accepted me, then suddenly rejected me; my second company rejected me, then suddenly accepted me again! So weird really.

And that time I was at Jusco doing the fish spa with my classmates.

The fish spa was good but darn geli when your leg was in the water and all the fishes rush over to nibble on your feet like they haven't eaten for like years.

Calvius was the one that the fishes are after though. Mine was the less. xD

Anyway let's continue to the zoo!

Hi baby! =D

Was thinking to wait for the zoo bus to pick us up, but they say we need to pay to get a ride? Wtf last time no need also. So we just sat down and rest for awhile.

Everybody loves Xuan Xuan

Before we go...

After this we walk our way to find food.

Oh yeah, 1 thing I really dislike about the zoo is, it's not only full of animals, it's full of bugs as well - ANTS.

On the floor.

Where you stand and watch the animals.

Can see the trails?



Killer flamingos.

Their flamingo looks blood-stained. Why isn't it in sweet pink like how it's drawn? =/

Baby goats.

So cute! But when they grow up they'll look like this.

Not so cute anymore.

Finally we reached ....

The. Wild?

What happened to KFC or Marry Brown that USED TO be here?

After I had my lunch there, I will suggest ALL OF YOU who wish to visit the zoo to NOT EAT AT THE WILD. =_=


This is what I ordered.

I can honestly tell you that the only thing that taste good there is the Milo Ais that I love.

The others are like, omg horrid.

I took a bite of this too and it tasted horrible. There's this one weird taste which is familiar but I couldn't tell what is that.

And one more thing, I could totally understand that the staff has nothing much to do since there's not much people there since it's not a public holiday or weekends, but do they have to STARE while we're eating?

Seriously! All of them was like staring at us as if they never seen a human before.

Kinda uneasy really. =/


After the horrid lunch, we continued the walking.

GIANT BATS!! lol I suddenly remembered Keluang Man. I never saw the cartoon before though, or maybe just once.

Giant tortoise.

Giant lizards.

And eventually we reached the reptile area.

Not much pics though coz I'm not really a fan of reptilias.

Dead frogs.


Frog in a box.


And this is suppose to be a frog. Weird.

I wonder how it looks like when it hops.


I have no idea what this is.

There's snakes too.

Cute! xD

Oh yeah there's this Wall's Dessert Shop just nearby the horrid restaurant - The Wild.

One advise, if you just wanna eat ice cream for fun, DON'T BUY IT FROM THERE.

The prices of the ice cream was wtfkish-ly(omg I invented a new word) increased.

If not mistaken, it cost RM3 a scoop!


So my recommendation, HARI HARIMAU.


LOL. Nice pun! Hari Harimau(Hari hari mau = everyday want/Hari Harimau = Tiger Day) LOL.

The prices are same from outside. Got popcorn also!

And look at the side of the shop.

If you didn't take notice of the structure of the wall, behold.

It's not your ordinary wall painting yo.

So being how we are, MUST TAKE PICTURES!!




I was actually trying to imitate the kangaroo but I didn't notice that I made a face that looks terrified of it. lol

Wha-? What's over there?

Aira gives the tiger a kiss while we kill it. lol

I look freakin weird here.

Then we went to see the animal performances. =3

But before we reach there,

PENGUINS! So cute!! xD

But there's only 2. In that small place. =(

Waiting for the show.

It was at this time that I received a call from my lecturer Mr. Lai that Tan Chong Motors wanted to interview me. YAY!

It was kinda funny coz Mr. Lai asked me "Where are you now?"

Me: "Uh.. I'm at the zoo now."


I don't get this sign. I know it means "Don't feed the sea lions", but it looks more like "Don't use tissue to wipe the sea lions" or "Don't feed the sea lions with white pebbles". And why is the red slash BEHIND the sea lion?

Waiting for the show to start.

Bah I hate this angle of my face. Look fat.

Finally the show starts!

There was this commentator that sounds super gay. Too bad I didn't rec his voice. lol

And the first performance was by the parrots, but it's kinda boring so no pics. lol

Female sea lion



This shot is really AWESOME!! Taken by Reiko. Can be pro photographer d. Haha.


This sea lion is our friend! LOL. A few years back we came to zoo and watch the performance and this sea lion was there.

When it claps its hand, because of its huge body and small flippers, it only can sorta like clap at the tip of it's flipper. And it makes this funny face like shown in the pic above.

We even imitated it when we give it a clap last time. lol


Thus, end of the show.

.............To be continued - LAST PART.



P/S: Exam's coming soon. =(

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