Saturday, December 20, 2008

Buffet @ Sheraton, Subang

Halo people!


Today I'm gonna blog about food again. LOL. I hope you all ate full before you read this la.

Luckily I'm using my 2.0 megapixel handphone to take pictures, so the quality won't be as good as people who are using digital camera or DSLR. Otherwise I'm going to feel hungry also when I see the clear pictures of food. xD

My dad has these hotel coupons that is expiring soon, so we have to use it otherwise it'll be such a waste. =/


I was actually really tired so I slept through the journey to Subang. lol Stayed up for assignments if not mistaken.

Snow place.

Take a bear home NAO.

Bambi Deers.

I love this glass light! It's so christmasy. x3


My fav food

Spaghetti is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! If anyone of you want to treat me something, spaghetti will do. =D lol

This spaghetti is SERIOUSLY DAMN GOOD!! Along with the fish with butter/cheese cream. lol I went back for refills but damn! It's all finish and the newly cook batch is not my favorite kind of pasta anymore. Instead they brought out the one that looks like pan mee.

Sushi anyone?

One thing I didn't like about the sashimi was it was too salty. I know it's suppose to be salty but I prefer fresh ones. lol



Wondering why I take a picture of this? It's because I NEVER saw a pickle before and it's the FIRST TIME I saw one. I only saw it at cartoons - Powerpuff Girls. The mayor of the city of Townsville loves pickles? lol The pickle jar. xD

Christmas Houses

Choco Fountain

Another Christmas House


Ice cream with chocolate sprinkles

This was suppose to be the last thing I eat, but then my parents introduced me this!

Cream of Cauliflower

The last time I came here I tested this soup call Cream of Vegetable and IT TASTED HORRIBLE!! So I didn't dare to try when I saw it. But then my dad, who hates cream type soups, told me it was really nice. So I tried.

And yum it taste wonderful! x3

...and that's the end of the food. =3

More pictures?

Rudolph's relative.

Fire place.

Ho ho ho


Another Xmas tree and 2 snowmans

The smaller snowman looks a bit weird though.

Alright, it's Christmas soon! (2nd time I mentioned this lol) Got all your Christmas decorations up yet? =3

I know my neighbour had. They have a wreath and Christmas stocking with a snowman on it. SO NICE!! Me and my sister kept squealing non-stop when we saw it for the first time.

I'm not Christian, and so is my family. So we don't really.. well my parents don't really celebrate them. So when I told my mum how pretty I think that door was, my mum was like "so what, we're not Christian, Christmas is nothing and has nothing to do with us" etc stuffs like that.

But I love Christmas! LOL. They always seem so wonderful. x3

Christmas last year I bought present for my whole family, I was like the Santa Clause that day. lol I got my necklace from my mum that day too(and I never took it off ever since).

Then days later after that day(the day I told my mum about the beautiful deco), my parents bought us this!

SO PRETTY!! I have no idea HOW and WHEN they put it there. But when I saw it I was like OMG A CHRISTMAS STOCKING!! AND 2 BEARS!! xD (check out my lovely comics behind)

And a few days ago I bought these.

Isn't it cute? xD

The snowman tasted AWFUL. I have no idea WHY they put those weird stuffings inside. COLORFUL EVEN. UGH. I thought the head was stuffing free so I took a might bite on the whole head and GUESS WHAT? IT'S FULL OF THEM TOO!!

I couldn't spit it out(it would be such a waste), so I had to SWALLOW it. IT WAS DEAD DREADFUL I nearly PUKE.

Oh and my computer table has this!

Konata points Christmas deco

My mic looks so abit Christmasy now. lol

The golden stocking was a present from my piano teacher. How nice! x3 It has candy inside too! xD

I already got 2 really awesome gift, one of them is...


I love Keyhole. s2 (For people who doesn't know what s2 is, it's a heart. My net friend taught me. lol)

What Christmas related stuff will I get later? =D

Stay tuned!



P/S: It's CF today. And I'm going tomorrow!! But the MAIN question is...

YES? or NO?


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