Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - 2009

OMFG I got to blog this in time! LOL! xD

OK so I'm gonna dig back all my old entries no matter in old blogdrive blog, myspace blog and Japanese blog and see what I had done in the year 2008.

1. Ordered my first Yukata.
2. Started dieting - coz my mum and colleague said that I gained weight.
3. 20/1/08 - fell in love with Yoshiki.
4. Created myspace for the sake of Yoshiki (coz he has a official blog there)
5. Bought a really expensive Japanese magazine for the first time.

1. Ended friendship with a net friend.
2. Made handmade chocolates for Yoshiki and my colleagues on Valentines. =3 Sent the picture to Yoshiki through myspace too. xD
3. Found out that one of my best friend, Reiko, is pregnant.

1. Quit my job.
2. Got my first Yukata! x3
3. Cooked for the first time.
4. Went to karaoke with my sis to sing only Japanese songs.
5. Ate the chocolate I made for Yoshiki on White Valentine's Day.
6. Downloaded first X Japan PV - I.V.
7. Went to ACGC for the first time at Time Square.
8. Watched X Japan's live streaming concert for the first time.
9. Joined X Freaks Forums.

1. Started to search for Malaysian X Japan fans.
2. Took piano lessons.
3. Signed up for an interview to joined the special police force. (Seriously. But didn't get through though. lol)
4. Enrolled tuition class for SPM Bahasa Melayu. (LOL I'm 20 I know.)
5. Made a tribute video for hide. (Which later got removed. Stupid YouTube! But suprisingly still can watch it at myspace.)
6. Witness the Olympic torch passing at KLCC.
7. Played RO again.
8. Created Malaysian X Freaks group at Friendster.

1. Celebrated hide's 10th death anniversary.
2. Watched hide's memorial summit.
3. Bought more Japanese magazines.
4. Harassed by a pervert on MSN.
5. Attended one of my best friend's wedding.
6. Went to Melaka with my friends for a one day trip.
7. Started Advance Diploma.
8. Nearly got hit by lightning. lol
9. Dropped my lovely handphone accessories.

1. Experienced Friday 13th.
2. Went to witness the performance of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time.
3. Moved house.
4. Taken resit paper for SPM Bahasa Melayu.

1. Shifted from Blogdrive to Blogspot.
2. Made wishes on the bamboo tree during Tanabata.
3. Stressed out.
4. Went to Bon Odori for the first time.
5. Graduated! =D
6. Depressed.

1. Seen the best Olympic Opening Ceremony.
2. Took part in Nuffnang Bloggers Counter Strike Competition during WCG.
3. Ate mooncakes.
4. Went to visit Reiko immediately when baby is born on National Day! xD

1. Ate more mooncakes.
2. Got a Kreativ Blogger award. lol
3. Ordered and got hide bible.
4. Grandma passed away.
5. Went to my grandma's funeral.
6. Went to JB.
7. Went to ACGC again.

1. Played Harvest Moon.
2. Pass all my subject at Semester 1.
3. Seen a stupid video.
4. Took part in the Imagine Cup. (But semifinal also cannot enter xD)
5. Watched High School Musical 3.

1. Went to Japanese Charity Bazaar.
2. Experienced the most stupidest chat ever.
3. Celebrated Yoshiki's Birthday.
4. 21st Birthday.
5. Watched Lucky Star and fell in love with Konata. x3

1. Failed her Short Story Assignment because of plagiarizing.
2. Went to Comic Fiesta and COSPLAYED.
3. Celebrated Christmas.
And lastly I predict, the 4th event of December is watching Kouhaku Uta Gassen and then X Japan's Countdown Live at home!! xD

LOL overall I think it was not bad? =D

AS for my New Year's resolution... Fufufu... Let me think.

NUMBER 1 - Lose the fat. The fat on my arms, my thighs!! D=

NUMBER 2 - Dressing up more like a girl? lol

NUMBER 3 - Save more money.

NUMBER 4 - Do more cosplay!

NUMBER 5 - Study smart.

NUMBER 6 - Find pure love like in comics. LOL

NUMBER 7 - Be more confident and love myself more?

Thats all... for now? lol

So what about you? What are your New Year's resolutions? =3





Yinying said...

dude i'd say "I didn't see this coming" for the "ended up a frenship with a net friend"

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