Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - 2009

OMFG I got to blog this in time! LOL! xD

OK so I'm gonna dig back all my old entries no matter in old blogdrive blog, myspace blog and Japanese blog and see what I had done in the year 2008.

1. Ordered my first Yukata.
2. Started dieting - coz my mum and colleague said that I gained weight.
3. 20/1/08 - fell in love with Yoshiki.
4. Created myspace for the sake of Yoshiki (coz he has a official blog there)
5. Bought a really expensive Japanese magazine for the first time.

1. Ended friendship with a net friend.
2. Made handmade chocolates for Yoshiki and my colleagues on Valentines. =3 Sent the picture to Yoshiki through myspace too. xD
3. Found out that one of my best friend, Reiko, is pregnant.

1. Quit my job.
2. Got my first Yukata! x3
3. Cooked for the first time.
4. Went to karaoke with my sis to sing only Japanese songs.
5. Ate the chocolate I made for Yoshiki on White Valentine's Day.
6. Downloaded first X Japan PV - I.V.
7. Went to ACGC for the first time at Time Square.
8. Watched X Japan's live streaming concert for the first time.
9. Joined X Freaks Forums.

1. Started to search for Malaysian X Japan fans.
2. Took piano lessons.
3. Signed up for an interview to joined the special police force. (Seriously. But didn't get through though. lol)
4. Enrolled tuition class for SPM Bahasa Melayu. (LOL I'm 20 I know.)
5. Made a tribute video for hide. (Which later got removed. Stupid YouTube! But suprisingly still can watch it at myspace.)
6. Witness the Olympic torch passing at KLCC.
7. Played RO again.
8. Created Malaysian X Freaks group at Friendster.

1. Celebrated hide's 10th death anniversary.
2. Watched hide's memorial summit.
3. Bought more Japanese magazines.
4. Harassed by a pervert on MSN.
5. Attended one of my best friend's wedding.
6. Went to Melaka with my friends for a one day trip.
7. Started Advance Diploma.
8. Nearly got hit by lightning. lol
9. Dropped my lovely handphone accessories.

1. Experienced Friday 13th.
2. Went to witness the performance of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time.
3. Moved house.
4. Taken resit paper for SPM Bahasa Melayu.

1. Shifted from Blogdrive to Blogspot.
2. Made wishes on the bamboo tree during Tanabata.
3. Stressed out.
4. Went to Bon Odori for the first time.
5. Graduated! =D
6. Depressed.

1. Seen the best Olympic Opening Ceremony.
2. Took part in Nuffnang Bloggers Counter Strike Competition during WCG.
3. Ate mooncakes.
4. Went to visit Reiko immediately when baby is born on National Day! xD

1. Ate more mooncakes.
2. Got a Kreativ Blogger award. lol
3. Ordered and got hide bible.
4. Grandma passed away.
5. Went to my grandma's funeral.
6. Went to JB.
7. Went to ACGC again.

1. Played Harvest Moon.
2. Pass all my subject at Semester 1.
3. Seen a stupid video.
4. Took part in the Imagine Cup. (But semifinal also cannot enter xD)
5. Watched High School Musical 3.

1. Went to Japanese Charity Bazaar.
2. Experienced the most stupidest chat ever.
3. Celebrated Yoshiki's Birthday.
4. 21st Birthday.
5. Watched Lucky Star and fell in love with Konata. x3

1. Failed her Short Story Assignment because of plagiarizing.
2. Went to Comic Fiesta and COSPLAYED.
3. Celebrated Christmas.
And lastly I predict, the 4th event of December is watching Kouhaku Uta Gassen and then X Japan's Countdown Live at home!! xD

LOL overall I think it was not bad? =D

AS for my New Year's resolution... Fufufu... Let me think.

NUMBER 1 - Lose the fat. The fat on my arms, my thighs!! D=

NUMBER 2 - Dressing up more like a girl? lol

NUMBER 3 - Save more money.

NUMBER 4 - Do more cosplay!

NUMBER 5 - Study smart.

NUMBER 6 - Find pure love like in comics. LOL

NUMBER 7 - Be more confident and love myself more?

Thats all... for now? lol

So what about you? What are your New Year's resolutions? =3




Monday, December 29, 2008

It WAS Christmas

FINALLY I'm blogging this!

Have to blog before 2009, since I wanna blog about the New Year Resolution tomorrow, hopefully.

Alright let's start with Christmas Eve!

I thought I could go out to have Christmas dinner with my parents but I forgot that my mum has work! Kaede is already working till night and my dad wants to go to my grandma house!

So yeah, the whole house was ALMOST human-less.

To add more of the loneliness, I played Christmas songs loudly and wore a Santa hat.


Yeah. Pathetic. But lol.

Then it was Christmas!

You will never guess where I went.

I went...

TO THE CHURCH. With Calvius. LOL.

There was this event there, and I have nothing to do, so I just tagged along. Plus I wanted to see how Christians celebrate Christmas.

At first I kinda hesitated, because I'm a non-Christian, and Churches are like, a place that is full of Christians. Calvius said that non-Christians go there to so... I went. =D

And to be honest, I'm kinda scared of them Christians. 2 bad memories of Christians trying to hover me over into being a Christian. One time was a girl who came up to me and asked me to fill a survey form while I was waiting for my bus. Then after filling the form, she started to tell me stuff about Jesus and stuffs. 2 of my bus left because I was listening to her "story". =_=

She kept on telling me how great Jesus is and in the end asked me to read a sentence that proves that I had accepted Jesus and will be now one of Jesus's children etc.

Of course I refused to read it. I have my own religion.

That still kinda creeps me out till now. =(

Anyway! After I went to the Church, things wasn't that bad as I thought it would be. Everyone was friendly, and the drama was not bad. =3 I might go again next time. lol I always thought that people in the Church are like super serious, like the ones on TV. But they're funny and nice. lol xD Maybe the ones I met are a bit weird. =/

Then Christmas night - BBQ at Kame's house!! =D

I'll skip the story of how we reached Kame's house coz it was kinda long and confusing, but to cut things short, all of us gathered at one place, waited for everyone to arrive, and went to Kame's house together. =3

Starting the fire was really tiring. x_x BUT it was really fun and worth it when you see the fire has FINALLY started. lol xD

Pictures mostly by Kelvin. =3


Hungry people.

More hungry people.

Meanwhile in the house,


Mine is the most top one, white with pink, green and yellow wrapping paper. =3



Darren. *Mana all the pictures? lol*

Leng luis.

Happy faces. =D

Dunno who's cup

My cup. ^_^

Hungry? -picture by Darren-

Me and Tsuey Lih

Then after all the makan until midnight, it was time for PRESENTS!!!! =D

My present was taken by Kelvin. lol

And what did I got...??

In 16 gifts, 3 of them were chocolates! LOL. FERRERO ROCHER from Shvon. x3

Haven't eat it though. lol



Then it was boxing day.

We had class this day, but after class we went out and met with an old classmate of ours.

And OMFG he drives a fcking LANCER GT!!

I was so excited seeing the car, having a ride on the car.

And in the end I got car sick. lol

FINALLY went to 1 Utama!! The decorations is so PRETTY!! X3

*omg it's 2:52am now so I'll just shower you all with pictures can? lol*


lol what am I playing?

IPod Touch! =D



YUM!! xD

Pretty trees. *_*

Four of us.



Next post will be about New Year Resolution! =D Stay tuned my dearies! =3



P/S: OMG IT'S 3AM NOW!! =_=

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Fiesta 08 Day 2


It was my first time going there and I had waiting to for like years! I missed it twice and I'm not going to miss it again! Even though I have no friends to go with me. =( Yes I'm alone! =(

Nothing can stop me from going THIS YEAR!! >=D

My dad fetched me to Sunway. Thanks dad! s2


lol I seldom go to Sunway because it's so far away from where I stay. I need like 1 hour to go there. =/


Outside convention hall

There was already a lot of people when I'm there. But I didn't went straight inside though. Was waiting for someone to come. lol

After 1 hour I got bored waiting and went in.

OMFG IT'S JOHANESS KRAUSER II!! One of my favourite character!! XD He/she even made the legendary guitar! LOL. That's so cool.

I actually wanted to cosplay him someday. lol


misshermes MOE!! xD The dance performance was great! I couldn't take my eyes off the stage until it ends.

And then I receive that phone call and rush to where she is.

Who's she?

No that's not her, that's me.



(So the answer was YES at the P/S of my previous post)

A few weeks ago I was at the forums and this girl say she's renting out her costume. And I was like omg, this means I could cosplay!

AND it was so cool that she has Konata costume, which is one of my favourite anime character! xD

I nearly failed to cosplay because the renter say she didn't know I was coming on Day 2! x_x I actually told her though.. Maybe she forgot. Thus, she lend it to her friend. =(

That moment when I saw the sms I was so sad I seriously was about to cry. Coz I bought contact lens, bought socks and was ready to cosplay. Suddenly she told me I can't? X_X

Luckily she was nice to say "first come first served". lol

However I really wonder if I could wear it though. =/ A 160cm girl's clothes on a 167cm. Hmm..


I love Japanese School girl uniforms. x3

It's kinda small but it's not tight, so means... I CAN WEAR!! =D

-puts on wig-


The wig looks really messy. x_x It's already that messy when I got it from the renter. x_x

Wore santa hat for fun

I didn't wear the santa hat though. The REAL purpose of the hat will be told later.

As I went out of the washroom. No one stared. I think because most of them are cosplayers and it's used to it already. lol

Guki-chan as Rambo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn x3

Suiseiseki and Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden

This is in my future cosplay list. =3

Captain Jack Sparrow and friends

And then while I was walking around taking pictures, someone walked up to me and ask if he could take a picture of me.

Ok I so I posed.

As that person was taking my picture, the people nearby swarm over to join in to take my picture. @_@ There was like 10 people. lol Kinda shocked me. Now I know how the cosplayers feel when I take pictures of them.

Picture taken by someone

AS YOU CAN SEE, I SUCKED AT POSING. And the hair was super long and messy that I couldn't control it. It kept on getting hooked on my arm. lol

Maybe I wasn't wearing the wig right. =/

Gotta train up my posing. lol

Another picture taken by someone

I found other pictures of mine but they.. I mean I look hideous. lol *keeps them all in a secret folder*

Let's move on. =D

Figurines!! =D

You all will be mine eventually. >=D lol

Cute BJD x3

Giant Pocky! For Men!


misshermes as Lolita Hatsune Miku x3

Huko Yee as Agito(right?) from Air Gear

Also, she's the renter of the costume!

As you can see, she's small size and cute, while I'm like a giant. lol D=

Group pic

Group pic again

I SPOT A hide DOLL. D=

Sailor Senshis x3

Cosplaying is really REALLY tiring. x_X Not to mention the wig cap, I think it's kinda tight. =/ Gotta find another 1 I guess.

Rested in the washroom again. lol

I haz fox ears.

I haz santa hat.

Ok back to work!

Sebastian Michealis and Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

This Sebastian cosplay is THE BEST. I was so attracted to him/her. LOL. I think it's a she even! So good looking like Sebastian - fair, tall and graceful. Of course she was wearing platform shoes to make herself look taller than Ciel. lol

Dunno what char this is from but...

That person's a guy. lol

He looks so cute. x3

Well cuter than me. =(

Peace again

Dunno any other pose already la. lol

Sakuragi Hanamichi and Rukawa Kaede from Slamdunk

Tifa from FF7 and Amane Misa from Death Note

That's the same Misa from ACG08. Except this time she had her hair the right color, which look really really nice! xD


Finally it is time for me to go home for dinner. lol

But before I go change..

Guki-chan as Hanaichigo from Rozen Maiden x3




I mean end of my Konata cosplay. lol

After I took off the wig and wig cap, my hair was like so messed up. Especially the front part.


Thus, Santa hat to the rescue!


I don't think it helped much though. lol

Last glance at the stage

Ragnarok Online cosplayers

Red Christmas tree

Santa again

Lunch - free choco from CF. lol


Last pic of me


Handphone accessory from Mibbles.

Clay sculptures from Mufufu.

Badges from Guki-chan.

Konata badge.

Kitsune(fox) ears.

Konata Purse! X3

Miyuki Gashapon Figure

I finally got Miyuki! xD Bought it from someone... Which means that...



Lucky Star poster.

Will post the pic of it when I pasted it on my wall. lol

Ok so my feelings on my first cosplay and CF... Not bad! lol. What else can I say? It was really a great experience. I secretly bought a box of 5 pairs daily contact lenses and wore it secretly before I leave the house since my parents didn't know I was doing this.

If you were wondering "Eh? If you wore it at home then how come your parents don't know?", the answer is - I wore glasses at the same time, AND try hard not to see through the glasses. lol

It was kinda hard not to see though. =/

After I reach Sunway I took it off immediately. It wasn't clear though so basically I was like floating around. lol

Then after cosplaying, I just immediately threw the contact lens.


I'm such a genius. lol

It was really fun meeting everyone at CF. Everyone was so fun, unlike me kinda dull coz I'm kinda anti-social. =/ Or should I say I'm afraid? lol

Have to try to speak up more! I hope. =/

And I really have to work on my poses. lol

OMG it's going to be 3AM soon! Gotta sleep! Nitez everyone!

I heart these ears! XD



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