Sunday, November 9, 2008

Japanese Charity Bazaar

Today is the Japanese Charity Fiesta and Bazaar!

Gone through a little trouble trying to buy the tickets, coz I bought 16 tickets.

The receptionist was like:

Kei: Err... I want... 16.
Receptionist: 16?
Kei: Yeah.
Receptionist: One. Six?
Kei: Yeah one six.

lol I guess she wouldn't expect someone to buy so many.

I guess they didn't expect someone to buy 16 in one shot so they had only 15, and had reserved 1 for me to collect it next time.

So who's going?
Me and my sis - that's 2.
Shvon and Calvius - that's 2.
Chile wanted 4.
Kelvin's going too - that's 1.
Kame wanted 8.

Add them all up, how much do you get?



So one of Kame's friend has to sacrifice to not going to this wonderful event.

But strangely, Kelvin, due to personal reasons, is unable to join us. Which makes that friend of Kame able to go. lol. Fate?

"All decisions and actions are related, there can be no coincidence, only fate." ~ quote by Ichihara Yuuko(xxxHolic)


My ticket!

It's kinda blur coz sorry-I-have-no-better-phone.

As you can see many aunties came before us. So early! We reached at 10:30am leh(starts at 11am)! I wonder what time they reached here.

There's this japanese kid with a Shinkansen(Japan's fast train) toy! I want one too! And there's another japanese kid with a cute device with stylus and it makes digital sounds when the screen was poke. I wonder what's that but it looks like some Barbie game.

After a long waiting, we're finally let in!!

Damn I thought we was early but weirdly when we went in it was already crowded!

What caught my eyes first was the yukata fitting on the stage.

After an hour this stage was full of people wanting to try wearing the Japanese traditional outfit. It cost RM10 to put it on.

WHAT? RM10? Whoever wanna try wearing a yukata can come my house, I charge you RM5 enough. Do you want pink or black?

But their yukata looks lovely. I wish I have more yukatas. =(

And while I was storming towards the yukata stage, I saw this!


OMG! LAU KAM YU(scooping goldfishes)!


But then I'm sure you notice that those aren't goldfishes at all. Instead they have those. =/ I WANT GOLDFISHES!!

And the price of the masks... RM15.




lol. I can't help it. IT'S CUTE!!

Before I buy this mask, the stall keeper, who is a japanese, kept on attracting customers to come to her stall, speaking in japanese! Well duh I know Japanese people speak Japanese but the language gap makes me scared and I stood infront of the masks for a few minutes.

And she is sooooo cute! I so love the way Japanese people talk. X3 Sigh I wish I could learn Japanese.

While me and my sis was off buying masks, the whole group of us(Calvius, Kame, Shvon, Chile and her friends and her sis) splitted in to small groups and walked around. It was too crowded to stay together. x_x

And later we got hungry.

There's SOOOOOO MANYYY food but SOOOOO EXPENSIVE!!! T_T I wanted to eat Japanese food there but... I can't afford it. But I can afford that mask which would give me a full stomach if I used the money on food. lol

Of course, Dorayaki(RM 3) could NOT satisfy my hunger.

And so I bought a Coronet(RM 4).

I actually wanted to eat something else but when I saw Coronet I was like "O_O CORONET!! IZUMI KONATA(anime character from Lucky Star) EATS THEM!!!" And so I bought it. lol

Kaede bought chocolate cake that has melted chocolate inside(RM 5), not sure whats its name. I know Watanuki Kimihiro(anime character from xxxHolic) makes them and I've been wanting to eat them! It looks damn yummy! xD


After the event, I went to Jusco to buy cheaper sushi.

No money buy from the fair la. These sushi taste great too. lol

Ok that's all bye.




++ KaYee ++ said...

erm...yukata n kimono different rite??

kurokei said...

ya different 1.
the kimono is for formal functions.

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