Sunday, November 2, 2008

Imagine Cup Workshop


Today I slept till 1pm!! Such a nice sleep, but my back hurts. lol

Yesterday I went to the Imagine Cup workshop.

Sunlight. =D

Workshop doesn't mean work shop, but it's kinda like a class, teaching us how to use some certain software and guiding us, help us in learning.

All the participants teams were separated into 8 groups, and I'm in group 1! =D Participant teams from Group 1 to 4 are considered to be lucky(
for me) coz our workshop duration is from 8:30am to 2pm. Early? Not a problem! I rather come early and leave early than to come from 1pm to 6:30pm.

Me and my team members met up and one place and went in the briefing late. x_x The talk was actually teaching us how to do a good presentation, and the presenter was a guy who was same Diploma course with me, the very good student that I mentioned in my Imagine Cup post, who got 1st runner up in Malaysia.

After his talk, it was a talk from the first Microsoft Student Ambassador from TARC, Moy, to tell us his experience in the Imagine Cup. His team was the one that got 2nd runner up, the one I mentioned also in the same post.

Later was another guy to brief about the Software Design competition. And the end of his slide was the Team names of each group to show us which name goes to which classroom. I lol-ed when I saw my team name there - Crea-chii!! XD HAHAHAHAH I can't help myself. xD

I used to think this name is stupid but then after seeing other team names like Fantasic 4 and No Name, I love our team name more. lol There was this name call IRON MAIDEN and I was like whoa a Heavy Metal lover! xD 9/10 of the team names were so... fierce. Like a gamer team name(
I saw one team name call REBELLION), so guyish! Our group name is much more softer. xD

We were taught to use Microsoft Expression Blend, it's like flash, but much more complicated! @_@ Maybe because I'm still new to this software. lol Macromedia Flash is so much easier. But the template looks so cool! It's black in color. xD But black makes it harder to find words and so hard to catch up with the class! I templates in white. o.o

The next class was teaching us Microsoft Visual Studio 2008! WUT!! I just learned Visual Studio 2005 last semester and now it's 2008 already?! Damn technology just never slow down. But it's almost the same with the ones I've learned. haha

After the workshop, we went for lunch.


The end!

Now all I have to do is to get a very unusual and great idea for this.




Hurley said...

good O' college days!

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