Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOSHIKI!!!

Just a quick update dedicated to my dear Yoshiki! X3

Hehe my princess and prince. =x

OMG FINALLY after dunno how many months, Yoshiki finally updated his blog!! =D

When I saw it I was so shocked coz...

Mes Excuses

Je vous présente toutes mes excuses. Je suis vraiment désolé....
Je ne sais pas comment décrire mes sentiments envers nos fans,
vous qui vous êtiez réjouis à l'idée de voir les concerts de
X Japan à Paris et au japon.
Même si la decision n'était pas la mienne… J'en prends pleine responsabilité…
Et je ne le prends pas à la légère.
J'en ai encore le coeur serré. Je ne supporte pas la douleur d'àvoir brisé le coeur de nos très très cher fans, vous qui m'avez tant soutenus toutes ces années.
J'avais vraiment hâte de faire ces concerts mais notre companie de production a beaucoup de problèmes à resoudre avant que nous puissions recommencer notre tournée.
J'étais prêt à partir en tournée dans n'importe quelles conditions. Si nous avions pu être là, nous vous aurions offer le meilleur spectacle.
Parfois je déteste tout…Je déteste la vie…Je me déteste aussi…
Haissez moi…. Haissez moi encore…Mais je vous aime toujours.
Je me demande parfois si j'aurais du rouvrir cette porte qui
s'appelle "X Japan". Mais en meme temps, je ne sais pas non plus comment la fermer.

Avec Amour,


OMG IT'S IN FRENCH!! I don't know French! D=

Anyway I'm just happy that he updated. It's been such a long time!

Since it's in French, it's must be something regarding about the concert. The paris live, which I thought will be the greatest event happening on my birthday, was sadly postponed. It was horrible. Many fans was scolding Yoshiki and X Japan for playing a sick joke on them, coz I heard many of them had already booked air tickets and hotels, and some even paid.

It was said that because X Japan had changed the management company, they have to reorganize the schedules and stuffs like that. Yoshiki wasn't pleased.

So are the rest of the fans and I(who was sad that I won't be getting the best birthday gift ever lol)!

Anyway this blog was roughly translated to this by a fan.

My apologies

I would like to apologize. I am really sorry.
I don't really know how I should explain my feelings towards the fans who has been looking forward to the X Japan concerts in Paris and Japan.
Even though I didn't make the decision, I take the whole responsibility.
This isn't something unimportant; no, I still take it with a heavy heart [not quite sure how to word this xD]
I really don't want to see this pain our loyal fans had to experience, you who have been supporting us all these years.
We are now working fast with new concerts, but the production company have many problems they have to solve before we can start a new tourCUSS
It is important that we meet all the expectations for a good tour [not sure about this]. If we could be there, we would give you the best show[/spectacle 8D]
Sometimes I hate everything... I hate life... I hate myself too..
Hate me... Keep hating me.. But I will always love you.

Sometimes I wonder if I can open door with the name X Japan again, but at the same time I don't know how to lock it either.

With love,


DAMN!! Yoshiki always makes me go "awwww!!!!!!!!". XD =x

Especially the bold sentence! SO AWWWWWWW!! XD




I bought cake! =D


The love of the world,



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