Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AIA1 F3 Shots

As promised, here are some pictures of my class taken on last Friday. =3

Click to enlarge ya. =3

I love taking pictures, it's really fun especially when taking in a whole group. It makes me feel like the class's bond is getting stronger every time we do something together. That's why I love to join into the crowd(
even though I'm shy =/).

Anyway brief intro, front from left is Jin Hao, Darren, Woo Tong(
Class Rep.), MoMFei, and Yin Chun.
2nd row from left is Kame, me, Calvius, Shvon, Ben, Ice, Kah Way, Loong Fatt.
3rd row from left, Kok Zhou, Vui Kian, Samuel, Wen Sin, and Wei Jiat.
Absent - Seng Hoong. Too bad. =( Missed the fun.

I wasn't smiling much in that pic coz they say this should be a serious picture so I was asking "
so should I smile?" but no answer was given so... aiyah never mind la. lol The ones that are not smiling surely have the same thinking like me 1 lo. Since it's a serious picture means no need smile la!

Aiks Samuel falling! D=

Eh why suddenly increased people 1? Another class joined in to take picture together. lol And that class was originally Calvius's class so it was quite a hard time for him coz as he went talking to his F4 classmates Shvon and I will like try to kacau him and ask him to go back to his F4 class. lol

But nah, he can't go back! If he goes back I cannot listen to him talk nonsense already! D=

Dunno who think of this pose 1. F4 is doing the love shape on your head thingy and F3 is like... wut? Wings on your head? o.o It feels stupid but then again~it's for memories so meh. =p

Pool side peace

Lol at people that aren't ready. =x

Pool side salute

Woo Tong look so cute pretending to be holding a flag. X3

OK!! Now it's time for the jumps!! =D

I never did the jump before and always seeing smashpOp doing all those jumps, I also wanna jump la!! And finally this is the chance!! =D

Take 1 - FAILED

Take 2 - My favorite! =D

Take 3 - LOL wtf!


Ah~ It was such a fun day. =3 I wanna take more pics next time!! =3

Oh I'll post pictures of my course next time! But very small la the people hard to see. lol




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