Saturday, November 22, 2008

22nd November 2008

What day is it?? =D

Time to get OLD. D=

More updates next time.



P/S: Thank you Sai Hoong, Yin Chun, Woo Tong, Tiong Lay, Reiki, Etta, Calvius, Sen Hen, Yunice, Aira, Qi, Kim-chan, Injyu, Reiko, Ping Shien, Shvon and KaYee for the wishes!! =D I love you all. X3


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

rolf. happy bday =P

jenn said...

This is definitely what we call an epic eyes were so dazzled from scrolling and pictures that I had to use the search button to find where to comment. XD

Happy 21st! My mom gave me a key too. XD But I think she's gonna give me more stuff for my actual birthday in a month's time..hai, who knows.

A pity you didn't enjoy the choc fondue cos it looks awesome, but looks like the rest of the day was nice. Is that a Jigoku Shoujo manga I see?! :D

kurokei said...

irvine: thanks! =D

jenn: thank you and yes! that's a Jigoku Shoujo manga! xD

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