Sunday, November 23, 2008

21st Birthday

So I'm finally 21.

Hmm like how other people felt when they turn 21, I feel nothing's changed at all. LOL. An increment of age doesn't show much until you have flash backs of your childhood or younger times. That time you'll surely feel like, "those were the days~" or "ahh! I missed those so much" or "OMG I REMEMBER THAT HAHAHA" etc. lol

But 21!! D= I'm officially an adult now! Not 18-year-old-almost-adult adult, but 21-year-old-fully-adult adult!! It means I can go drink alcohol, smoke and go casino legally already! Oh ya and visit porn sites! LOL wtf.

Get things straight, I don't do those. ESPECIALLY SMOKE. I'll tell more about that later.

Hmm and I heard that we'll get like, a golden key on 21 years old? My mum asked me whether if I want it, since everyone's doing it. LOL but what's that key for? No meaning at all! I rather they give me a nice present than this key. lol

Anyways, my birthday!

Compared to last year's birthday, this year was much more nicer. Last year I was lucky to be getting an off day on my birthday from my job, but it actually sucked coz I'm just staying at home the whole day. Lying on the bed... Oh yeah sms-ing Kame that is working, and Injyu too if not mistaken.

This year's birthday, I thought, will suck too coz my mum will be working night shift on my birthday! Which means that I'll have to celebrate without her! We was all planning to eat porridge steamboat 1! T_T So sad.

Later we decided to eat on friday. =/

I'm ok with it as long I get to eat with them. lol

However the day before friday, my dad told me his friend has given him vouchers to eat at Sheraton Hotel! LOL. AWESOME!! =D

Ok before I go have my birthday dinner, I was damn damn DAMN HUNGRY CAN? I haven't eaten ANYTHING since I ate my breakfast at 8:10am. And it was a long journey from Wangsa Maju to Subang. =/

By the time we reached there it's already 8pm. HALF A DAY I DIDN'T EAT ANYTHING!! AND didn't kena GASTRIC!! Can become God already me. lol

Anyway as I reached there, I just went straight to the food and help myself. lol No pictures taken by me. I did thought about taking pictures but...

Aiyar nevermind la! The most important thing now is satisfying my stomach! Otherwise I'm going to get gastric soon. I think I feel a slight pain in there. lol

Picture taken by my sis.

Chocolate Fondue Marshmellows! =3

But I hated it. It tasted weird.

The only pictures I taken was this 2.




You seen this.

Not much interesting things happen here except for cutting the cake. CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE! =D

Yeah MINE!

The next day...

I told my friends I'm going to Sg. Wang on my birthday. I even skipped ACF because I wanna save money for this. And when my friends ask me why I wanna go to, for all places, SG WANG? I answered:

"I wanna spin Gashapon! XD"

If you dunno what Gashapon is, is those capsule toys. No, not those cheap quality things for little kids that cost like dunno how many cents outside grocery stores, but the ones from Japan, which has a higher quality. X3 I played this for years ever since Kelvin introduced me Anizo. =3

And I've been loving it so much!!

But this time it's not for anizos. =3 Read on and you'll know. lol

Before I go to Sg Wang, my dad fetched me to fetch my sister, who was, hmpm, watching stage drama at Central Market on this important day. We reached Central Market and waiting for 1 hour for her coz apparently the show started late. =/

And there's this chicken fair! LOL

I think this is one of those Malay fighting chickens. The chicken looks cute coz it's so small. LOL And they are well build I guess, their chest are huge. LOL

Oh and some of them are for sale!

Guess the price?




Why on earth, selling or anyone would wanna buy a chicken for FIVE THOUSAND RINGGIT?! I catch one at the road side also can! lol I wonder what's so great about these chickens.

Oh yeah and I saw this.

*you have to read it from right to left*

I have no idea what this old poster is advertising but it says(
the one zoomed in) "suck here suck there".


Yeah I have no idea what's that.

Then after fetching my sis, lunch!


Gyouza Ramen at Sushi Station, YUM!! X3

Oh yeah and purikura is a MUST!!



Ta-daa. lol

4 comics and 3 gashapon.

And I love it!! =D

Let me show you the gashapon I got. I didn't intended to get this 2.


This says "not enough love". lol Yes true. =(

My handphone now. =3

And lastly, the main reason I went Sg Wang.

I'm not going to talk much here coz... nothing to say la! You can see the pictures wat! lol


Dissected. D=



She's the character from the anime Lucky Star and I'm so very in love with this anime and Konata! =3

After combining them...


No wonder people can't stop buying figures. I want more!! D=

This is my favorite item from yesterday on!

Above my comic rack. =3 lol the doll behind her looks fierce.

Ahh I love my Konata!! X3

Oh yeah and at night, my dad brought me to watch his friend perform at a bistro - Alexis.

The performance was awesome but fuck! The place is not!

I don't mean the environment, that place was nice! But I cannot tahan that every table I see, there's someone smoking! Even the table that I'm sitting in, my dad's friends, one of the woman started smoking! WTF inconsiderate idiots! Cannot see that we my sis is here izit? I nearly died in there!!

After I leave that terrible place, I gasped for air like countless times. Stupid place.

I know that that place is for people to drink and smoke, but when you see your friend's children came to sit at the same table, cannot at least tahan or smoke at other place 1?

Damn I hate inconsiderate smokers, that's why I totally love that post by Xia Xue.

Anyway that's all for today! =3

Thanks for all the people who wished me on my birthday! Yvonne, Desmond, Phei Gie, Kame, Xiao Peng, Hua Siang, Jason, a person from friendster, Alex, cg and also Hana! Thank you!! X3



P/S: Omg, I feel it again. That sucks. =/


++ KaYee ++ said...

hey... KAYEE also wish u Happy Birthday leh! =P

kurokei said...

haha ur name is at the previous post. =p the one listed in this post is later wish 1. haha

kim-chan said...

watashi no namae wa?..LOL
oh last post ada XD

ahbooy said...

*may your wish come true bahh~~~~
I want kona chan tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
where to get itt~~~T^T

kurokei said...

kim-chan: ya ada xD

ahboy: NICE LEH?! XD Go spin gashapon at sg wang! =D

curryegg said...

I'm late to wish you.. sorry Kei!
Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the year of 21st... *hugs*

I just notice that you are in the same age as me.. haha.. yes! 21st!

And great celebration.. ^_^

kurokei said...

curryegg: thank you! =D

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