Saturday, October 11, 2008


X Japan is going Paris on my birthday,

and then Hong Kong,




These are the few place that they will be going for their world tour.

In their MySpace I've been seeing thousands of fans leaving their messages, and a few months ago, when they first announced that they were going to Taiwan, me and my sis was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!"

And we're not the only ones, the fans from Mainland China went crazy as well. The population of China surpasses the one at Taiwan, yet Taiwan got chosen. Simply not fair right?

Damn Taiwan always get the good stuffs. =_=

However a few days ago,

It's a news report saying that X Japan's going to have a concert at
Beijing National Stadium!!

HAR? You dunno where is Beijing National Stadium?? Bird Nest! Does that ring a bell?

YES it's where the Beijing Olympic 2008 is held! It can hold up to 80,000 PEOPLE!! 80,000!!!!! Oh ya and this was in today's Sin Chew paper. =D

*Steals from Kaede's blog*

Me and Kaede says that this concert will rock and tickets will be sold out even though it's 80,000+++ people, but my mum disagrees. Hohoho she doesn't know who X Japan is. Even my dad kept quiet 'cause he knows that it might be true that it'll be a success.

Damn it will be such an awesome live!! =D

X!!!!!!!! XD



++ KaYee ++ said...

i dunno who they are.but i saw there's a guy wif pink hair, so cool!

Hurley said...

X-Japan? I'm more into uverworld! =P

kurokei said...

kayee: ya the pink hair guy is cool, but he died. =(

hurley: uverworld's not bad too! =D but i only heard few of their songs. haha

Vonvon said...

YO X JAPAN! hahahaXD hope they will perform Tears & Crucify My Love!!- even is their old song, i know.. hahahaXD then when you go Taiwan de time remember take many photos back ohh~^^

Яeiki said...

ei ? u girls not planning to go Thai one ah ?

kurokei said...

vonvon: lol Let's see got chance to go or not first. =3

Яeiki: Thailand cannot. exam seasons. =(

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL!!! Gambatte on saving money~!! You guys got so strong determination sure can go one...

P.S: Just knew that Yoshiki's name in kanji is 林佳树... Sounds something like kiasu~ LOL! *runs away*

Love-a-lot Bear said...

What??? Beijing's national stadium? That's really awesome!

Arnaud said...

I've heard the government don't let them play so easily in the nest stadium... I've never any idea of X's popularity in mainland China. I hope they can fill it as easily as you said. I'll go to beijing next week and probably also this summer. I'm a french fan and they already delayed the concert twice. :-(

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