Friday, October 31, 2008

Web Cam Pix 1

Hey! Finally got some motivation to blog something. lol 30 cents increased. =x Hey 30 cents is still money! Increased a bit still mean increased!!

Anyway I've been browsing through my picture folder to see whether if I can find something to blog about. I wanted to blog about things that I took with my camera phone but meh, it's not the end of 2008 yet so it's not really suitable to do a recap of the whole year right?

And then I saw the Webcam pic folder.

It's been so long since I used a webcam, and before I ever own a camera phone I actually took pictures with them to blog at my old blog. How sad. lol

There's many pictures but I chose almost 50 pictures to blog about. lol Will blog in 3 parts 'cause it might be quite boring with flash backs and stories.

Ok now, first picture.

FUCK! UGH! Everything was wrong with this picture of mine! The hair, the specs! THE STUPID SMILE(eventhough I still smile like that sometimes...)!!! Well this was during 2006. UGH. ONLY ONE WORD! EW! At my old house. =D


This is my old hp, Nokia 8250. lol The phone cover originally belonged to Reiko but now it's mine. xD

The part where I can hang phone accessories broke. Why? Scroll down.

This is why! YAY PHONE ACCESSORIES!! I would've do the same too if it wasn't for that traumatic moment where all my phone accessories mysteriously dropped and disappear forever. =( It's DAMN TRAUMATIC CAN? Each phone accessory has deep meanings!! It feels like part of me is gone. =(

Well, let's continue.

An oynx bracelett and a friendship bracelett made by Qi. That oynx bracelett is one of the things that I never took off and never will in my life. I didn't wanna take that friendship bracelett off too but the string was loose so have to take it off before it breaks. =( It's still safely kept though. ^^

I HATE PRE-CALCULUS!! Seriously, ask most of my coursemates! All of them hate this stupid subject as well. The fail rate for this subject is higher than the usual subjects and I have no idea WHY. And to make it worse I never learnt add maths so this subject was like HELL. lol The first time I took this exam I used only ONE PAGE of the whole answer booklett. Oh wait I mean half page. Hah.

Happy after solving problem for once.

LOL This is a trick of the scientific calculator. Change it to base mode, make sure it is in decimal(DEC) mode, then type 793505. Click the "=" then click HEX! AND U WILL GET..... THAT.

Studying Tamadun Islam at Diploma Year 1 Sem 3.

The lecturer says that this chapter is damn popular and is guaranteed to come out in the exam. BUT NO!! IT DIDN'T CAME OUT!!

Died from studying.

My Pokemon comic books. I only have 3 back then. Now I have 25 and increasing.

lol I forgot how I take this pic. I think that glow is the finger blocking the view or something. lol. Ugh hideous.

Making iced milo. =D

Milo + coffeemate. It used to taste good coz my ex recommends it. lol

I got 2 curry powder packets in one maggie curry once. =D

MANTOU! Taste super nice. xD

I kena the liquid from the thermometer. SCARED ME TO DEATH CAN??! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE coz I heard that mercury kills. Them my friend Aira told me that mercury is silver in color so that's not mercury. -_-

Finally got a hair cut after that hideous hair.

That's all for today.





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