Friday, October 10, 2008

Random random

Hello people what's up? lol

Didn't update much lately, 'cause there's nothing interesting in my life for now. Haha. Just some small events.

Yesterday I had the first blackout in my new house! xD I love blackouts!! I dunno why but whenever a blackout comes I'll be more energetic than when there's light.

Here's only 1 pic.

Wait there's one more.

Fear the doll

But the eletricity came back a few minutes later. Ceh.

Second thing is not new, but I still wanna blog about it! After seeing Reiko and Darren's blog on how nice BIG APPLE donuts are, I've been wanting to eat donuts... AND MIRACLELY, the Jusco near my house had the donut shop opened!! o.o It used to be a SPEEDY shop, but donut beats those CD shop with no nice CDs any day. =D

But I bought my Harry Potter VCDs there. =(

My favourite is the snowy... thing. I forgot the name but it's the one with the white surface. Sweet sugary GOODNESS!! =D

Speaking of sweet sugary goodness, check out this video.

You may skip if you don't want to watch the video, as the title said this is a random random post. lol

Another random thing.


lol I was bored. I had the picture of my full face shot at Friendster. I could post it here but I don't want to. lol




The dear vocalist of X Japan! Hahaha you're 43 years old now. If not mistaken you're at Brazil right? All the best to you and have a nice day! =3

Damn I sooooooooo wish I could save up enough money to go Taiwan so I can see him in person!! D= *in own world again* YOSHIKI!!! Eh I mean TOSHI!! xD




P/S: Last semester, my course had the music unit, which was awesome. X3 This semester, we had to study 8 SHORT STORIES. LOL. So weird! I wonder what other Liberal Arts subjects we have at Year 2. Hahaha.


Vortrack said...

Lol, blackout also nice.

KaedE said...

Charlieee~~~ OwO HAHA

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