Thursday, October 16, 2008

-in a good mood-

Hello my lovely readers~!!

Because today I'm in such a good mood, I will blog. LOL

What should I blog about? Hmm~

Oh it's an old thing but I should introduce you to my bf. He's so good looking and has a really awesome voice. X3

Alright! Meet Hayashi Yoshiki!

MUAHAHAHA VIRTUAL BOYFRIEND. Wtf xD This is call Web-Kare, which means web boyfriend. It's a Japanese dating simuilation, ONLINE. O_O You get to choose one of the 4 guys and develop you relation by clicking him. LOL

I choose the teacher, who looks and sounds lovely. X3 And named him Yoshiki. lol

Nothing much actually, I just like to drool over his sweet voice and melted by his words! xD

And the only thing that happens is the increase of percentage of affection and if you're lucky, some events.

Just now I got a event which is NOT from Web-Yoshiki! O_O

OMG, it appears that I could get more than 1 web kare if my kare and another friend's kare have great trust with each other. LOL.

I named him Ootani Atsushi(大谷 敦士), which is a character from Lovely Complex. 'Cause both of them love basketball but is short. hahaha

Virtual boyfriends. Kinda sad right. lol

A few days ago, I discovered another really interesting thing! xD

And that is MEROMERO PARK!!~

It's a place where you can adopt little creatures, like this.

And grow them into creatures like this.

This is not fully grown yet though. lol Meet my Meroroppi! XD!!

You have to feed it everyday and make friends, and grow it into a lovely mero! You can dress it up and buy stuffs to decorate it's room.

This is how my Meroroppi looks like now.

Click to enlarge

I'm gonna make it a strawberry room!! XD

Oh yeah you have to put the blog parts in the blog, so that it can eat it. O_O I don't really know what that means but you have to blog in order to let it grow. But the problem is, they doesn't consume English. So I blogged in another Japanese blog, but it's mostly nonsense 'cause my Japanese sux so I'm keeping the blog a secret. =p

Well that's all I think.

Ah, what a lovely day it had been. =3

Lot's of love,



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