Sunday, October 26, 2008

Imagine Cup

OMG guess what?

I, KuroKei, actually participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup!!

Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide to help resolve some of the world's toughest challenges. Primarily a software design competition, it enlists teams of four within the high school and collegiate levels to submit software solutions addressing a specifically provided theme.

Young technologist. Me? LOL

So as the quote said, we have to solve the world's toughest problem using technology.
Gender equality, HIV/Aids, and 6 more other problems.

One of my classmate is the person in charge of the Imagine Cup registration thingy, and since most of my classmates is participating, and also me myself has the sudden weird urge to participate, I did. lol

Well actually it's not sudden la. I figured if I participated in this, this might help me in my career and also, my final year project. Participating means that I get to start my final project earlier. That's great right?

Except for one problem.

I have no idea what am I suppose to do in this Imagine Cup thingy.

People who participate in this competition are usually geniuses or students who get super good grades, there was one year, a student same course with me participated, got 2nd runner up in Malaysia, and he is now working at Microsoft(if not mistaken? o.o). Another guy, who is also same course with me, participated later and his team won 1st runner up. He is well known as the top student and was darn active in college. Oh yeah and now he's the Microsoft Student Ambassador.

And me? I'm just a normal student with 2.43 CGPA. Plus you don't see me talking about technology stuffs. Right? I mean have you seen my blog talking about technology stuffs? The new motherboard or RAM or software bla bla bla? NO!! NOT EVEN ONCE!!

I laugh at myself for partcipating but hey, at least I won't regret why didn't I took part right?

And we'll be attending workshops, might develop some skill and design a awesome software. lol Oh the category I'll be taking part is software design. Along with my subordinates Calvius and Kame. LOL Yes I'm the ahem, leader. =D But just the name only la. lol

Oh ya and my team name is Crea-chii. LOL Try to figure out what it means. =p

We'll just have to do our best. =3



P/S: I'm gonna change my RAM, get a new motherboard and a hdd. Omg I'm talking about technology! OoO!!


Hurley said...

sounds fun. might ended up developing a game for politicians so they would stop war.

Vortrack said...

Good luck in your imagination :P .

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