Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 3

During Deepavali, me and my sis went to watch High School Musical 3.

I've been a really big fan of High School Musical ever since I saw the first movie at Disney Channel. Eh no not when I first saw the movie, is the first time I saw the commercial of the movie, I'm already in love with it. Why? It haz musical! =D

The story is mainly about a guy name Troy Bolton, who is the hero of the East High High School by being the captain of the very proud basketball team - The East High WildCats. One they he met a girl, Gabriella Montez during a New Year Party and was forced to sing a duet with her. And his story of discovering his love for singing and how he decides to choose between basketball and drama.

I love their songs. ALL OF THEM!! Well the songs from the 2nd movie isn't as good as the 1st one, but it's still good! But this recent one rocks so much!!

Great movie, great compositions of songs, good looking actors/actresses. Yay! xD

Oh yes and the main chars, Troy and Gabriella are couples, on screen and off screen. How nice! They look so good together!! Like a modern fairytale, a prince and princess. xD

And I'm listening to their soundtrack now. FANTASTIC!! LOVE 'EM!!

Totally recommended by me! =D

Sharing one of my fav the songs in the movie(I have no favorites!), Can I Have This Dance by Troy and Gabriella. So much LOVE!! (Damn bad quality of the video though)




curryegg said...

You've watched!

*envy envy*
Wait me for another 1 week... :)

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