Thursday, October 2, 2008

Harvest Moon Talk




I don't know why I could play this game for so long without getting bored. Although you're just doing the same farm thing over and over and over again - planting crops, feeding barn animals, meet village people bla bla bla. BUT I played since... June last year. Then stopped for one year then continued playing and still loving it!

In case you don't know what harvest moon is, it's a farm game. lol You manage your farm, get along with people in the village and eventually get married with one of the village girls.

For more detail see here.

There's many versions of Harvest Moon, but I'm playing this one.

It's the girl version of Harvest Moon. I'm a girl wat, so I wanna play girl char! What for I wanna go tackle girl characters?
...Ok ok fine I played the guy version, got married(got a son even) and got bored. The game is horribly in mandarin, which I don't really like 'cause they look huge and square. @_@

So anyway I'm playing the girl version of it now, which is so much cooler comparing to the guy version. The character's name is Kei(of course). The farm name is Kurosaki Farm and she has a dog name ToraKameChi(Long name I know, but meh) and a horse name Toki. She also owns 4 chickens, 3 cows and 3 sheeps and one of the sheep is currently pregnant. lol

The only thing I notice different from the guy version(despite the fact that they are in different gender) is...

Girls can change clothes but guys can't! HAH!

It's alot of fun, well at least for me, I resumed playing this game ever since last week and I can't stop! D=

Here are some random shots.

Got blackout 1 ah. lol

Music Festival at the Church

My dog chasing away wild dogs


Attempt to kill


Playing disc catching

Tea Party with the Harvest Sprites budum!

Attending a wedding

Watching the moon with a guy =D

And lastly! Recent screenshot I got!


Ok back to the game now, bye!



P/S: It's my 5th year in the game and I'm still not married! D=

P/P/S: I saw in wikipedia that they are releasing Harvest Moon Online?! Man I WANNA PLAY THAT!! It's one of the games that I wished was a online game(the second 1 is Pokemon).

P/P/P/S: Man I should've write that my all time favourite game is Harvest Moon instead of Ragnarok Online!


Hurley said...

wth...harvest moon was like one of the boringest game I ever played...the only fun part was getting a wife. devil may cry rox! =P

kurokei said...

hurley: LOL you must've suck at it. =D
Anyway I think this game is popular among girls only la. Till now I only saw girls liking it.
Excluding my guy cousins.

阿仔 said...


kurokei said...

阿仔: hahaha it's a very old game liao lo but i never played it until last year. i only hear others talk about it XD

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