Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Kim-chan!!


I see that you receive really nice presents!! =3 Too bad no Cinnamoroll so I give you this picture. xD Imagine if this world is full of Cinnamorolls like THAT PICTURE!! LOL

So cute. X3

Hope you will dream of him with thousands of Cinnamorolls. =3

Oh yeah I found this at MA Kingdom then Comic Fiesta.

JAPAN CHARITY FIESTA AND BAZAAR! Seems like a lot of interesting things in there, like yukata fitting!! O_O I wanna try even though I have one already. lol Surely there will be people guiding you to wear it the right way. =3

And then there's the thing where you scoop up gold fishes, and they will be selling cartoon character masks too like how you see it in japanese dramas/animes/etc.

Sounds interesting right? xD But need to pay to go in. RM12 if you bought it advance and RM15 if you bought it at that day.

lol I sound like advertising this event already. Just click on the picture to find out more la. Or ask me if you want. lol

Might be going. =D

Today is also a lovely day, with the exception of having an urge to punch someone and push someone to fall on the ground and pull his hair. lol >=D

Blog the happy stuff at Ameblo. =3 'Coz it's a secret. ;D

See ya!




Hurley said...

when's the charity bazaar? sounds fun, won't mind going if it's not too far

kurokei said...

Eh forgot to make the picture clickable. haha

9th November, 11am - 3pm
Grand Ballroom at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur.

curryegg said...

Wow.. this sound good.. I know you must love this.. hehe.. :D

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