Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Hmm ok I can't help myself. I want to blog. lol
Before I complete this survey, I just wanna say that I have 3 more subjects left! Which means 6 papers left. X_X Music paper today... I hope I can score and A. =( One of the question is like free marks. It asked us to list 5 popular present singers and asked us which is our favourite. LOL

After the exam, I went to my favourite comic shop to buy 3 comics - NANA, Detective Conan and Detroit Metal City, but DAMN! I bought the same Detective Conan comic that I had at home!! It had different covers so... ARGH!! Who wanna buy the 62th book in mandarin, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! T_T

Let's continue with the survey.

If You Ignore, You Will Have A Whole Year Of Bad Luck!
Please Be Honest When Answering, People!
Good Luck Yay!

[01] Real name: Liew Xue Ying
[02] Nickname: Jas/Kei
[03] Married: Nope
[04] Zodiac Sign: Half Scorpio, half Sagittarius
[05] Gender: Female
[06] Age: 20+++
[07] High School: SMK Chong Hwa
[08] College: Tunku Abdul Rahman College
[09] Height: 167cm
[10] Weight: 55kg
[11] Do you like yourself: No, but if I improvise, I would love. =D
[12] Piercings: Never
[13] Right of left: Right
[14] Are you a freak: X Freak YAY!! XD
[15] Hair: Medium I guess
[16] Skin: Medium
[17] Allergic: Nope
[18] What are you doing now: Studying
[19] What will you doing 1hour later: Still studying I guess
[20] What will you doing 10 years later: 10 years... 30... Might be playing piano. lol

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Parents and sister
[22] Siblings(included you): 2
[23] Eldest: Me
[24] Youngest: Kaede
[25] Love/hate your family: LOVE, more than you can ever imagine!

[26] You found your another half: Er. Does Yoshiki count? =x
[27] If yes, who is he/she: Yoshiki!
[28] If no, who you want him/her to be: HAHAHA!! *trying to distract people by laughing and dancing around*
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: Total up the weird ones... 5. O_O!!
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): 0 =( Don't have the guts
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): Er, 8
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: Yeah
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: *dramatic tone* I betrrrrayed him! WOHOHOHOHO!! lol wtf
[34] Ever argue with your other half: If I never argued I won't be single now would I? lol
[35] You with you other half since: Who? Yoshiki? 9 months. XD
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo/Gay: Straight
[37] Reasons you love your other half: Because he's just GORGEOUS! And super talented! Never saw anyone like him! ...Damn why does he have to be in Japan. =(
[38] You and your other half in which stage: On the stage. lol
[39] You woo him/her or he/she woo you: Woo hoo! =x
[40] Ever think of marry him/her: It's my dream! XD

[41] Your first best friend: First... Someone name Gary from Kindergarten. But I don't remember how he's like at all! LOL
[42] Your first enemy: That arrogant selfish teacher's daughter from primary school
[43] The friend you love the most(1only): Love the most... Kaede. =D
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): I have no idea who I hate the most. lol
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: Hmm...
[46] Your most handsome boy friend: Hmm...
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: Annoying and selfish
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: Selfish and annoying
[49] You fall in love with you close friend before: Yes
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: No
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: I will hate her/him and will be so disappointed
[52] If your friend betray you: DISAPPOINTED
[53] If your friend woo your lover: =_= I don't know
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: Who? =D
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: It doesn't matter 'cause I'll still be one-sided love. haha

[56] Are you a good student: HAHAHAHA ME?
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Assignments, yes. Homework, almost never
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: My class teacher for standard 5 and 6
[59] Always late to school/college: Nope
[61] You love your seniors: I don't know any seniors
[62] Senior who you love the most: What are seniors for anyway?
[63] Your classmates good/bad: Good!
[64] Excellent result classmate: WOO TONG IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD.
[65] Laziest classmate: Hmm... Not sure. lol

[66] Smart people: Smart
[67] Stupid people: Stupid. lol
[68] Good looking people: People who know how to dress up
[69] Ugly people: People who don't know how to dress up
[70] Funny people: Funny! XD Like the sitcom Friends! XD
[71] Cute people: People who looks blur, and guys who looks like girls. XP
[72] Bad people: Terrorist or people who are against the law?
[73] Honest people: Honest people... Ah! Xiaxue! XD
[74] Acting people: Hmm... Actors. lol
[75] You are what kind of people: I @R3 @ k1nd 0f p30pL3 lol wtf. I'm only human

[76] Lip or eyes: Eyes
[77] Hugs or kisses: Can I have both? =3 No? Aww hugs then. =(
[78] Shorter or taller: Taller definately
[79] hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach please
[81] Listener or talker: Talker, but I don't
[82] Romantic or rich: O_O... Rich! lol I'm romantic too! =3
[83] Good husband or Good Father: Good husband = good father no?

[84] Age to get marry: 27
[85] Numbers of kid(s): 2
[86] Career: Dream - something related to music. In reality I might be unemployed. lol
[87] Salary: AT LEAST RM3500
[88] Retirement age: 55
[89] Properties value: What?
[90] Wishes: Wish to have more money so I can buy whatever I want like comics, X Japan stuffs, and something from MA Kingdom? Hohoho. And to meet Yoshiki! Of course all the best to everyone and my life.

[91] Reiko (Whenever you free only update la lol)
[92] Hana
[93] Shvon
[94] kL
[95] cg
[96] irvine
[97] Hurley
[98] pingshien
[99] Kayee
[100] curryegg

Will update post about mooncakes tomorrow! =O Stay tuned! =D




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SOSOSOSOSOSO damn long!!!!!!!

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LOL enjoy the tag XD

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