Sunday, September 28, 2008

Down at JB

So after my grandma's funeral(before burning the paper house those la), my dad, sis, and I went down to JB because my dad had something to do at Singapore and he will stay overnight there.

My mum stayed at Muar, but me and my sis didn't 'cause it's been awhile since we stayed overnight in a hotel so crowded there!! Ahem alright I just wanted to stay in a hotel room instead of that burning hot house in Muar. lol *guilty*

Stayed in a hotel name The ZON. You know~ The duty-free place?

You think it's the outside right, but it's not! It's actually indoors. =3 Looks really nice, but with my 2.0 megapixel camera hp I cannot take really nice pictures. =3=

KaedE's hide doll sleeping in my bed before me.

My dad had to go Singapore to catch some Car Show that his friend organized, so he gave us some money for dinner and left.

Camwhore camwhore camwhore

I and hide doll >=(

Must camwhore more!!

Bad lighting, I know!

After that we went to the shopping centre beside the hotel to find food. My dad told us got McDonald's. Oh yeah and he asked us to don't eat full 'cause we're going supper later. =3


All I could find is Marry Brown, Delifrance, Modesto and a malay restaurant. Terrible I tell you. I keep searching for McDonald's but my dad lied! No McDonald's, only have McDonald's Ice Cream booth!! X_X

So we starved until 9pm only decide to eat at Marry Brown. I don't know why but I don't like Marry Brown. I hated it since young.

Obviously copying some other fast food

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and I had a bubble bath! =D

Well not exactly bubble bath. I poured almost half of the shower foam to the tub but still no bubble and I doubt it'll have bubbles even after I poured the whole bottle.

But the hot bath is GOOD. =D

Looking through the eyehole thingy

After my dad came back, we went to this place call "Mu Chuan Cafe"

It is a cafe that some how relates to my dad's company. I don't know I'm not sure but he's part of the owner. =D

The menu. Damn creative aye?

This place is really REALLY NICE until I don't want to go to KL's cafe already. The environment's nice, the food's nice, and the drinks is SUPERB!!

Less talking, more pictures. =D


Counter(Hi dad! =D)

Got people singing for you summore

That girl... familiar or not? =3





More Yum XD

I TELL YOU, THAT HONEYDEW SMOOTHIE IS THE BEST ONE I EVER TASTED!!(Well I only had one smoothie in my life but that's not the point)

Whoever going to JB MUST try that cafe. It's near the THE ZON hotel. lol I dunno how to say the location la but opposite the cafe is the sea. =D

GO. TRY. IT. I'm still craving for that honeydew smoothie NOW!! X_X




- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wahh.. i miss man tao...

my stomach starts to make weird noises dy :S

=chuanguan= said...

y da doll so scary 1..haha

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