Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rant + Funeral 1

So I'm back from Muar.

Before I start talking about things at Muar, there's a thing I would like to rant about.

Because I will be gone for like 2 days, afraid that my hits will fall like from some to none, I setted some auto updating post that I rushed to type before I sleep. I thought that when I update, people WOULD come visit and I won't get low hits.

Well it proved me wrong.

It just proves that I fucking failed as a blogger. No it's not that I want hits for so that I could earn money, it just makes me feel better that there's someone that appreciates my blog.

Well I'm not suprised if no one noticed the posts below.

And it just makes me think - wtf makes a blogger a blogger these days?

Speaking their thoughts? Writing about their daily things? Or just write plain rubbish then post it in innit to get hits?

Fuck. Say me jealous or whatever, what is blogging to you guys? Promoting blogs, visiting other blogs asking people to visit back - I saw some that goes HI HOPE TO SEE U IN MY BLOG, nonsense like this. Like wtf? I'm not going to deny, I'm like that - visiting people's blog, and HOPING that they'll drop by.

And now I just think it's plain stupid. Is that what a blogger is suppose to be? Writing nonsense just to please readers or get attention? Wtf is this?

I'm saying this 'cause I fucking give up having hits and I'm going back to my plain blogging life.

I don't want to please anyone or fucking write nonsense just because people who be attracted to come visit.

It's like, you'll never get people to come to your blog unless you're active in that chatbox in innit! I'm fucking serious dammit. You chat there, you make friends, and people would come to your blog 'cause you were a frequent chatter there! That's like fucking shit.

Whatever happened to original blogging? Like, talking about your experience, sharing interesting moments in your life. Now it's all bloody hell nonsense. Don't you dare call me outdated, blogging is suppose to be fun. And I love blogging. I love to share.

But all these stupid commercialized blogging makes me hate blogging. Call me the fox that couldn't reach the grape, whatever, I don't care less no more.

I might blog boring things, but all of them is from my heart.

I might not be as active and creative as those so called famous bloggers, but I will still try my best to blog.

I might not be as socialized as them, but I will try my best to share my experience to the world.

And I don't fucking care about the hits anymore.

And yeah and it's fucking sad that only a few of you noticed my post about my grandmother. I thought people would at least care about that. Thank you curryegg, thank you shvon, thank you hurley too I guess(Why ask me to play Nintendo with her? o.o), thank you Reiko, thank you Hana and recently crazywrazy, thank you.

Thank you Eric, thank you kim-chan, thank you suki, thank you all for giving your condolences.

The end.


After my sis came back from school, we(me, my dad and sis) went for lunch and started our journey.


It was a 2 hour+ trip to muar, but I slept through an hour. lol

Most of my relatives are already there by the time we reached. My mum rushed us to change into those blue clothes and pants that show that we're the grandchildren. We have to wear funny head items too. The guys wear funny hats and girls wore a head cover like you saw in dramas when someone pass away, their female family member wear head garments that looks like this:

The blue head garment represent the grandchildren and the red piece of cloth represents that I'm the grandchildren of the her daughter. The children of her son will have no red cloth.

Oh yeah my grandma's coffin has no glass window, so we can't see our grandma. Which means the last time I saw her was like a month ago. =(

We then did a ceremony - we have to listen to a priest guy talking and we kneeled many times! The knee damn pain lo. Oh yeah and holding the joss stick! On of my aunt's eyes was hurt so badly the viens in her eyes burst and her eyes was bloodish. X_X

We did the ritual for like 4 times. The knee's pain is killing me!! Each ritual lasted for like... erm... not sure how long but the joss stick was burnt till half. And people was watching us doing that.

The picture of my grandma there, compared to the last time I saw her, there is a huge difference. Before she got the sickness, she was a healthy and strong looking, not to mention big size woman. And then she got the sickness... admitted to the hospital and nearly died.

After she released from the hospital, she started to get skinnier day by day.


After all the rituals, and all guests was gone, finally we can settle down for some cold water...

And some snacks!

...To be continue.



Hurley said...

well,I don't have much ppl reading my blog too, ya know. It's always the same ppl(that I visited). =)

May your grandma's soul rest in peace. Nintendo? Good things are meant to be shared, isnt that right? =D

kim-chan said...

You took that pic while you were driving at the same time!? LOL sugoi....XD

Is hard to get someone reads blog kana...i guess still need attention. those people are like that so bad...
don't angry yeah? we are here ! XD XD

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