Wednesday, September 10, 2008



After such a long time of disappearance, I'm finally able to be back into the blogging world again! No thanks to Telekom, who promised me that the telephone line will be installed in within 5 days and streamyx will be available 3 days later. Finally end up like weeks before I actually get to online AT HOME.

Heck, no internet certainly is 3/4 hell. I can't do my assignments nicely due to lack of research and stuffs, I can't blog and I had a hard time catching up on news(
news that interest me la, like X Japan's having a concert at Paris ON MY BIRTHDAY WTF!! not local news), and new song release and stuffs like that.

**UPDATE 10 Sept 12:22PM**
AND I MISSED CG's AND CURRYEGG'S BDAY!! I'm so so so so sorry!! Happy belated birthday to both of you! Love you guys. =D
*End of Update***

And blogging!! Man ever since I stopped blogging, my reader rates dropped a lot, and I mean
A LOT. Lemme check... The record is 2 visitors in a day! But suprisingly, I got like 14 hits. I sincerely thank you all who came to visit everyday even though there aren't any updates. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! XD Ah~ That is what made me wanting to blog again.

I wanted to blog earlier but as some of you might have seen my MSN screen name, it says I won't blog until 18th September, which is the last day of my exam. Ever since the end of week 14 I've been studying like mad. I never had a day of good rest and sleep ever since that day. Damn tiring can.

OMG is suppose to be someone's name

I found someway to entertain and motivate myself though.

Click to enlarge if you may wish XD

Heh. Yoshiki. I love. XD

So what
changed my mind to blog earlier? See my chatter box la, who ask me to update faster? lol

Oh yeah! There's someone I have to thank too. While I'm away, NOT online, Kim-chan helped me by updating my poupee EVERYDAY. Thank you so so much!! It's not easy to update clothes ok? You have to think hard of what to wear so that it won't look the same with the day before, and that's what make poupee girl such a fun dress up doll game. XD

The last poupee I updated

Thank you so so much Kim-chan! ^^

Since I'm back, let me rant on something. Yesterday morning, before I go to the exams on 9am, it was 7:30 I think. I wanted to do more revision and preparation before I step into the battle field, so I plugged in my pendrive(
the notes are in it)...

And guess what? I GOT ELECTROCUTED!! SHOCKED!! DIAN DAO!! or whatever you call it. It isn't the first time it happened to me, but the one yesterday did some serious pain to my arms.

My left arm now is like powerless. And it might sound unbelievable, but I could feel electricity coming out of the tip of my fingers! How weird is that?

I wonder how long will this numbness and aching last. Sigh.

As some of you know, Reiko's baby is born!!

I still remember that day, I woke up at 12pm and saw my hp with a sms from her, telling me that she's going to deliver soon, and that sms was sent at 10:18am!!

WHAT A TERRIBLE FRIEND I AM!! People giving birth I still sleeping there!! X_X

Anyway I spranged up and ran around, anxious. I sms-ed her and also her husband.

2:46PM, FINALLY!! Kok Bun replied, telling me that the baby has been delivered!! XD


So later at 5PM me and another close friend went to visit her and her new born baby boy. XD He's just so adorable!! No pictures though, 'cause I didn't ask any permission from Reiko. Haha.

However I have this picture for you guys.


And thus, end my entry.

I will be out till 18th September, so until then, see ya!



P/S: I'm complete the tag next week and also, Mooncake Count Part II! X3


kim-chan said...

LOL THE BABY LEG SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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