Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mooncake Count II

Continuing from this post, let us continue to Mooncake Count PART TWO!! =D

Let me see where I stopped at... Ok, until No. 7.

No. 8 Snow Skin Coffee with Chocolate Bits - Tai Thong

Comments: I love how the chocolate and coffee taste mix together. X3

No. 9 Lotus Paste - Tai Thong

Comments: A classic! Mooncake without the yolk was my fav mooncake last time.

No. 10 Green Tea and Pu-er Lotus Paste - Tai Thong

Comments: This one is nice!! X3 The green tea is love!!

No. 11 Pearl of Prosperity(Snow Skin ver.) - Tai Thong

Comments: This taste REALLY GOOD!! X3 The yellow part, which is beans if not mistaken, taste really nice. XD

No. 12 Green Tea - Baker's Cottage

Comments: I LOVE THIS!!! My family hated it 'cause the Green Tea is too strong, but that's why I love it!! XD

No. 13 Pearl of Prosperity - Baker's Cottage

Comments: Like the snow skin version, this taste really good! But I prefer the snowskin version more 'cause it's cold. X3

That's all for Part Two...

MORE TO COME! LOL. How many mooncakes am I going to eat I wonder.




renaye said...

hmm... u didn't try the sambal mooncake from tai thong?

my freezer has frozen durian mooncake. eeheh.

kurokei said...

nah i dun like sambal. haha
and i dun eat durian. but heard durian mooncake taste good though. XD

Mc_Bone said...

consists of tai thong and baker's cottage only

u got some "road" with them?

Hurley said...

eh, why ur updates not shown on my blog geh? i dont even know when u update...=.="

PuNiao said...

my favorite type of mooncakes are green tea and coffe flavored, but without the yolks, they tastes funny to me. Happy Mid-Autumn!!

kurokei said...

mc_bone: LOL my dad only gave me these 2 to choose from so only got those 2 la!

hurley: eh why 1? o.o nvm la u came everyday come visit can lo. haha =D

puniao: i used to dislike the yolks but now they're ok for me =3

Love-a-lot Bear said...

Uwaaaa guess what? I didn't even manage to eat any mooncake.... SIGH~

renaye said...

durian mooncake is yum. thanks for visiting my blog. feel free to leave comments there.

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