Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funeral 3

Hey I'm back from Muar again.

Used 4 hours to reach Muar. X_X Usually we need only 2 hours, but before we start the journey my dad went in to KL and stuck there for 1 1/2 hour lo. Damn tiring. Haha. By the time we reached the Sungai Besi Tol is already like 6.30pm.

Nice clouds :3

I went back on Tuesday but actually the big paper houses mentioned on the last entries was going to be burn on Wednesday, so we just waited for the day to pass. It was like some normal day.

We were asked to sleep BEFORE 11:45PM, they say is because my grandma's soul will come back after that time.

So all of us went to sleep.

Until 3am++, it started to rain heavily and on 4am, the ceiling of the room that me and my family sleep in started to leak. LOL.

But it didn't leaked on all of us, the water fall on my dad only. LOL

My mum says it's because he washed the car yesterday, when he shouldn't be. So my grandma played a little joke on my dad, by giving him shower. =x

Later then they were saying that the rice container have the hand print of my grandma. O_O People believed that after the soul of the dead came back, they will like, do something to the rice? I don't know why but they just do. lol

Can see?

My dad and a cousin of mine didn't believe about it(my dad even denied the ceiling leaking coincidence) though, but the youngest cousin was dead scared(Age 9).

At 6.30am, we went to the graveyard.

No pictures here. I don't dare to take pictures at those places.(The previous pictures were taken by Kaede not me) But basically we're just kneeling and praying and then burn some papers. The end. Oh yeah the rain stopped miraclely(is there a word like this? I think not. lol) before we reached there and then it started to rain again after we're done. Amazing aye?

After we reached home, we have to do the ritual 3 more times. But it was fast so it's ok. lol

I love my cousins, they are like the cutest little things in the whole world. lol

Finally the ritual ended by burning the big house and the paper items(got karaoke machine even lol). My little cousins was really happy to see the big fire. LOL. They're so cute. XD

After that we rushed to bath and went home 'cause my dad have to catch a plane to Beijing. haha

The End.

Oh yeah on my way back I saw this.

Giant chair. Haha




++ KaYee ++ said...

if not mistaken should b pouring d rice onto the floor,n if the soul bak there wil b footprint on the rice. how cum but urs different one?

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