Monday, September 22, 2008

Funeral 2

Before me and my sis get to have some rest, all of us, including the family members have to go bath. It's not easy wait your turn 'cause I have like 8 aunts and they have like 1 to 3 children and there's only 2 bathrooms. I actually can go bath earlier than the rest of them, but I was asked to burn the gold and silver papers!

They say that if you(girls la of course) are having your period, you cannot burn those papers 'cause it's dirty. -_- WTF! Saying us dirty la?

Anyway I'm not having my period at the moment so I have to go burn while the others can take their nice baths.

We have to line them up in a sequence to burn it so it's not time consuming, like this:

But dunno why I cannot do it lo! Keep stop during the way. So I burn it one by one since I have the time. Then my uncle came and try to teach me how to burn it. So annoying can!! 'Cause he's teaching in a really snobbish way. Later then I ran off to have my bath and leaving him with the burning. lol

Later after bath, me and my sis finally could get a good rest and talk about our plans... When suddenly my aunt came again and asked us to burn the papers while they go sleep!

Not that I'm complaining, but it's freakin' hot while burning the papers and it was really cool and breezy outside. lol

They found the right people who burn though, 'cause we have to keep burning the papers non stop, until the coffin was taken off to the grave. They usually have to change shift 'cause they can't stand staying up late. But being the typical KL people, I could stay up till next morning. LOL.

So me and my sis kept burning...

Until 5am when my mum woke up and asked to change shift. That time I'm still not tired leh, but she keep ask us to sleep so we slept. lol

Oh yeah there's one thing I wanna tell. My little cousins created a term on burning the papers, called Olympic. They rolled the paper into a tube and place it like a pipe. The fire would burn up and it will look like a torch on fire like the picture above! LOL Olympic konon.

And there's one cousin of mine, because he's still in his exam seasons, he stayed up also and I'm not sure what time he slept 'cause he's still awake when I sleep. @_@

Flowers for the dead

The next day came eventually and I had a hard time waking up. Unlike me, people at Johor sleep early and wake up early 1 lo. I wonder how they did it. =x

We have to do the ritual for a few times again, that means more kneeling. But this time, we have to walk around the coffin for a few times and I saw my mum's eyes. It was red. I don't want to cry, I want to send my grandma off with a smile, so I look aside, avoiding eyesight with my mum.

But I still have tears in my eyes though. My cousin saw it and asked me to don't cry. lol

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we have to wear socks throughout the day, even walking on the road and the grave. So to be able to walk on the rocky roads, we have to wear our slippers INSIDE of the socks. LIKE THIS:


And one more thing! The son-in-laws have to wear a white outfit with red cloth, and when I saw my dad wearing it, I was like OMG LOL HE LOOK REALLY CUTE LO. LOL Unlike the others who look weird wearing it.

I heart my dad

It's not a happy event but hey, just trying to be.

The coffin was carried on to a lorry that has a small pondok(house-like thing) and driven off slowly, while we all followed. I sang "Tears" along the way, trying hard not to cry(but one tear fell though).

After walking to a certain place, we have to take transport to follow the bus to the graveyard.

And even if you lost the trail of the lorry, it's ok! Just follow the gold and silver papers on the road.

I wonder who cleans it up later.

Got one time the paper got stuck on the car plate at the car in front of us. So we was like thinking "OMG! Is this a sign that this car plate number will kena lottery?!!" Then after we said that the paper immediately fall away from the car. IT MUST BE A SIGN. lol

As you can see, I'm super exhausted.

Finally we reached the graveyard, through a path with oil palm trees.

And the grave.

Before the coffin was sealed to the ground, we have to do some ritual again, like responding to the priest guy when he say something, like "GOOD!!" I dunno how to explain it 'cause I'm not really sure what he's saying(he spoke in hokkien), I just followed the others by responding. lol

Then after all the responding, we were asked to grad a bit of soil beside the grave, throw it in the hole with the coffin, turn back and leave. Aww. =(

And thus, end of the funeral.

Gonna burn this later, so it means by the time you see this, I might be at Muar already.



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