Saturday, September 20, 2008

After war

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AS planned, me and my friends went down to Time Square to have a celebration on the end of exam.

My mum asked me when I told her I'm going to celebrate: "Result out already meh?"

LOL no but STILL it's been a 1 month war and we deserve a celebration at the end of the war!

Went to this place call... Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant. If not mistaken. =x

Cannot blame me la I never came to this place, and I didn't recommend it so I didn't find out. =D

This place is not bad, but many secondary school students can be seen here, and some of them keep bad mouthing a lot. Ah~ Reminds me of my secondary school life. My class, 5A(
Arts) was disbanded and everyone was scattered in different science classes. Out class consist of only 20+ people and was the worst class of the whole school... well maybe not the whole school, but the whole form 5? lol

Those were the days. =D

Kame's watermelon juice. So small the container. LOL XD

Shvon's drink more bigger.

My Cendol Milkshake - LOVE.

Calvius's.... milk?

O_O? Egg. In. Milk.

I never knew that you really can eat it like this. I ever saw my dad put egg into hot milo. X_X I tried Calvius's drink and... it has no taste at all. lol

I like this pic =D

Continue to the food!

Mine! =D Actually it tasted like maggie, except hong kong styled la.

Everyone's food

Ok that's all! Bye! =3




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