Monday, September 29, 2008

ACGC 2008 Day 2

Went to ACGC(Animation Comic Game Convention) yesterday with Kaede.

It was a last minute decision actually. I was still thinking about going or not until Saturday night my sis asked me about going or not. And my mum was like, ok go but be sure to be back early. So ok, we went!

We planned to go out at 10:30am but we went out at 12pm++ to prepare. lol By the time we reached there we was so hungry we went to eat first.

While these was served I thought "As a blogger, I won't forget to take pictures and blog!" But I was too hungry I forgot to take pictures of the pizza. lol

But it was a very normal pizza anyway. Hawaiian Chicken. Yum.

lol so random

After lunch, we went straight to ACGC.


Everytime I come to a anime event it makes me happy to be loving all these. Seriously it's so amazing! I love all the cosplays. And it's so nice to see the characters come to life. And Suigintou here is the character of one of my favourite anime - Rozen Maiden.


ACGC car


I read an article somewhere saying that these are call "patung lucah/porn dolls". Dammit these are not porn dolls, they are just figurines and you'll just have to accept them!

A typical otaku will have at least a figurine. BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE ONE!! T_T But I have many comics la. lol I'll blog about them next time. =D I will buy figurines some day! >=3 But for now I have to save money to buy concert ticket and a trip to Taiwan. lol

I was even planning to cosplay 1 lor. Too bad. =(

Me and the lovely Suigintou

Misa Misa and L

And finally the cosplay competition!

There was only 8 contestant I heard? o.o I thought those were the final 8. Oh well. Videos! Not very clear though.

At first the mic was terrible!! X_X Can't even listen what that character was saying. But he was darn cool. XD And not to mention tall. =D AND AND during their little act on stage, they played one of my fav song - Satsugai by Detroit Metal City!! XD Will blog about that next time too. lol

Don't mess with Kurosaki Ichigo's counter part. =D

Naruto characters. Not sure who they were cosplaying 'cause never watched Naruto in my life. But they were really good. LOL they danced with High School Musical 3 trailer as the background music. XD

And to my suprise one of the character is Guki! O_O I never expect to meet her there but we was like standing near each other then our eyes met so we shook hands said hi. lol. I must've acted like an idiot 'cause I suck at meeting new people and speaking in english. D= The horror. When will I ever grow up to socialize? x_x

These 2 videos are similar but well, I just wanna put it here. lol The overall contestants.

And the winner is???

I don't know actually! LOL. I went home early before the result was announced. Wasn't feeling well. Didn't even manage to say hi to misshermes. X_X Gomen na I'll surely meet you at CF!! >=3

Then after I reached home I got flu and sore throat. lol Sigh. So now I'm resting at home playing HARVEST MOON!! LOL I love that game so much!! XD

After blogging I'll continue my game. =D Bye!



P/S: Yes I know X Japan is having live at Bangkok also, but I WANNA GO TAIWAN and also it feels weird hearing them speaking in Thai. lol

P/P/S: Looks like the hide doll caught some attention. So what is a hide doll? It's a doll of hide la. lol

Compare with the doll at the previous post

It's not cheap also leh. It's a rare doll that is no longer in sale. Bought it at ebay for my sis as a birthday present. lol


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